On line Auction

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Early this year I sold a fridge online. After the auction finished I arranged with the buyer to collect the fridge. At the agreed time this in his mid twenties showed up with with his girlfriend to take the fridge away. He was tall with a great looking bod and a clean shaven face. He was wearing a loose singlet and old jeans. The whole time they were here I was just staring at the and helped him carry the fridge out to his truck.

When we were at the ute his singlet rode up and I had a good view of the hair on his stomach. I'm sure he noticed me looking although he didn't seem to mind and then gave his groin a good scratch when he stood up again. His girlfriend was already back in the truck while I helped to secure the fridge with a tie down.

When that was done he gave me the cash and thanked me for helping him. He commented that he didn't know how he was going to get the fridge off the truck when he got it home as they were on their way to drop his girlfriend off to work. I didn't have any plans so offered to help and the guy seemed real keen saying that that'd be awesome and thanked me so much. He said they lived quite close and gave me his address. Before he left he shook my hand and said he'd see me real soon. After they left I waited about ten minutes before I jumped in my car and headed to the address.

When I got to the house the ute was parked in the drive. I walked up the massive amount of steps to the house where the front door was open slightly. I knocked and he yelled out to come in which I did. I was standing in the lounge where he appeared after a few seconds wearing just a pair of jocks and his singlet. He'd taken off his jeans and explained that he was looking for a pair of shorts which he eventually found in a pile of washing on the lounge floor. I could've watched him all day wandering around in next to nothing and I'm sure he was taking his time about it too. For a moment he stopped what he was doing and looked at me and said 'sorry mate I don't even know your name, I'm Steve by the way'. I exchanged details and then he finally put on his shorts. All the time though he was apologizing about wasting my time but I was only disappointed when he finally stood up fully dressed.

We chatted for a bit which was all just a bit weird and he asked me a few awkward questions about the fridge just to keep the conversation going. He also asked if I had a girlfriend and mentioned that his was just on again off again. I didn't care about the conversation but enjoyed standing there undressing him with my eyes. He asked if I was ready to bring in the fridge which was going to a small shed on the back lawn. I'm not sure how we got the fridge up the stairs as it was so heavy but after a bit of a struggle when finally managed to get it to it's intended location.

By that stage we were both so hot and sweaty that we ended up as far as the back deck before sitting down for a rest. I ended up laying down and Steve sat next to me. He apologised for asking me to help with the delivery but I told him I didn't mind. He chatted a bit more about more dumb shit and then he said he wanted to show his appreciation for helping him. I didn't say anything and after a wee bit he put his hand on my thigh and asked if I was still awake before moved his hand up to where my shorts were. I just lay there and just moaned a bit and then asked what he had in mind.

It seemed like ages of silence and nothing until he moved his hand to cover my crutch with my hardening under his hand. I didn't do anything immediately but after a while I put my hand on his back and started rubbing up under his singlet. We didn't say anything else until he awkwardly asked if I wanted a beer or something. At that point I sat up and said that a beer would be great but I also asked what the something else was. He grinned and commented that I might to get a load off. I told him I was keen. He laughed and mentioned that we should go inside where it was a bit more private.

I followed Steve inside and into the kitchen where he grabbed us both a beer. I was standing against the cupboards and he came over to me and stood right in front of me. He then leaned forward and asked if I wanted to feel how horny he was. I extended my arm and felt his cock through his shorts while he smiled and let out a groan of satisfaction. We were both standing real close and then I asked him what his girl friend would do if she walked in on us. He just laughed and mentioned that it wouldn't be the time she'd walked in on him in a compromising position although the other time she'd only caught him solo. I tugged at his shorts and told him that he looked better with them down around his ankles sort of like he was when I arrived. He dropped his shorts and then I looked down to see the bulge from his cock through his jocks. He then pulled my shorts down and saw that I had a bit of a pre-cum wet patch in my jocks.

When Steve pulled my shorts down he started rubbing my jocks and moving my cock around. I moved my hand up his body from his jocks through his stomach hair and played with his nipples. I leaned forward and we started kissing like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues played together in each others mouth for ages. The whole time we pressed up hard against each other. After quite a minutes we unlatched and he suggested we go to a bedroom and I followed him down the hallway.

Steve led me into a bedroom and stopped, turned towards me and then told me to turn away from him. He then wrapped his arms around me an felt my body all over. I was facing a dress mirror on the wall so here I was staring at myself with two hot arms feeling all over my body. One of the hands lowered over my jocks and started rubbing my ever hardening cock. This was such a turn on and I could feel Steve's cock pressing harder up against my arse. His hand then slipped under my jocks and he took hold of my hard cock and told me to take my jocks off. We stood there for ages while he played with my cock slowing wanking me and rubbing his finger over my wet knob. I reached behind myself and felt Steve's cock through his jocks which was just as hard as mine. I turned towards him and we sucked face again.

He then pushed me down onto the bed and then he leaned forward over me and started to kiss my stomach before moving down to my cock. He started licking my cock shaft until he reached my throbbing wet knob. He kissed the knob before taking my cock in his mouth. He groaned and slopped his way around my cock and I pushed the back of his head down on me. I don't think this was the first time he'd sucked cock 'cos he knew exactly how to please. I lay there on the bed enjoying every minute......I enjoyed watching Steve suck my cock but was keen to get a taste of his as well so I sat up and lifted his head off my knob. He looked a bit dazed and I stood up and held him close while we kissed more. I grabbed his arse tightly and rubbed my fingers hard up his crack while he moaned. I told him I wanted to play with his cock and he suggested we have a 69.

He took his jocks off which were under pressure from his erect cock. His cock flicked out from his jocks and I thought I'd hit the jackpot! It was longer than my 7 1/2 inches, it was cut with a mushroom head and pretty thick. His balls were shaven and had trimmed pubes. I pulled him to me which felt awesome having our naked bodies pressed up together. He kissed more and then I pushed him down onto the bed.

I walked around the bed to his head then kissed him on the lips then slowly went further down his body kissing his nipples then his stomach and then his knob. He held my cock and then started sucking my hairy balls. I moved my tongue down his cock and sucked his shaved balls. He smelt so nice and manly and I moved down to kissed his hairy thighs and just to fell how hairy he was. Steve spent ages sucking by balls and stroking my cock before he pulled my cock back and into his mouth again. I moved my mouth back to Steve's cock and it was dripping pre-cum which I licked before taking as much of his cock as I could handle in my mouth.

It felt huge and I sucked him off for ages and then just played with his throbbing knob in my mouth. I loved moving my tongue around it and licked every bit of pre-cum as it emerged. After a while I spread Steve's legs and curled him up so I had a good view of his hairy arse and hole. I dropped some spit into the crack then followed with my middle finger just rubbing his hole and making it all wet. Steve moved around a bit underneath me and then moaned a bit more. He starting gently biting my balls a bit and this felt good. I dropped my head down and let me tongue follow where my finger had been in Steve's hole. He moaned a whole lot more. His hole was all wet and I moved backed to his balls and cock.

I lifted myself up and turned around before dropping back down on Steve and we sucked face a bit more. I asked him what he was up for and he said that he wasn't keen on sex but wanted to continue sucking each other off until we both came. I was all keen on anything as I was just enjoying the whole unexpected encounter with Steve and his hot cock. He asked me to go down on him and I didn't hesitate......I crouched down between Steve's legs and latched on to his knob. He moved his legs up and I could feel his hairy thighs each side of my head - very hot! He moved his legs back down and then grabbed his cock with his right hand before stroking it. I continued to suck his cock head and kept my mouth over his knb while he stroked slowly. All the time he was groaning and telling me how much he was enjoying me sucking him off. I don't care how many times I see it but I fucken enjoy seeing a grown man stroke his cock...especially if I'm crouching over him at the same time and there at the ready for when he explodes cum everywhere.

I moved Steve's hand away from his cock and I took over wanking him while continuing to slide his cock inside my mouth. Steve yelled out that he was ready to cum and he started stroking his cock again. I told him I wanted to take his load in my mouth and his body wriggled and convulsed in extreme pleasure as he unleashed a massive load of hot sticky cum in my mouth. I couldn't take it all and some of it flowed out of my mouth and back down his shaft. I licked his cock clean and he wriggled more when I sucked under his sensitive knob. We looked at each other and I told him it was now my turn.

I rolled over onto my back and watched him settle down in between my legs before going down on my knob. By this stage my knob was real wet with pre-cum and he slurped it up quickly before sliding his hot tongue down my shaft and then licked my balls. He moved back to my cock and sucked it real good moving up and down the shaft nice and slow. I don't know if it's just because I'm uncut but my cock is really sensitive and especially around my knob when my foreskin is pulled back. It didn't take too long before Steve took me to the point of no return and I told him is was going to cum. He pulled back off my knob and started stroking my cock fast until a splurted out a massive load of cum over my face and up to the head board. He returned the favour of licking up my man juice from my cock head before working his way up my body and then we ended up sucking face again. We both lay they together holding each other and he put his leg over me while he gently rubbed his hand over my stomach. We lay there for ages and ages. I didn't want to move because I didn't want my encounter to be over but after a while Steve suggested we both have a shower and clean up.

We both got up from the bed and he showed me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. We stood there together waiting for the shower to warm up and I just stared at him and gently played with his softened cock. He did the same to me although I was still quite hard. We showered together which got me real hard again but he stayed soft. I so could've had round two and dropped to my knees in the shower but Steve didn't seen keen. He spent ages washing me with the soap though and I enjoyed soaping his arse and getting my fingers hard up to his hole again.

After we got out of the shower and got dressed we talked awkwardly again and then he said I should leave. It was a bit of a bummer leaving as I could've stayed and repeated our session over again. He kissed me again and I had one last touch of Steve's crutch before I left and trekked down the stairs to my car.

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