Older at the gym

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was on holidays from boarding school and I was as horny as hell. Getting off with guys at school was easy but I knew hardly anyone in my home town and this was the long summer holidays.

I had been working on a neighborhood and while I felt him up he was shy. We were going to the Club that had a fitness centre and pool and that was when I got to feel his - he let me and I could feel it grow. I went to put my hand in his swimmers and he stopped me and since them didn't want to hang out with me. So I was going to the Club on my own.

This time I noticed an about 40 who I recalled perving on us when we were playing in the pool. I waited until he went into the sauna and followed him. We were the only ones there and he asked where my "friend" was as he said he noticed we were usually together.

"Dunno"I replied. It was hot in there and I was horny but the oldest guy I had been with was 18 at school but I sensed this guy was interested. I was in swimmers & had a towel around me so I slid off my swimmers and went to look out the door (there is a clock there) and slowly pulled my towel off so he could get a good look at my arse (seniors at school tell me its my feature!).

I bent down lower as if I was looking at the clock and then felt a hand feeling my balls. I leaded over and pushed back so the fingers were on my cock that was already hard ( I said I was horny!). It softly felt my cock while the wrist massaged my balls - I think I will cum already. Ï like that!"" I said. "Nice bubble butt" was the reply and he felt my cock more firmly. Suddenly I saw a guy coming towards the sauna and called a warning and grabbed up my towel - fuck would I ever get off!

The guy came in and then his friend talking about their workout and I knew they were going to be a while and the opportunity had passed leaving me frustrated. I left the sauna and went into the change rooms as I badly needed a wank. Luckily my fingered friend also came out and we both went to the showers in silence. As were drying off I noted his hairy cock in its hairy nest- my adult cock! and I was stiffening again.

"Any chance off a lift home? I asked as he was still silent and I felt happy when he said "OK, another chance!

We went down the car park and luckily my bike fitted in the back of his car. As soon as we were driving along I put my hand on his leg and worked up towards his groin (school style), still didn't say anything. Felt his groin and was rewarded with some movement as his cock stiffened "You have a BIG cock" I offered. "Thanks "he replied a man of few words so I kept massaging through his shorts and felt it getting harder.

I wasn't watching where we were going and when we stopped we were in parkland. "Come on" at last he said and got out of the car and I followed him up the hill to some change rooms on the sports field. We went inside and he had a key to a locked door and we went in and he closed the door. It was sports room with balls, nets equipment etc. "Take off your clothes" he ordered and I quickly complied so I was in my socks & runners only.

He was taking off his shorts and quickly he as down to his jocks & socks with a nice tenting happening in his jocks. I went to him and went back to feeling him thru his jocks and his cock got even bigger. This was my biggest cock ever & this was no school boy grower " Ï want to see it" I said as I lowered his jocks so the top of his shaft was out.

There it was! a huge mushroom head and on the top of the thick shaft I could see the veins sticking out. His cock was pink with thick purple veins and an enormous mushroom head WOW!

"Nice" and I softly felt its big mushroom head- he was big and now I was hard. He start feeling my cock now and it was good- I needed this. I stoked his cock harder and pulled his jocks down so I could get at his balls and see all his shaft Fuck thick and long and hard like wood. He pushed me back and went down on his knees and started licking my cock & balls- divine!. I think I could have stopped myself but I didn't want to stop. Should I tell him ? too late I came and he sucked harder, I came again he sucked harder this was what I needed but it was all over in minutes. He sucked me dry and I was keen to reciprocate on such a magnificent cock but he stood up and turned me around and pushed me against the wall. Fuck with the size of him he would split my boy arse!

He bent his legs and position his cock along the split of my buns and slid his cock between them. Slowly he pressed more against my arse and pushed more on the wall- quicker "Clench your bum!" he demanded and he rubbed his cock the whole length along me arse faster and faster he pushed against me and then with a loud groan I felt a spray of cum on my back then a louder grunt and more as he milked his cock on my arse- someone else was horny!

He stopped still panting and as he got off me I noticed now big his cum covered cock was. "Sorry I came so fast" I spluttered. "That was good" he replied. He asked me for my handkerchief and mopped his cum off my back and gave my wet cloth back to me " A sample" he said. "Maybe I can swallow you NEXT time" I offered and he smiled as he pulled up his jocks and dressed.

We organized to meet the next day & exchanged email addresses and he said he would pick me up to go the Club tomorrow. I knew we were NOT going to Club and knew I was In for a good time.

*** Tell me if you want the next phase.

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