Off The Field

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*This story is 100% fiction, all characters are 18+.

A/N I took a break from "A Kings Court" to write this. there may be a part two. if this one is well received.

I remember that day so vividly; The blazing heat from the sun and wiping the sweat from my forehead, as I ran my hand through my dark brown hair which was usually nice and soft, but was now damp from sweat.

“What the fuck,” I thought to myself. It was only late May, and it already felt like the middle of summer in the Sahara. I wondered if they would open the pools early because of the heat. I loved to swim, it helped me keep the perfect abs and V all the girls swooned over. Playing soccer helped a bit it it was mostly the swimming.

I felt the wind of bodies run past me, then I realized Coach had been yelling my name.

“Get your damn head in the game, Jameson!” he yelled. I could almost see him foaming at the mouth from here. I had been daydreaming again... I probably should work on that.

“Coach, I thought we talked about using that kind of language in front of the kids” I jokingly yelled back. He huffed and began to make his way towards me. That was my cue to get back in the game. I don’t know what he was all wound up about, it was only phys. ed. class, anyway. It’s not like I would zone out when I was actually on the field.

“Anymore of your smart- mouth, Jameson, and I’ll have you running laps till you vomit!" he yelled, but I pretended to be too far to hear him. A few minutes later with no one scoring a goal, I heard him blow the whistle. Most of the class did a sorta zombie walk back to the locker room, accompanied by zombie groans. The guys and I were used to Coach's "Don’t stop 'til you drop" attitude and were much better off. We ended up jogging back to the locker room, beating Coach and the others. Even we had to sigh though, as we entered the building and its cool air hit us. Almost immediately all shirts came off, and even a few pairs of shorts, as we made our way down the hallway.

I began stripping off my sweaty clothes and shoving them in my locker. I had to lean up against it to even get it to close. With the amount of stuff I had packed in there, I’m surprised I haven’t been featured on Hoarders. I had a weeks worth of shorts, shirts, jocks, and socks, although it hadn’t been entirely my fault. The team manager quit a few weeks ago for some reason. He was the one usually doing the laundry; he seemed to enjoy it, and if he wanted to do it, then fine by me. That just meant my mom wasn’t bitching that my room smelled like my own personal locker room.

I managed to finally shut my locker, and then almost immediately remembered I had left my towel inside.

“Damnit!” I muttered. There I was, standing in all my glory and with no towel.

“Hey Croft, do you have an extra towel?” I asked, as he walked by me on his way to the shower.

“Nah man, I only got the one. Ever since that Jimmy left, I've been having to wash my own shit.”

“Fuck man. I just crammed my stuff in my locker. If I open it now all my shit is gonna go all over the place. Just let me borrow your towel than, man” I asked trying not to think of how the cold air that felt good a few minutes, wasn’t so good when you are stark naked.
“Fuck no. What the hell do I look like? Why would I want your nasty ass ball hair all over my towel!” he shot back. Although he laughed, I didn’t find it as quite as humorous.

“Man, fuck you! I’ll just take one of Pete’s, he isn’t here today anyway.” I walked over to Pete’s locker and began thumbing in the combination. The only reason I knew it was because Pete tended to forget it and said it out loud whenever he put it in. Poor . One of the players we have, but dumber than a sack of hammers.

“Yo, You know Pete don’t like you touching his shit” Croft said.

“Dude, chill. It's the weekend. I’ll use it, toss it in the dryer, and get it back in his locker before next week. He won’t even know,” I assured him. He gave me a dismissive look and kept on walking to the shower.

I finally got it unlocked and opened it up. Wow. Pete might not have been the brightest guy, be he sure as hell was neat.

There it is. I pulled out the towel that was neatly folded on the top part of the locker. So thats what that is supposed to be used for. As I pulled the towel down I was hit by an avalanche of magazines.

“Jesus, Pete.. What the hell!” I said rubbing my sore head. I bent down, picking up a few of the magazines.

“Woohoo Pete, you been holding out!” It appeared Big Pete had a porn stash hidden in here, although I began to wonder why even bother keeping old magazines at all. But I remembered Pete’s parents were kinda strict. I’m sure he would have gotten hell for looking at this kinda stuff online. Looks like Big Pete was smarter than he looked. Although bringing this kinda stuff to school was pretty risky. Although It was pretty unlikely me or the other guys would rat him out to Coach.

I bent over, picking up a few of them. I thumbed through them. Big-breasted women, all one and the same. I felt my dick get a little hard looking through, but I soon heard the others enter the locker room, and Coach’s voice echo into the room. That all quickly dissipated and I hurriedly scooped the rest of the magazines up and stuffed them back in his locker.

As I was about to throw the last one in, I stopped. This one was different than the others. Instead of having the typical big breasted woman on the front, it had a picture of some dude in a wrestler singlet. I could tell it wasn’t a wrestling magazine, though, since it had ads about the articles inside. Most of them were talking about sex. Curious, I opened to a random page.. and it was a spread of a completely naked guy. He was laying on some sort of animal skin rug, his flaccid and laying on his lap.

I was transfixed by the image. There were no other pictures on the page, just the guy on the animal skin. The sound of lockers opening and closing snapped me out of my trance. I quickly threw the magazine in the locker. I don’t know what had come over me. I didn’t know what was weirder; the fact that Pete had a magazine with in it, or that I hadn’t thrown it away in disgust when I opened it. I turned and almost ran into Croft. I could tell he had just finished his shower, as his hair was damp and his smelled like fresh soap.

“Jeez Jameson, you must have been really happy to get that towel,” he said, laughing. He patted me on the back as he made his way around me.

“What the hell are yo-” I began to say, but as I looking down I saw what he had been talking about. My cock had gone from flaccid to almost completely rigid.

I used Pete’s towel to cover up. I didn’t even realize I had gotten hard. Had it been from that naked guy magazine? I headed for the shower, realizing now was not the time to have an identity crisis. I made my way to the shower. It hadn’t filled up yet. Most of the guys in the class took a while to get undressed. I guess because they were insecure, but when you're on a sports team, your teammates' bodies aren’t a big deal since you see them almost as much as you see your own.

I managed to finish my shower in record time I dried off and chucked Pete’s towel in the dryer. It was usually used for uniforms but I’m sure the janitors wouldn’t mind. I got dressed and bolted out the locker room and down the hall. As I turned the corner. I bowled over some kid. I managed to catch him. I began apologizing almost immediately.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry!” I said, hoping this random guy wasn’t too pissed

“It’s alright”

“I’m a total ass. I was just in a hurry!”

“I said it's fi-”

“You aren’t hurt are you?” I asked, not even realizing he was telling me he was fine.

“DUDE!” he yelled. “ I’m alright, but can you do me a favor and put me down?”

“Oh, I'm sorry..” I said, apologizing again. I hadn’t realized was still firmly holding him from falling flat on his ass. I hoisted him to a standing position and casually brushed him off.

“Thanks,” he said, before continuing on to wherever he was headed. I nodded and let him pass.

I looked at the clock and saw if I didn’t hurry, I was gonna be late.

I made it to the classroom, and tried to calm myself to make it seem like I hadn’t just sprinted down every hall wall to get here. I opened the door and stepped inside to face a row of eyes looking to me.

“Hey guys. How’s it going?” I asked casually taking my seat at the long table.

“Nice of you to finally show, Mr. President” said the girl at the other end. Her name was Veronica, and until about 2 weeks ago, we had been sitting at opposite ends of this table. I had just recently been elected student council president for our senior year. Veronica just knew she would remain the one in charge all four years. For the past three years, I had been her bitch. Whenever she needed some shit done, she would make me do it.
She was beyond pissed when I beat her.

It was her own damn fault though. You can only be a bitch to people for so long before they get tired of you.

“I was at phys ed. V. I’m sure you wouldn’t want me in this tiny room with you, smelling like a .” I responded back, picking up the papers and passing them around the table.

“I’m sure it would be an improvement,” she retorted.

“Alright, that’s enough you two. You are both supposed to be examples to the rest of the school not sitting in here bickering like children,” our student advisor Mr. Adams said.

“Fine.” I had to resist the urge to say she started it.

“Alright, Connor can you read last weeks minutes?” I asked, looking over the paper. Connor, who had been the newly elected secretary, began reading of the sheet I passed out. I looked over at him as he read. He had really nice soft brown hair that kind of swept to the side. I watched his lips as he read and unconsciously licked mine. At this point, I had no idea what he was saying all I could think about was the pretty blue looking up at me as he wrapped those soft lips around my co-

“JAMES!” I heard Veronica yelling at me.

“WHAT IS IT!” I yelled back

“What the hell James, did you slip into a coma? Mr. Adams was just asking you if you came up with a date for the banquet.”

Fuck, had I really just zoned out in the middle of meeting, and fantasized about Connor? I shook my head in an attempt to clear it.

“Yeah uhh..” I stammered trying to recall the date. “It will be the fourth; that’s a few days before the graduation ceremony the senior members will be able to attend.”
Veronica glared at me. I know she’s just waiting for the moment I screw up so she can swoop in and take over. She won’t be getting that chance on my watch.

We discussed a few more topics, before I adjourned the meeting. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door, but stopped when Mr. Adams called me to his desk.

“What’s up?” I said sitting on the side of his desk, something I knew he hated but stopped saying anything about once he knew it wouldn’t stop me.

“Are you alright? You seemed a bit out of it during the meeting.”

I thought about what happened in the locker room, then again with Connor. I didn’t know what it was, but I wasn’t gonna start spilling it to Mr. Adams. He was a cool teacher, but I didn’t think he would understand.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just tired I guess. I’ll be more focused next week.”

He gave me a strange look and nodded, “Alright see you next week”

I walked outside. I didn’t see anyone around. Everyone must have gone home for the weekend. Our meeting had gone a little later than usual, so I wasn’t surprised to see nobody around.

I got in my car and drove out of the student parking lot. It was much faster today, since it was usually blocked by buses. As I was about to turn onto the main road I saw a guy sitting by the bus stop. I looked a little closer and saw it was the same one I nearly bowled over today in the hallway. I drove up to the bus stop, and he looked up and gave me a weird look but went back to staring at his phone.

“Hey, you need a ride?” I asked. I don’t know why I was offering but, it was hot out and I know I would have hated to sit outside waiting for a bus today of all days.

“No, I’m taking the bus home.” He said without even looking up at me.

“That bus isn’t gonna be back for a few hours. You’ll be tan and toasty long before then.”

He looked up at me. I could tell he was trying to decide. He grabbed his bag and made his way to my car. I smiled at him. He looked up at me.

“What the hell are you smiling at” he said, and I could tell this would be a long ride if he was gonna be this grumpy the whole time.

“Uhh, nothing,” I held out my hand “ My name is-”

“Yeah I know who you are.” He interrupted, “I doubt anyone at our school doesn’t know you.”

“I see” I waited for him to give his name but he never did. “Well, I’m gonna need an address if I’m gonna take you home.”

He gave me a funny look, but told me his address. As we made our way to his house, I tried to make some small talk, but every time it was met with the same closed-off attitude. Eventually giving up, I turned on the radio and just listened to music till we got there.

I pulled up out front and turned the car off. “Well we made it in one piece, and just think if you had taken the bus you would still be sitting in front of the school.”

“Alright what is it you want?” He asked turning to me for the first time since he got in the car.

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you need me to suck your cock, lick your balls, let you fuck me, what is it?”

“Wow, slow down there dude. I don’t want any of that. I’ve never even been with a guy!” I was stunned. Did he really think I offered him a ride home to proposition him for sex?

“Yeah right. You and those other meat-head jocks are always talking about how much pussy you get, than behind closed doors you want to like me.”

I was confused. Were other guys on my team doing this sort of thing, picking up guys they knew were gay, and having sex with them?

“Listen if you aren’t trying to fuck me, I’m going home.” He started getting out of the car.

“Wait!” I said yelled grabbing his arm.

“See, I knew you wanted to fuck me. All you jock dudes do” he said shaking his head.

“No it’s not that. I just have to know who else has been doing this” He gave me another weird look. He sighed and reluctantly motioned up to his house.

I got out the car and followed him up the long driveway. I hadn’t parked that close and was beginning to regret is as we made our way to the front door. His house was pretty big. It was one of those old ranch houses. I could tell it needed some repairs in some places, but seemed in pretty good shape.

As we walked inside, the strong smell of vinegar immediately smacked me in the nose. I tried not to make a face as we walk down a hallway and into, from what I could tell, a basement.

“My mom uses vinegar to mop the hardwood.” he explained. I was going to ask why, but the reason didn’t really seem important when I realized, it wasn’t a basement I was walking into, it was his room. It seemed the entire downstairs had been converted into his own personal suite.

“Nice pad, man..” I looked around quite astonished. My room was pretty big, and even had its own bathroom, but this place made my room look childish by comparison. He flopped on the bed, and starting taking his socks and shoes off and threw them into a pile on the floor.

“Woah, dude-” I began to say.

“Chill out. I’m just getting comfortable. I can’t take my own socks and shoes off in my house?”

“Uhh yeah sure. Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t here for sex”

“So you keep saying” he said as he rolled over on his back to grab his laptop. I couldn’t help notice his ass as he did. It looked really hot in those tight jeans. I shook my head. I was doing it again, looking at guys and getting turned on.

“Here, I got something to show ya about your jock buddies” he motioned me over to the bed.

As he started opening some files, I couldn’t help but notice how close we were. I could feel the heat coming off him and my body was beginning to react to it. He opened a , and started playing it. The sound of familiar voices pulling me out of my thoughts. I watched as two figures appeared. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but the voice of the larger shape was definitely familiar. As they came into focus I almost shit myself. I had to lean in close to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. It was Big Pete! I couldn’t believe it. I realized I know more than just Big Pete, but the guy whose ass I had just been checking out was in the video as well.

I leaned in closer trying to hear what they were talking about. I couldn’t hear too well, but when I saw Pete start taking his clothes off, I didn’t need to. The two of them fell on the bed together. I watched as the super straight macho Pete, who only hours ago I found out liked to jerk off to , and from what I could see in this video getting his cock sucked by this dark haired twink.

I didn’t want to keep watching. I felt like I was spying. I had known Pete for years and had seen him naked and aroused plenty of times. That sort of thing was bound to happen from time to time, but this was different. I was watching my friend get pleasured by a guy I had just met. Yet all that didn’t seem to be enough to pry my eyes away from the screen. Pete definitely seemed to be enjoying himself, and my cock was definitely enjoying the show. And unconsciously rubbed it, sending a shiver through me.

I kept watching as the scene on screen began to change. Pete threw the guy off him and climbed on his back and shove his cock up his ass. Although I couldn’t hear the words they were saying before. I could definitely hear Pete’s grunts and moans. I was now slowing rubbing my cock through the fabric of my shorts. I was so entranced by the video I didn’t even notice. By then I was rock hard, and it was quite clearly visible. I watched as my friend, pumped his cock in and out of this . I could hear him moan as Pete’s cock filled him up. I began to wonder if my cock would make him make those sounds. I heard Pete grunt again. It was guttural and lust filled. This time I distinctly heard “AHH FUCK ME FILL MY HOLE.”

Had he just cum in that dude's ass, better yet, had that dude encouraged him to cum in his ass? I was so hot right now, my cock felt like it would blow like a 4th of July rocket. The video ended with the two of them panting on his bed. Pete got up and left a few minutes later, and the guy walked up to the camera his flaccid cock swinging with each step, as he got closer I could clearly see the remnants of a load plastered all over his cock and stomach.

I looked over at him. “Was that really my buddy Pete?” I asked. Although I knew for certain I wanted to hear him say it.

“Yeah. He said I was the best lips he ever had wrapped around his cock. Several of your friends said similar shit. I had videos of them to if you want to see.” He smiled at me. It had been the first time he made any expression beyond the bored or aggravated one I had been getting, but this one I could tell wasn’t genuine. He was mocking me, and rightly so. I had just been given information that was turning my whole world upside down. I was so confused and horny, and a bit angry that my friends never told me.. but at the moment I just needed to get off in the worst way.

As if by reading my mind again. I felt a hand wrap around my cock. I looked over at him. He grinned.

“I know what you said, but you really look like you could use a hand.” He stroked me through my shorts using his other hand to guide down to the bed, so that I lay on it with only my feet still dangling off.

I felt him tug on my zipper, the cool air feeling amazing on my now exposed junk. I stopped to think for a second. Is this really what I want, am I really about to let some stranger go down on me?

Then I felt his tongue flick around the edge of my head. You bet your sweet ass I was.

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