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100% fitional

I am a pretty young guy, 22yo, steady job working at a bank. I never really though of myself as gay, but could appreciate a hot body on a guy. Myself? I am about 5'1'', 190lbs, brown hair,blue eyes, slightly tanned skin and recently have been working out and is definitely working. I haven't really been with many girls, though I would have no problem now, Im just kind of a shy guy. The few girls I had hooked up with had absolutely no problem with my 8in thick snake.

Anyways, It was around the holiday season and at work we were doing like a gag gift white elephant exchange, and decided it would be really funny for any one of my coworkers to receive a thick dildo.

Well I didnt want to order it online, so figured that right around the corner on a long stretch of interstate are several various adult novelty shops. So decided to stop by one on my way home to my small one bedroom basement apartment. As I walked in to the store I shivered from the snow falling outside.

"Hi! How are you? Can I help you find anything in particular?"

I look around for the source of the voice and notice that he is sitting behind a counter around a corner of various porn videos. Immediately I couldnt help but notice how gorgeous he was. Sexy green eyes, mixed complexion, would estimate around 5'8'' a little shorter than me. He was wearing a nice form fitting white sweater that showed that his body was most certainly amazing. As I continued to check him out (b/c that is exactly what was happening), I moved down to his tight faded blue jeans, that showed amazing theigh muscles. Of course I also couldnt miss a quite obvious buldge...

"Um, my office is having a gag gift white elephant gift exchange, and figured a big, thick, dong would be hilarious." I replied and explained, I mean I didnt really want to this guy to think I was gay, remember Im really shy, and kind of still got imtimitdated from good looking guys.

"Sure man! No problem, that is pretty funny and you wouldnt believe how many guys come in here with the exact same story." He smirked as if he could sense that I was not 100% sure about my sexuality.

"They are right down there on the back left wall. Plenty to choose from, Im sure you'll find one you'll like." He continued with the amazing sexy grin.

I muttered thanks as I made my way back through the store to the back corner. I couldnt help to notice a curtained doorway that had a sign hanging next to it informing customers "Please see attendent about rates." I was perplexed, rates for what? The only sensable conclusion I could draw was for videos. I was now standing in from of all the dildos and was amazed. There really were all kinds, sizes, widthes, designs, and materials. I really didnt want to get something too expensive, and then saw the perfect one. In front of the box was another sign. "See cashier about special offer! Chance to purchase for virtually free!" Now Im pretty much a cheapo and always looking for a deal, so immediately walked back up to the cashier.

"Find what your looking for?" That grin just keep getting sexier and could not believe how attracted to this guy I was feeling.

"I see that you picked the "special offer", I'm glad you did cause I am awfully interested to see what you choose." Now I was dumbfounded. What was this guy talking about? I finally look at his name tag and see CHAD.

"Ok..... whats the offer? How can I get this for free? Im not the richest guy in the world and am down for any deal." I explained, chuckling at the end.

"Well, all it is is that you have to purchase $5 of coins for back-room credit, which is $20 off a normally $25 9.5in skinicone xx-thick dildo. But I'll tell you what... I'll give you the dildo and the coins for free." Smiling and making me feel extremely lucky and wondering what the catch could be. "So... oh by the way, whats your name?"


"So, Tim.... Interested? Im certain you wont be disappointed?"

"I guess man, like I said Im down for anything free. Plus I get some free porn? Hell that will save me some money from renting something online at home, hahaha"

Chad was thrilled. "Great, heres you bag with your new dildo and here's your coins. Just walk on back through the curtain and you'll see Will sitting back there. Just give him your coins and he will assign you to a room. You should be good from there."

"Sounds good man, guess I'll see you in a few, a pound or two lighter ha ha ha."

"Oh I dont doubt that one single bit"

I walked through the back curtain and my eyes had to adjust to the dimmed lights, down a short hallway lined with two doors on the left side and three on the left, each with different color doorhangers.
I continued the short walk and stopped in front of Will.

OK, so if Chad out front was a 10, Will was a 15. He was wearing no shirt, which I couldnt help but turned me on. He was sculpted like a Roman god. Rippling abs, broad pecs, and perfect sized arms. He had little stubble, medium length always shaggy blond hair and again sexy green eyes. He held out his hand which was huge but fit his frame perfectly.

"Hi and welcome Tim." Will looked up at me and gave an equally sexy grin as Chad. "Chad texted me that you were on your way back and mentioned to me that I should give you the 1st class, as a new customer. All we need for you to do is before you leave you either record a giving a review of our store or leaving a review for other potential customers. How's that sound?"

"Well.... Chad never mentioned all that, but I guess what could it hurt? Sure I agree."

"Awesome! Let me get you all set up then." Will then stood up and turned around to face a shelf. It was then I continued my examination. Will's was perfectly rounded and formed a nice big bubble. He turned around and I noticed the outline of his dick prob semi hard unmistakenly down the left jean pant leg. I immediatly looked up, and realized, as my cheeks turned hot and red, that Will certainly noticed me checking out his dick.

As if nothing happened, Will walked down to the the center door now on my left and opened it. He walked inside and came back out and said that I should be all set. He gave instructions saying that there was both gay and straight porn that played on the machine. The can only be changed 3 times. Provided was a nice clean towel, some lube, and by popular demand they now provided condoms. I hurryed and said thanks and shuffled into the room. It was a nice size room, with about the length of holding my arms out to the side. In the center was a comfortable looking bench/chair contraption, that I sat down on and started scrolling through the different videos. I started out with a nice straight porn that featured a big titted slut getting fucked by a big snake. It was hard to get to my full 8in. I took my time and, after noticing different size rings and picking one out, was starting to sweat and stopped. I didnt want to cum yet I still had two more movies to go through. I decided to strip down. Afterall I always enjoy jerking off naked. There was a mirror on the door behind me and I admired my sweat glistening body, my cock leaking pre-cum, and my big balls nice and tight restricted by the cock ring. The cock-ring made every little stroke over my balls feel amazing and I could not believe I never figured this out before!

All of a sudden, the video changed to another porn. Featuring two really cute guys starting to make out. I wanted to actually choose my porn so I slipped on the robe I just noticed hanging on the wall beside the door. I leaned out hoping to get Wills attention and let him know what was going on.

He was no where in sight. I little card was now sitting on the table saying "Back in 30min"

"crap" I muttered. Oh well, I guess I can deal, just finish it off real quick. I go back in the room and shut the door, lock it and take my seat. All of a sudden I see something out of the corner of my eye. Looking over I notice its a hole! Im so surprised! I heard of but have never seen a glory hole and thought that they only existed at the occasional truck stop. I then notice the hole shift again and a toungue wiggles through and then disappears again.

Holy crap! Someone is offering to suck my dick. Who could it be?!? Chad or Will? Is anyone else even in here?

I decide to give in. How can I turn this away? If I am to ever experiment I cant imagine anything hotter than with one of these two guys sucking my tool. Only one way to know. I go ahead and stick my cock through the hole. Its a lot more big around than I initially thought and without warning I feel not only soft, warm, wet lips kissing my cock head and a large smooth and soft hands fingers caressing my cockringed highly sensitive balls.

Without any though what so ever I cant help but let out a moan....

Whoever on the other side of the wall starts licking, spreading their large toungue up and down my shaft, finally after a lot of teasing stops under my sensitive underside of my cockhead. Wraps thier big wet lips over the helmet and expertly takes down my cock. At first only about 3/4 down, but after about 3-4 bobs got down to the base.

It felt amazing to stretch a throat out and have someone fuck their face with your cock. Finally they stop and start jerking my cock up and down. Throughly lubed up from their saliva.

All of a sudden a little window hatch hidden at face level in the wall popped open, and to my (not really) amazement is the sexy grin of Will.

"Would you say your gettig the expert treatment?"

Without a second beat I replied " Oh yes! But I have a request."

"Of course, Im sure it will be no problem."

"Well this is my first experience with a guy. So far I would say it pretty amazing. But if I am going to experiment my sexuality and want to try all sorts of things. To be perfectly honest I cant imagine any hotter guy to experiment with." It was now my turn to flash a sexy grin, my shyness starting to disappearing and my confident sexy self coming out.

"That should be absolutely no problem." Returning the mischivious smile. "Though I have to say I can think of other hot guys other than me. What do you want to do next?"

I leaned in and motioned for him to come closer to the hidden window. I then leaned in and started to passionatly kissing Will. Our lips entertwining, his lips were so big they enveloped mine and felt so soft and amazing. His toungue would explore my mouth and wrap around my toungue, and he tasted amazing. I glanced down and saw that he was stroking his cock (as he was now undressed) which my eyes widened as a saw that it was at least 10in of beautiful white cock about 4in in width.

"I want you to taste my cock now. You want an experience right?"

I nodded

"Well then get down there"

I knelt down in front of the hole, where I noticed the floor was padded for ones knees in such the occasion that I was in.

Inch by inch Will's cock slides through the opening, and I decide that its now or never and start to lick up and down the enormous shaft. I immeadiately loved the gritty smell of his hard cock being withheld in his boxers most of the day. The saltiness down around the base. I continued licking kissing as he did to me and massaged his also tight with a cockring balls.

Finally it was time, I wrapped my lips around the beating swollen cock head that was just starting to spit up pre-cum. I licked the hole and tasted for the first time the most amazing salty treat that Ive loved ever since.

Slowly I made my way down Wills thick pole, and only got a couple inchs down. So (watching my teeth and trying to gather saliva) made my way back up and down, getting futher just a bit each bob down.

It wasnt long before I can hear Will moaning a little, his breath picking up, and his cock moving a little slowly starting to fuck my mouth.

With out warning the door to the room opens up, and there's Chad, gone with the white sweater and faded blue jeans. He's only wearing AE boxer briefs that show the outline of another HUGE rod.

"I see my brother is treating you just right." With his usual grin. "Time to move this to a room across the hall. Doubt you've realized but its been 30min. and we closed at 6pm."

I glance at my wristwatch and see that its 6:15. "Well its past that, are you kicking me out?"

"Oh hell no, not without fullfilling your agreement. Like I said we are all going across the hall to our bigger room with a nice big sofa, it will be a lot more comfortable, I dont want to have any trouble getting at that ass of yours"

Again I blush, but am also nervous to have anything up my ass. But I am determined to go all that way.

"Just go slow ok?"

Then Will pipes up from the other room.

"Dont worry we will take excellent care of you. Now lets do this! My dick is gettin soft."

As soon as we walk through the door across the hall I am turned around and Chad pulls me in close and passionatly embraces me while wrapping his lips around mine. I again return the treatment and am amazed at how wonderful Chad also tastes. I am picked up and am made to wrap my legs around Chads waist, so my cock is up against his abs and I can feel the outline of his monster waiting to be unleashed rubbing against my crack.

Chad slow lays me on the sofa and slowly moves south from my lips to my ears and neck, to my nipples where he sucks and nibbles getting them extremely hard and turning me on even more, as Chad continues down my happy trail and massaging my balls. I see Will close the door and make his way behind his co-worker. I see his face disappear behind Chads ass, just as Chad wraps his lips over my cock making him moan and excite me more.

Will starts to wildly rim Chad, getting his ass nice and lubed and stretching out the his ass pussy. Just as I thought I might blow, Chad unwraps his lips from deep throating my cock and lifts my legs higher in the air and exposing my tight ass pussy. He slowly take one of his fingers and rubs it around my hole, testing how tight I really was.

"Damn dude, you really are tight! Im so glad I get first dibs! Dont worry though we'll get you all loosened up and lubed before you get either of us."

Chad reached over to a near side table and picked up a bottle of lube which he promptly put on one finger and reached behind to finger his own asshole.

"Stick that monster in already Will. Ive been waiting all day."

"You got got man." Replied Will, and as Chad leaned down to started my ass hole, Will started pushing his swollen cockhead into the lubed up Chads hole. Chad started moaning out and in between lubing my hole, which felt amazing,

"Oh fuck yeah... give me that fuckin monster dick Will. Dont fuckin act polite since we have a guest! Give me that dick!"

Will promptly followed directions and plunged all 10inches into Chad, who if not had taken it before would be yelling in pain, but it was NOT the first time Chad and Will had messed around. Will swiftly pulled back out, all but his helmet and plunged back in and out. Moving back and forth, filling the room with the sound of moaning (from both Chad, I, and Will) and Wills nuts slapping Chads bubble ass cheeks.

Chad then stops and lifts off Wills cock. Walks over to a table by the door and pulls out the 9in dildo I "bought".

"Ok Tim, time to loosen you up"

To be continued...

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