Not A Pleasant Experience

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had gone off to college for my freshman year and the semester went pretty well. Winter break rolled around and I was pretty anxious to get back home and hook up with my friends- my friend in particular who was 18 at the time but a year behind me (he was held back in 4th grade) and still in high school. I got back and he could barely wait to see me and was over at my house within a half hour. We just sat around and shot the shit for hours- he wanted to hear everything I had done over the semester, all the parties I went to and stuff. We hung around for a couple days doing pretty much nothing but playing games then he took off with his parents to go across state for the week and stay with his grand parents over Christmas.

Before he left he had asked me if I wanted to come over to his house over New Year's Eve and just hang around and spend the night. His parents were going to be gone for a couple days so I said fine. I got over to his place around 8 that evening and we headed up to his room and started to play video games as usual. He had talked his older cousin into buying us some booze so we could a little for the night. So what does his cousin buy? A fucking quart of Sloe Gin- the most vile shit imaginable. It was like drinking cough syrup. Anyway, we kept passing the bottle back and forth playing video games and by midnight we both were pretty wasted- him FAR more so than me. He was slurring his speech pretty bad and staggering around when he walked.

So anyway, we got sick of playing video games and he tells me he's going to change into his PJ's and heads off to the bathroom to change. While he was in there, I got undressed and threw on a pair of gray sweat pants. He just wore these flannel boxer shorts. He was a pretty chunky guy- he was about 6'2" tall and 250 pounds. Me, on the other hand, I was a scrawny 150 pounds and all skin and bones.

He comes back and says "So what do you want to do next?" and I answered "I don't know." He sat there for a second on the end of his bed and then says "Wanna check out some porn on line?" I answered "Sure, what the fuck..." so he fires up his lap top and puts in between us on the bed and we found this porn video of two guys and some skanky looking woman going at it.

Well, we're sitting there watching this porn, not saying a word to each other when I look over at him and he's playing with his through his boxer shorts. I figure what the hell and I start feeling myself up too. Now we had seen each other naked many times. He had a stubby little cock, only about 3" long but had a huge set of balls. I, on the other hand, was pretty well hung, about 5" flaccid and pretty thick. We had never seen each other hard. Anyway, we're sitting there watching the porn and occasionally glancing down at each other's crotches and I figure what the fuck and just pull down my sweats and kick them off onto the floor. He sorta smiled at me and reached down and pulled off his boxers. His cock wasn't much bigger than it was flaccid, probably only 3.5" long and pretty thick. My hard-on was about 6.5" long and around two inches across.

We start jacking off in front of each other and soon our attention was no longer on the porn. We were just staring at each other's cocks as we slowly stroked away. Suddenly without saying a word, he leaned over and grabbed my shaft and started to stroke it, so I just removed my hand and let him go at it. After a minute or so, he just leaned in and put my cock right in his mouth and started to suck me off while he continued to jack away with two fingers on his own little stub. He sucked me off for about five minutes then started to let out a really weird grunting noise. I looked down at his cock and thick, almost chunky cum was oozing out of his piss slit and coating his stub and his hand. He took my cock from his mouth, sat up, grabbed his boxer shorts and started to wipe off his hand and his cock with them while I just sat there watching him. He sat there for a second, then looked over at me and said "Are you gonna cum?" I looked at him and said "I don't know if I can." He looked down at my cock and just said "Oh" then sat there for a minute or so just staring at my cock, which had gone soft again.

Suddenly he blurted out "You wanna fuck me?" I looked at him and answered "You're kidding, right?" He looked down at his feet, smiled and said "You wanna try?" What the hell. I said "Okay. What do you want to do?" He stood up, walked over to his desk and bent over, exposing his fat, flabby to me. I stood up, got behind him and stroked my cock hard again and told him to spread his cheeks for me. He reached back and spread them and I looked down and his tight little hole, then got in close and guided my cock towards it, pushing in trying to penetrate his ass.

Suddenly he started to cry out "OUCH, OUCH! IT HURTS" then he stood up again. He stood there for a second and said "I'll be right back" and he staggered out the door and down the hall then he came back in a second later holding a jar of Vaseline. He took off the cap and handed it to me, saying "Stick your finger in it then rub it around my ass." I put a glob on my finger, then he bent over his desk again and spread his cheeks and I rubbed it around his hole and for good measure pushed my finger inside him a little bit and rubbed some in his butthole too.

I got back behind him and started to push my cock against his hole again. He muttered "Ouch! Go slower!" so I eased up a bit then slowly pushed in until I penetrated his tight pucker. He started to make that weird groaning noise again and was looking back at me with this pained look on his face. I was just staring at his face and slowly pumping my cock in and out of him. It didn't take long and I muttered "Dude, I'm gonna cum!" and just pushed my cock as far into his ass as possible and unloaded inside him. I started to slowly pull my cock out of him and looked down at his ass as I withdrew my shaft from his incredibly tight hole.

"SHIT! DUDE" I cried out suddenly, looking down at my cock, "GROSS!" My cock was absolutely caked with shit and it was smeared all over his ass crack. He stood up, spun around and looked down at my shit-covered cock then got this really panicked look in his face and just tore out the bedroom door, practically tripping as he ran out and down the hall. I heard the bathroom door slam shut and walked down the hall to the bathroom. When I got there I could hear him in the bathroom puking his guts out. I started to knock on the door, shouting "Dude, let me in! I gotta wash this shit off me!" Suddenly I started to hear him cry, then he shouted out "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

"What the fuck, dude?" I answered, "let me in!" He just sobbed out "NO! GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" Fuck. I just walked back to his bedroom and looked around for something to clean myself off with. I finally looked in his closet, and pulled a dirty t-shirt out of his laundry hamper and cleaned myself off then threw the shirt back into the hamper. I sat there for a few minutes then walked back down the hall. He was puking again. I let him finish then said through the door, "Come on dude! Open up!" He just kept crying and ignored me. I walked back down the hall and just sat on his bed for a while, then grabbed my clothes and got dressed. I walked back down the hall and listened at the door. All I heard was snoring. He had passed out in the bathroom. "Fuck!" I muttered. I went back to his room, grabbed all my stuff and walked the four blocks back to my house and took a shower then went to bed.

The first thing in the morning I picked up the phone and called his house. The second he heard my voice he just hung up the phone, so later that day I walked back to his house and knocked on the door. He answered, stuck his head out the door and muttered "Just go away and leave me alone!" then slammed the door in my face. I tried call him later that day and he hung up the phone on me again. I just ignored him for the rest of the week and headed back to school without even bothering trying to call him again. I didn't hear from him the entire semester.

Summer rolled around and I was back at home. The first thing I did was head over to his house. He answered the door and I said "Wanna hang around a while and do something?" He muttered "Yeah, I guess" and let me in. We didn't talk much at all that day. We played video games for a while then I just went home. Eventually he started to open up to me again and it seemed things were back to usual until one day he was over at my house. We were up in my room playing video games and after a while I got bored. We had a pool in our backyard and I asked him if he wanted to go swimming.

He looked at me and said "Naw, I don't feel like it." I answered, "Well I'm going to take a dip- you can hang around if you want to" then I started to pull down my shorts so I could change into my swimsuit. I had pulled down my underwear along with my shorts. He looked over at me and shouted "OH SHIT NOT THAT AGAIN!" with this panicked look on his face. I looked at him and said "What? It's not like you've never seen my cock before!" and laughed. He ran out of the room and out the front door. It was two weeks before I saw him again.

Finally I had had it with him and one day just flat out said "You feel really bad about having sex with me on New Year's, don't you?" I walked over to him and put my arm around his shoulders. He looked down at his feet and started to let out a few soft sobs then totally broke down and started to cry like a baby. I gave him a hug and held on to him tight, whispering in his ear,. "Look, bro. Just because we got and fooled around one night, it doesn't mean I'm all Gay for you and want to do nothing but have sex with you.

That night wasn't all that fun for me either and I really regret what I did." He looked up and me and got this stupid grin on his face and said "I know. I've been a fucking jerk." After that everything was fine. Not two weeks later he was at my house spending the night and we ended up naked in my bed making out and giving each other blow jobs. The next morning he was as chipper as ever and the first thing he said to me was "It was really cool last night kissing you and all that!" I just cracked up laughing and walked over and gave him a big hug.

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