New Apartment, First sex!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I’m 18 years old, and about a month ago I was looking for a place to live, I desperately needed to get away from my family. My name is Matthew and you see I’m gay and just as horny as any other 18 year old. I’m 5’ 11’’, and have longish brown hair that reaches my blue/green eyes, followed by a maybe roundish nose and nice smile. I do a bit of gym, so I guess I’m defined, but not too much of course, and I don’t have any chest hair.

The problem was that I lived with slightly old-fashioned parents, and a nosey younger sister, and had only one computer, so I never really had any time to myself for a bit of a jerk off. Plus the idea of meeting a and taking him home, where my parents live, was close to laughable, and yes as you can imagine at the time I was a gay virgin.

Anyway, I was looking through the newspaper and I saw an ad saying ‘Roommate Required’. I read through it. The person, it said must be male and between 18-30 years old. Perfect for me, I thought, so I rang him up and a relatively young voice asked me for my details and said that I could move in as soon as possible!

Great, so within a week I was outside an apartment door surrounded by a bunch of boxes. I rang the bell and the door quickly opened. In front of me stood a surprisingly beautiful man. He was tall and had tanned Mediterranean skin, olive green eyes, dark hair and lips which were quite full for a man. He needed a shave, but it only made him look even more attractive. He gave me a smile and introduced himself as Michael. As we shook hands I felt myself getting hard, the guy was really turning me on! Covering my hard-on with a box I entered the apartment. It was an average looking apartment and Michael helped me unpack all of my things. It took longer then I thought it would and by the time we finished we were both a bit exhausted, and sweaty.

“I’m exhausted; I need a bit of a shower, why don’t you wait in the living room until I’m done?” Michael said. The thought of him in a shower made me almost feel dizzy, but I did as he said. I expected him to use the en-suit bathroom, connected to his room but instead he used the main bathroom, which was attached to the living room.

I sat on the sofa as he entered the bathroom. I couldn’t help but notice that he left the door half open! At first I simply looked forward and pretended not to notice but I couldn’t help it, so without making it obvious I looked inside.

I saw him pull his tank top over his shoulders. His chest was well defined and toned, with firm pecks and abs but not looking huge and -like, more slender and lean. He took off his socks and pulled his trousers down, leaving him left with nothing but a white -strap! His legs were surprisingly hairless and smooth, yet well shaped. He also didn’t seem to have a hair on his chest. He posed in front of the mirror, as if examining himself. Then, I held my breath, he put his thumbs in his underwear and pulled them down, leaving him starch naked! At first he had his back facing me, showing me his tight firm that was just asking me for a slap and spank. Then he turned around. He had a fine line of hair that started from his belly-button and went down and thickened to lead to his dark pubic hair which perfectly lead to his semi-erect, uncut, approx. 6 inch (and remember semi-erect!) penis. He was a perfect specimen, each piece of him as if it was beautifully and perfectly carved of man-flesh.

My jaw hung lose, staring shamelessly at his naked body and I didn’t even realise that my hand went into my now damp underwear, stroking my rod slowly.

In my state of sexual astonishment and being practically hypnotised, I knocked over a glass on the coffee table in front of me. The glass made a loud noise and I stood up in alarm. Then I heard at thud from the bathroom and a groan of pain. He slipped in the bathroom ‘cos I gave him a fright!

I heard him moan again and he called out my name. I rushed inside and saw his naked body sitting on the floor, holding his knee. But at that moment it was as though we both forgot that he was naked, and I asked what happened.
“My knee… I bashed it…” he said, clearly in pain, “take me to the sofa.”

I went up to him and tried to help him to the sofa. He put an arm around me and we staggered to the living room. His naked skin felt so smooth and soft against me, and I couldn’t help but notice that he had a raging hard on! I had tented my trousers and, as much as I felt sorry for him, I was defiantly enjoying it. I put him on the sofa and he lay there face up, legs open, nude, in front of me. Besides the fact that my hard-on was very obvious, I felt extremely uncomfortable just standing there.

He then said something but I couldn’t understand him, so I leaned closer.
“Closer,” he said. My face was now about 5 inches away from his when he suddenly leaned forward and kissed me. He kissed me strongly and passionately, his worm tongue entwining with mine. He rolled off the sofa and we tumbled onto the floor, his naked body on top of mine.

I didn’t even have time to think, we just kissed for a minute or so when I heard a ‘click’, he lifted my arm and I heard another. I paused for a second and looked at his beautiful face. Then he stood up and I realised that my hands were both hand-cuffed to two legs of the coffee table!
“What the f-,” I started.

“Language, Matthew, lets not be rude now.” He said with a huge smirk on his face. But wait, he was standing, which mean that he faked the whole thing!

“What are you doing?” I asked, feeling quite scared now.

“Oh, you’re going to enjoy this, just like you enjoyed watching me get naked in the shower. Well, now it’s your turn.”

He bent down and ripped my shirt off, and licked me from my neck to below my belly-button.
“You like that?” He asked.

I was still a bit scared, but he really turned me on. I practically when his hot tongue travelled down my torso. It made me feel so horny and seduced. He then pulled down my pants, followed by my boxers. Then he stood up, as if admiring his naked captive prize.

I had been feeling quite embarrassed, but now I was just dying for him to take me. He bent down again and took my hard 7 ½ inch in his hands, and lowered his head. His face was about an inch away when he pulled away and turned me around.

“Wait! Suck me, please!” I cried.

“Not yet, not yet,” he smiled.
My face was now down against the ground so I couldn’t really see what he was doing, but I heard him shuffling behind me.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed, he had suddenly whipped me extremely savagely on my bare ass.

It was extremely painful, but each time he spanked me I felt my penis throb and drip with pre-cum. After 5 times the pain had changed into pleasure and soon I was groaning with ecstasy.

“You like that, don’t ya?”

“Yes! Yes!” I cried.

He then flipped me over and sucked my . It was my first ever blowjob and I loved it! My entire penis was inside his wet mouth, and I became lost in a sexual trance and simply swam through lust and arousal. He then ordered me to kneel in front of him, head down, ass up. I knew what was coming and felt nervous yet excited. First I felt his tongue eat my glory hole, entering it and lubricating it. He spent two minutes doing this but it felt like hours of divine pleasure.

Then I felt his thick hard 8 incher enter me. At first intense pain and I yelled out. But soon with every thrust inside of me the pain subsided and was replaced by sexual pleasure. His rhythm increased, and with hands both he wanked by dick. Everything became stronger, all sensations reaching a climax. He rode me for a few minutes, then we both released. I felt hot liquid flow into me, and more burst out from my penis a meter away on the floor.

We both collapsed onto each other, his dick still inside of me. We slept there together, in total bliss, knowing that this was only the beginning!

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