My tough guys Beautiful feet!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Good fun is where you find it!

I work at ski resort in West Virginia and found myself with a that is a 33 year old rough and tough outdoorsy type to my mild mannered shy 27 year old one knows we're gay.....

I would see him from time to time. He was always outside. He's one of those guys who could make snow or fix a leaky faucet.. We discovered each other over a few months of harmless talking.. My life had been all fantasy and dreams but not anymore.

He has beautiful smooth feet. Long slender toes and perfect nails... He too always dreamed of foot scenes with a guy.. I being tied up and tickled but I've grown to LOVE even more tickling his sexy feet or having them in my face to kiss and lick....

He confessed that he has always had a secret "personal" fetish that involved pampering his feet. He was so embarrassed but I said its ok...He said he had secretly painted his toe nails over the years (Amazon he says is a great place for feet stuff)

I don't know why that turns me on?? A big strong guy with sexy, ticklish feet....WITH his toe nails painted bright red.. Hmmmmm

We get together often for tickle and worship encounters...I can't put into words what its like having this tied spread eagle and as I worship and tickle his feet. Jacking him off as I go. I have to admit. I love painting his toe nails and letting him enjoy his fetish..I gave him toe rings for Christmas which we both love!

I get my feet massaged and tickled without mercy regularly.. I can part with lots of things but the following NEVER. He works hard. He's out side in heavy boots continually ..on his feet. On a ladder. He gets home to a warm soapy foot soak and foot that puts him to sleep..

Having his bare feet to pamper and worship is a gift. I look forward to seeing him and doing things he enjoys... to each his on.....

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