My perfect stranger

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

Shit… Fuck! My head is pounding so much. I’m trying to move but my body is not reacting… oh, wait… there is something... I manage to move my toes, feet, yeah, there goes a leg. I’m still alive,… but this fucking headache is killing me.

Slowly I’m starting to remember the from last night. It was pumping! We went clubbing and… wait a minute. Where am I. I slowly opened my eyes. It’s quite dark in the room, but I manage to make out figures and shapes - only thing is, it doesn’t look familiar. It’s not my room, but it’s also not my friend Danny’s place either. I’m opening my eyes wider to figure out where I am, but nothing in the room rings a bell. I look down at the bed. Nice queen size and the bedding is really comfy all in white. Must be something like Egyptian cotton or something.

I moving myself slightly up to try and figure out my surroundings better. Something is just not right. I feel over my flat stomach towards my crotch and… shit, Shit! I’m freaken naked… in a bed that I don’t know who’s it is, in a place that I don’t know… Freaken hell, if I only can remember what happened last night.

I remember Danny and I was on a mission last night. It was the 24th Dec and my first Christmas from home and out of my home country. I’m originally from South Africa and have been in the UK six months already. I met Danny over here at uni. We sort of became friends… as close as I could call a friend anyway. It’s been a while since I let people close to me, but that’s a story for another day. Let just say being gay in a small town in South Africa is not the easiest, so I’m very comfortable with my own company. Dan was straight, very straight, but a very easy-going person, so it wasn’t difficult to make friends with him. He was a typical jock, but in a body. He was well toned and you could easily see that he spend some time in the gym. He had dark hair, nearly , shortish cut, green eyes and was well tanned.

I haven’t come out to anyone here in the UK yet and nobody asked so I just left it like that.

Dan came over last night with this idea to go clubbing and as I haven’t had anything planned so I agreed to go with. I love dancing and as long as the DJ plays good music I’m a happy chappy. We went out around 23h00 a clock. The club was already busy, but only picked up around 1am. I remember I sort of lost myself in the music. The DJ was doing a good job and at some point there was a live trumpet player in the mix. It was insane and I was dancing my head off. I don’t know where Danny went, because I can’t remember seeing him for most of the night…

I didn’t really speak to anyone. There was a few girls that tried to get my attention, but I ignored them… wasn’t interested at all. I didn’t drink that much as I didn’t really take money with me. My second drink was only much later. I… I can’t really remember much more after that…

I’m trying to get my thoughts back – shit this fucking headache is killing me. Where am I, and where the fuck is my clothes…? This fucking headache…, shit, I’m going to be sick... Shit, shit, shit, I need to get to a toilet! I scanned my surrounds again to look for a door that could lead me to a toilet. There were two doors in the room, besides the obvious cupboards. I jumped to the closest one, hoping that would lead me to a bathroom. I fling the door open and froze in my steps… Fucking Hell! The most gorgeous man was standing right in front of me – butt-naked. Shit I can’t keep it in any more – this sick forcing itself through my body.

I start panicking and tried to make my way to the toilet. Fuck no, it’s going to be too late. The fucking dude is in my freaken way. Fuck! NO! The sick is everywhere. I tried to cover with my hand, but it just made it worse. I’m so freaking sick I can’t think straight. I’m so embarrassed, but there is no hiding and the sickness keeps coming in waves. I’m on all fours and try to move but my body is rebelling again and leaves me in the middle of the bathroom floor. I feel two strong hands clamping on my sides. Electric thrills shoot through my whole body, but the sickness overwhelms my thoughts. The guy leads me to the toilet. “I’m turning on the shower.

We both need one now…” His voice is sending another thrill through my body. I haven’t looked up again – I actually just want to disappear, but it’s not going to happen. The sickness has subsided, but my body is still shaking uncontrollably. “I’m clean up later… don’t worry about it.” I hear him from the shower. I hear the water in the shower turning on. “You alright Mr?” The voice again… I manage to mumble a yes, but didn’t move or look up – firstly out of embarrassment and secondly out of fear to become sick again.
“I’m going to leave the shower running for when you’re ready. You need to clean yourself. You’re a mess.”

Who the fuck is this guy and where the fuck am I? I’m still freaken naked. Thoughts of horror movies and how they play out flashes through my mind… I need to get up and get out of here. Fuck, my head is pounding even worse now.
I manage to get up and stumble to the shower. The bathroom is spacious and really well furnished – modern, crisp, and still warm and practical. This shower is going to be amazing. Still trying to keep my balance and putting one in front of the other I waggle into the shower.

Splat! Bodies connect unexpectedly. I walk right into the stranger guy! What-the-fuck! Fuck it’s… it’s nice…

“Wow, slow down mate…”those strong hands around my sides again. I didn’t even realise I was losing my balance again, but those hands were holding me up till I sort of got my balance back. “You’re really out of it, aren’t you? I’m looking up. Fuck, he’s gorgeous. His deep pool of dark blue eyes mesmerises me. Water streams over his longish dark hair, over his well-toned summer skin and beautifully athletic body. My eyes manage to leave his eyes just to be drawn to his amazing smile forming, lighting up his whole face. He is somewhat older than my youthful 20years… probably around 27/28years.

“You alright washing yourself or must I help you with that?” I can hear the laugh in his voice. My dick gives a twitch and all of a sudden I’m so aware of my own nakedness. I look down to myself but my eyes got transfixed on the most gorgeous dick I’ve seen in my life. About 5½ inch semi flaccid with strong veins and perfect hanging balls to compliment it. He lifts my chin with one of those beautiful strong hands to look me in the eyes – that smile again… I was in a trance.

“I’m going to leave you to finish up.” With that he moved me to the side and walked out the shower. “My name is Edward so by the way, but most of my friends call me Eddy…” I hear him shouting from the room.


I walk out of the shower – my head still pounding, but slightly better than earlier. I look for a towel, but can’t find one. There is a short summer’s robe next to the huge mirror which I use to cover my shoulders. I stop in front of the mirror. My hazel green eyes scan over the person the mirror. What the fuck happened to you buddy? How did you end up with this … this… fuck, he’s gorgeous…

I look at my very short light brown hair. The last summer left natural highlights on the tips. I have a lighter skin tone than his, but still with a healthy glow. The jogging and cycling is paying off and left my body nicely defined and toned. My dick gave another twitch. My eyes drop to it priding the mirror. Wow, we’re about the same size. My balls are not hanging as well though.

“Will you be able to manage strong coffee?” Eddy’s voice brings me back to . “I’ll try…, where is my clothes?” I close the robe and walk into the room, the water still dripping from my hair, back and legs. “It’s in the wash. You messed it up last night.”
Eddy walks in with the coffee and a glass that looks suspiciously like smurf-snot. “So does the cute stranger boy in my flat have a name?” I still haven’t introduced myself.
“Levi…, my name is Levi.”
“Well Levi, drink this slimy stuff… for the sick feeling in your stomach, and then have some coffee.”

I just follow his orders. I so want to feel better… I’ll do anything to just feel better.
“Make yourself comfortable Mr, you’re in a safe place.” I realised everything in me was tensed. I took a deep breath and gave a sigh, trying to relax in the process. Eddy seems alright. No immediate alarms going on…
“What happened? How did I end up here…?” I’m trying to avoid his searching eyes. There is a quiet moment. “I think your drink was spiked. You were completely out of it. Do you remember anything?”
“No, I can’t…” I sipped on the coffee, leaning back against the leather headpiece, the pillows behind my back.

“You ‘came-out’ last night in the club.” I look at him – question in my eyes. “You were shouting it from the top of your voice and then you passed out. Well… semi passed out. I told the bouncers you were with me and brought you here.”
“Shit! Really… and my clothes…?” I took another sip or two on the warm coffee. It’s quite soothing down my throat.

“You got sick when the taxi stopped at my place. Your trophy is on the side walk.” He says it with a bit of a chuckle. “Your clothes were a mess, so I stripped you down and put you in the shower. You fell asleep in the shower so I had to dry you as as I could and put you in bed. Your clothes should be dry in a bit.”

I don’t know what to say. I’m so embarrassed. I look down, starring at the coffee in my hands.
“Levi…? It’s alright. I’m glad it happened.” I lift my head, half upset about his comment. So he is taking advantage of me after all… loads of thoughts are streaming through my head in the space of a second. But his next words drown those thoughts. “It gave me the opportunity and guts to meet this I’ve been drooling over the whole night.” I look at Eddy with a question in my eyes.
“What do you mean?”

Eddy gives me one of his amazing smiles. “The moment I saw you walking through those club doors I was completely transfixed. I couldn’t take my eyes of you.”
“Shit, I’m so sorry…”
“I’m not…” Eddy moves closer, leaning against me. His two strong lean feet shelling over mine. Gosh his feet are beautiful, the veins perfectly formed.

We started talking non-stop, one conversation leading to the other. We stayed in bed basically the whole day. I felt so comfortable with Eddy. For the first time in my life I felt as if I belonged. It all just felt right. At some point through the conversation our hands met and entangled. It felt like it was supposed to be like that, as if there has always been something missing, but that all of a sudden the picture was complete.

I had a hard-on most of the time, but I tried to ignore it… trying to take the moment in for as long as I could. Actually, I was getting nervous about the night ahead. I haven’t done this before and honestly didn’t even know what do or where to start, I didn’t want to spoil the moment, but the connection between us were building towards the inevitable…

“Where did you go?” Eddy’s question brings me back to the moment.
“I em… I’ve em… em… well… I’ve never done this before…” It’s just flowing from my lips but it doesn’t make sense to me.
“Me neither, but it’s sort of like a best-selling novel intro don’t you think?”

“No, I mean, I’m still… I’m sort of…” My mouth is all of a sudden so dry I struggle to speak. I’m so freaking scared and who know what Eddy will do when he realises I’m a dud! Just say it, just do it! “Eddy, I’m a virgin!” I blurt it out, close my eyes, waiting for a reaction.
I feel him shift next to me. All of a sudden I can feel his warm body heat over me – not touching but close enough to radiate his warmth all over me. I can feel my crotch rising and swelling fast. I want to open my eyes but cannot find the guts to do it. I can feel his breath close to my face and neck.

“You poor thing… you really are a… well, you’re really inexperience. We’ll have to do something about that.” His voice is deep, soft and very close to my ear. “If you want to,… otherwise we can just keep on chatting.”

I’m all of a sudden completely out of breath and struggle to get a sound out. “I want to…” is all I can get out.
“Okay then…” he whispers in my ear. His warm lips touch my ear softly, planting light butterfly kisses and moving towards my awaiting lips. Bolts of electricity streams through my body and concentrates in my now fully erect cock. Fuck! I don’t think my dick’s ever been this hard, pulsing with every second. My body is heating up like I’ve never experienced before. My balls are twitching. I feel completely numb but so alive under his touch.

Eddy suddenly gets off the bed and in an instant his body heat and warm touch is gone. Disappointingly I open my eyes. He has disappeared. Shit, have I done something wrong? Or not done something for that matter? I hear Eddy moving in the bathroom and then going to the toilet taking a leak. He flushes the toilet and appears in the door of the room. He’s completely stripped down again. His masculine body glowing in the dimmed lights. His beautiful cock jacks itself up to full erection. Fuck! It must be around eight inches. His beautiful mushroom head peaks through the foreskin.

“I suggest you take a leak as well… it’s going to be a long night.”
I do as I’m told and get up to go to the toilet. My erect cock is making a tent under the short robe.
Standing at the toilet I realised it’s going to be a mission. I can’t piss with a fully erect cock and it’s not going down soon – that’s for sure.

Eddy moves in behind me, putting his chin on my shoulder and folding his arms around me. His body feels so fucking good against me and I can feel his warm erect cock against my butt cheeks. His right hand clamps lightly around my throbbing cock.
“Let’s move to the shower again… you can take a piss there.” and with that he steers me step-by-step to the shower. He opens the water and the first cold streams of water make me gasp and a small high yell escapes my lips. Eddy laughs behind me and holds me even tighter. He let go of my cock. And the cold water does its thing to calms my hard-on down. Within seconds I feel the warm stream escaping my dick with a thrill of relieve. Eddy takes a little bit of liquid soap and started washing his body and then focuses on his crack, looking me straight in the eyes. He takes a little bit of soap again and pulls me closer. He starts washing my crack as well. Feeling his fingers on my pucker instantly brings me back to full erection.

“Your ‘’ knows what he wants” Eddy starts nibbling and sucking on my ear. A gasp escapes my lips. His hands moves down my arms till our hands meet. He lifts my hands, turns me around and guides me towards the shower wall in front of me.
“Put your hands against the wall.” Eddy instructs me. He places his feet in between mine and force my legs open, moving my feet further from each other with his feet.
“Have you had oral before?” I can’t answer and just shakes my head suggesting that I haven’t.
“Well in that case, take a deep breath and enjoy this moment.” I feel Eddy’s hands on my butt cheeks, first squeezing it and then stretching my cheeks from each other – exhibiting my pucker hole for his access.

I feel his warm tongue licking my balls and moving up towards my waiting hole. Fuck, this is driving me crazy! Shivers of ecstasy and lust beams through my body. His tongue searches my hole, licking and massaging my pucker to oblivion. My knees give in under the extreme pleasure and I can’t help moaning out loud. His hands stretch my butt cheeks even more and he starts frenching my hole. Fuck, fuck, fuck! He’s eating me out… I feel a bit dizzy of all the excitement. I don’t know how much of this intensity I can take any more. My legs start shaking uncontrollably.

“Let’s take it back to the room…” his voice low and a little bit husky, thick with desire. He’s one arm goes around my back and the other around my legs and before I exactly know what is going on I’m in his arms. Our skin warm against each other. His dick pokes my hole and makes me even more excited. It feels warm rubbing against my crack. I’ve never felt anything like it.
Eddy carries me to the bed and throws me on the edge letting my legs hang of the bed.

“Fuck! You look like a freaken angel…” Eddy says in his low whispering tone, his warm strong hands feeling up my body – over my pecks, my arms my six-pack, up on my sides. Moans escape my lips again and I can’t help moving my body under his perfect touch.
Eddy puts his right leg over me so that he nearly sits on my. Our bodies rubbing against each other. He takes my hands again and clamps it above my head with his, bringing our bodies so close to each other – touching every now and then. He teases me with his lips; coming closer for a kiss, but pulling back just before our lips meet. It drives my insane!

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