My new daddy - Chief Deacons

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Hello, my name is Ben and I had just joined the navy. After boot camp I was assigned to a battleship .I was a tall skinny young man with a lot of girlish features like the way I walked and talked. I was still a virgin because of my hateful mother. One time she caught me playing with my sisters panties and as punishment she made me dress up in her clothes and sent me to the drug store a few blocks away. She gave me a twenty and told me to buy some tampons .She just thought she was punishing me but I loved every second of it .I felt so good as I walked to the store in my pretty clothes. My little never got soft the whole time.

Anyway my ship was out to sea for months and one night as I was on night watch and making my rounds when I happen to run into Chief Deacons. He said that he wanted to see me in his cabin in 30 minutes to show me something. I tapped on his door and he said to enter and take a seat .He walked out of his bathroom dressed in a robe and walked to the door locking it.

He turned to me and smiled as he walked up and stood right in front of me. Then he whispered, I need you to do something for me please. Yes sir I said. He put his middle finger to my lips and shoved it in my mouth and told me to suck it. I started to suck it. The next thing I knew I was taking it all the way down as far as I could. Then I realized that I liked it. He then opened his robe and let it fall. His penis was awesome as it pointed straight at my mouth. Without even thinking about it my mouth opened and I leaned in to take the purple head down my throat.

He tasted wonderful and the odor was overpowering .My body was tingling all over and I got flashes all over. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his into me. I felt the head hit the back of my neck and slide down my throat. He held it there and let out a loud grunt. I felt his cock swell up and fill my neck, then my belly got all warm as he shot his into me .My head was spinning as I swallowed all his seed I could get. I licked him clean in a fevered pitch as he pulled his cock out and sat down beside me. He then told me thank you and you need to get back on duty as he shoved me out the door .

That night as I lay in my bunk, I had the orgasm ever while I was thinking about him and his dick in my neck and the funny thing about it is that I shot my sperm all over my face and in my mouth without even touching my own cock .Damn for the time in my life I knew what I wanted, I wanted to be a slut. I couldn't wait to have another cock or cocks in me .Please help me to fulfill my fantasy. PLEASE email me and lets play!!!

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