My man My Love...

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I knew he would be home by five the latest, I had the master bedroom set up just as I wanted it, the doors closed the blinds drawn, it was dim in the room, I had candles lit, rose petals on the floor to the bed, I was dressed in sheer nylon knee high socks, his favorite, I had on a pair of shear nylon black bikini briefs, my was semi erect, in anticipation of his coming in the room. I had a bottle of champagne chilling, with two champagne flutes ready for him to walk in.

He pulled into the driveway, parked the car, he was surprised I was not in the drive waiting for him to get home, I always greeted him in the driveway, I would open his door, hug and kiss him as he got out of his car. He knew something was going on or something was up, he opened the front door and called me “Honey I'm Home”, no reply, now he was getting worried my car was in the driveway so he knew I was home, then he thought he is in the workshop, he is always in the dam workshop. He would change then head out to find me.

When he got to the top of the stairs, the master bedroom doors were closed, again a cause for concern, was I okay, did I have another man in our bedroom, he shook his head no, he loves me to much to do that. He grabbed the door handle, opened the door ever so slowly, Honey are you in here, he saw the candles, then the champagne, I had poured us a glass when I heard the front door, he opened the door wide open, “Hi Babe welcome home", as he approached the bed I handed him a glass of champagne.

“What is going on? Oh my you have my favorite on, why?, what's the occasion? Did I miss our anniversary? I just smiled “no babe, just cause I you, and missed you so much today”. “Lets take that suit off and get you comfortable”, let me undress you. first that tie, then that shirt, remove that belt, “want me to spank you with it later?” I smacked my hand with it, “Oh My, yes!” “you will be saying that a lot tonight Babe”.

I ran my hands over his chest, I loved his body it made me all tingly inside to touch him. And it got me harder and harder the man turned me on so much. I continuously kissed him, as I reached in and grabbed his cock with my hand thru his silk boxer shorts, I grabbed him, pulled him into a hug, I loved to have this man close to me, I kissed him, I told him how much I loved him, how he had made my life so much better just by being with me.

I laid him on the bed, I got on top of him hovering above him, kissing his lips, his cheeks, his beautiful neck, I loved his neck, I slowly kissed my way down to his nipple, my tongue circled it, he was writhing in the bed, I ground my cock into his cock, I slowly slid down my mouth was at his waist band, I grabbed his boxers, slowly removed them, I needed his cock, I loved this mans beautiful cock. Once his boxers were off I laid there hovering above his cock, it was inches from my mouth and tongue, I leaned in, licked it from the base to the beautiful tip, his knob was huge, his cock was lengthy nine plus inches erect.

His cock had a puddle of precum leaking from the tip, I leaned in and lapped it up, he jumped, I loved the electrical jolt it gave him when I first licked his beautiful cock. I took his balls in my mouth one at a time, I slowly massaged them, sucking them in my mouth, tonguing them at the same time, his balls were so sensitive. I let go of his balls and went in for a kiss, I needed a kiss from him, seems I could not kiss this man enough, he pulled me into a hug, “I could get used to coming home to this everyday” “Oh babe I would change it up everyday, don't want you getting bored of me” he rolled us over, he was now hovering over me, I pulled his weight onto me.

“I want to feel all of your body on me babe” he ground his cock into my crotch, I looked him in the eyes, as I pulled my legs up around his waist “I want you to fuck the hell out of me”. Without a word he grabbed my legs, and put my in his face, my man loved me in beautiful hose, he licked my foot and toes in the sexy hose, his hand was on my crotch, he loved my tight sexy underwear, my cock was straining to be freed from its tight hold, he played with my , I was so horned up for him right at this moment,

This man could make me cum by simply playing with my toes, he had a way of making it so sensual, like he made love to my whole body, head to every toe, I had my feet on each side of his head, he kissed my feet as he removed my sexy underwear, my cock snapped out of their tight sexy prison, he reached in and grasped my cock, his hand was firm, but he caressed my cock lovingly, he could drive me to orgasm so easily. He lubed up his cock to get it ready for my wanting ass, I needed him in me so badly, I needed his seed in my tight little ass.

He was so gentle with me, there was love in all his movements, he had me bent in half, his cock at my entrance, I wanted, needed him so badly, “Make love to me please Babe, give me a part of you inside me” he kissed me, slowly slid his cock in, my ass accommodated his tool with ease, he was steadily sliding it in me, his knob was huge, and I loved how it filled me up so well. With him kissing me, his cock in me I would cum hands free I was so close, my balls ached to be drained, he grabbed my legs and started to slam it in me, he gave it to me, I needed him to fuck my ass, I wanted his cum in my wanting hole.

He rammed his cock in me, I was moaning, he reached in and grabbed my cock, he stroked my cock as he fucked my ass, I was shooting cum all over my chest stomach and up to my neck after only a few more strokes. The orgasm was so intense, his cock started to swell, he shot rope after rope of cum in my ass, he continued to slam his cock in me, he collapsed on top of me, I stroked his hair as he rode his orgasm, he looked at me and asked “are you okay?” I smiled, “I love you so much” yes Babe I am okay, better than okay, his cock went down and slid out of my hole, I was filled with his wonderful load. We laid there for quite some time me stroking his hair, my man laying on me. This was a perfect moment with my man, My Man I loved saying that, he was mine, and I was his. I loved being his.

This story is for M he is my man. Love You Babe...

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