My first time with an older man

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

"Hey guys, wake up. . . . It's time to leave. " Said our as my brother and I were sleeping in our beds for the last time. Today was the day. The day that our lives wouldn't be the same and the embarrassment truly sunk in. We were poor. poor. Our dad couldn't afford the rent anymore because of his health problems, so he couldn't work much. We packed the least amount of stuff we could and threw it in the car. I was super hungry but I dare not ask pops for anything. So the stomach roar played on. We all jumped into the car and drove off.

Here in the desert it gets pretty hot. I think today is around 110 degrees. With no A/C in the car I decide to ride in the car without my shirt. The sun beaming onto my chest and stomach felt so good. I closed my eyes and let the warmth of the sun rays massage my young body. It was bliss. But that bliss ended too quickly when my dad yelled, "Welp! We're here. "

Here it was. This massive 4 story building in the middle of nowhere with all types of people outside of it smoking and chit chatting. My brother and I were extremely embarrassed but we both knew we had zero say in the matter. Or a choice for that matter. We grab our stuff and head into the building. I'm still shirtless so when I walk into the A/C cooled office my nipples get hard the sweat dries. The women at the front desk looks at me and smiles. I'm sure she's used to this. As our dad talks to the woman my brother stays with him and I start to wander around. There's a little church with a piano and a gym. I take a glance in and see this older, grey haired man with glasses doing some bicep curls. He was sweating and moaning a manly moan as he lifted his weights. As he dropped the weight he caught me staring. He smirked and I quickly turned away.

I walk back to the front desk and my dad is just about finished talking to the woman. She tells us that we're welcomed to use anything in this building and let's us know that there is a curfew at 9 everyday. Not given a care I nod my head and follow my dad up the stairs with our trash bags of stuff.

"We're looking for room 112 guys. " Says our dad. As we walked through the hallway the man I saw in the gym is walking towards us in flip flops and shorts. He was so attractive and manly. It looked like he was heading to the showers. My brother finds the room and our dad unlocks it and opens it up. "Home sweet home. " He says. "This is the nicest homeless shelter ever!" Says my brother. Although annoyed at the situation I had to admit that it was really nice. It almost felt like a vacation.
"Why don't you guys go walk around and make some friends. Dinners at 6. Meet me here and we'll go together. "

"Okay pops. " Says my little brother.
"Jon. . . make sure you watch him okay?" My dad says to me.
"Okay. . it's not like he's 5 though. He's 12. " I said to him. He didn't like that response so I quickly leave the room with my brother.

As we walked down the hallway to go outside I notice that there's a bathroom with not-so-private shower stalls. It's only my 2nd year of high school and not only do I have to shower in front of guys there, I gotta do it here too? As upset as I was it all vanished when I saw that same sitting down drying himself off. It was only for a split second but it felt like I was watching him for hours. He had a towel in both hands drying his hair. The rest of him was soaking wet. His gleaming wet body flirted with my imagination as I took every ounce of his body into memory. His chest and abs looked so sexy wet. My young eyes quickly jumped to his hanging shaved and balls. I wanted to stop but my brother got in the way.

This time he didn't see me. And now, I know what I was going to use to jerk off with. :)

As we head outside the sun slaps us as if we did something wrong. Being mixed with , Japanese, White, and Mexican; we don't ever burn. I'm not dark but more of a mocha color. I still had my shirt off, so I was getting looks from a lot of girls and older women. I do a lot of sports, since it's mostly free. So I'm in decent shape. My chest is chiseled and my stomach looks nice. I have a smaller figure so I'm not bulky. More or less toned. Which is what I like. I grab my $2 shades from my pocket and cover my hazel eyes.

My brother goes off and starts to make friends while I wander around and take in that we'll be here for a while. As I'm wandering, my mind does the same. I can't help but go back to what I just saw. That man was gorgeous. I've never done anything with a man but I knew I wanted to. I've always flirted with girls but that's all I've done. Flirt. I was a total virgin and my raging hormones were going through the roof. I needed my young body to be man handled. This older man seemed perfect. I couldn't stop thinking about his body and his nice package. I was starting to get an erection. Not wearing any underwear because we didn't have time to do laundry, my dick was about to burst out of my shorts. My imagination was running wild on what I thought I wanted that man to do to me. I was by a tree and stopped walking. My dick was nearly about to pop when my wet dream suddenly stopped.

"Watch out!"Said a man. And just as soon as I heard those words a soccer ball hit me right in the face. I cover my face and trip on the ground. I was lying on the ground with my dick hard as a rock straight in the hair. I tried to get up but my face hurt so badly.
"Are you okay son?" He asked.
"I think so. "I tried not to sound like a bitch but it hurt.
Still lying there this man comes up to me and check on me.

It's HIM. The man I was thinking about and made my dick rock hard. There he was, walking towards. I tried to hide my boner and all I could think to do was tuck it into my waist.
"I'm so sorry man. " He kneels down and tries to remove my hand from my face.
"Let me see it. "

For some reason my dick got harder when I heard that.
"Ouch. Looks a little red but I think you'll be okay. C'mon. Let me help you up. "

He grabs my hand and I grab his as he lifts me up. As I'm getting up my shorts fall down a couple of inches and the head of my uncut dick is exposed. As I'm wiping my face I can see him staring at my body and my dick. As soon as I stop he apologized one more time and went back to play.

WOW! I thought. He stared at my dick! My young mind was going crazy. I was hornier than ever and I needed to do something about it. I wait for my dick to go down a little before I start walking back. I told my brother to stay there and I'll be back down. I rushed up to the bathroom and closed the stall door. I drop my shorts and start beating my meat like never before. My eyes are closed and thinking about this man. My thick cock is so hard as I jerk it. I spit on it to lube it up and as soon as I did that I explode all over myself and the floor. Load after load shoots out as I try not to scream out of pleasure. God that felt good. I clean myself up and walk to my room. My dad's asleep so I quickly grab a shirt and some new shorts and head back down to grab my brother.

"C'mon dad it's DINNER TIME!" My brother says. My dad gets up and we head downstairs. I was fucking starving after that jerk session. We get to the cafeteria and can't believe our eyes. So much food. We haven't had a proper meal in a long time. Needless to say we stuffed our faces to the max.

After dinner we all head back to the room. My dad goes out for a smoke and to talk to people outside about whatever. It's close to 9 when I decide I want to get a shower. My brother is watching t. v and my dad is still out.
"Hey bro, I'm gonna take a shower. Tell dad. "
"Okay. "

So I grab a change of clothes and whatever soap we have and head down to the showers. To my surprise, it's empty. Relieved that I'm alone I strip down and put my clothes on a bench right outside the shower. I hop and and close the curtain. The hot water took my breath away. It felt so good. I start to wash my hair but my hands can't stay away from my dick. I start to rub my nipples and jerk my dick. I pull my foreskin back and let the water give me pleasure. I'm in teenage heaven. Then, with my luck I'm interrupted by someone walking in. I stop what I'm doing out of nervousness. Even though there's a curtain up, you can kind of see through a little crack on the sides.

Not knowing who it was I just continue to clean myself. I can hear the man take his clothes off. I'm so horny I can't control myself. My hands make their way down to my throbbing dick. Using soap as lube I lose myself and start going at it. my dick so hard. The man takes the stall next to me and starts to shower. I find it hot jerking next to him and him not knowing. I let out a small moan and freeze. "Oh fuck. " Is what I thought. I stop jerking. The man continues to shower.

Holy shit that was close. I stop jerking and finish my shower. The man next to me gets done and steps out. Not paying any mind to the curfew my little brother walks in and pulls the curtain open.
"Dad says hurry up. " I say okay and look up to see who was showering next to me. It was him. The older man who saw me half naked with my dick poking out of my shorts. And now he's heard me moan. My brother leaves and there I am standing naked looking at him. He looks up at me and sees me staring. I quickly grab the curtain and shut it. What do I do? I ask myself. Just finish your shower and go back to your room.

Okay. . . that's what I'll do. As I'm washing my body the older man answers a phone call. He sounds stressed and upset. He's cursing and getting pretty angry. I can't wait any longer to get out of the shower so I just turn it off walk out with a towel around my waist.
He hangs up the phone and stays silent. I start drying myself making sure not to expose myself too much.
"How's your face?" He asks.
"It's better now. "

"Let me take a look at it. " He walks up to me without permission and grabs my face. His soft hands alone are what's making my dick start to harden. I have the towel around my dick to hide it.
"Doesn't look too bad. Looks good actually. . . . You know what else looks good?"
I look at him. . . . confused. "What?"
"That hard dick down there. " He whispers.
My eyes widen as he slowly grabs the towel. I'm frozen. What do I do?

He rips the towel from my hands and my dick jumps. He moans. He grabs my dick and starts to stroke it. It felt so good my head rolls back. The man I jerked off to earlier today is now playing with my thick cock. He starts moaning. His mouth moves towards my sensitive nipples and he starts sucking and biting on them. I can't help but moan and breathe heavily. I've never felt something so good. As he's jerking my dick and sucking my nipples he drops his shorts. That same dick I saw earlier was now rock hard. . . and huge. He suddenly stops, grabs me by the waist and shoves me into the shower stall. He turns the water on and stands behind me.

He starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. His hands explore my tight young body as he grabs my dick and starts stroking. I can't help but to moan at every stroke so he covers my mouth to keep me quiet. All I hear is him jerking my dick and his moans. They're so sexy. He stops jerking me off as I'm about to cum. He reaches behind me and starts to put his finger in my asshole. It hurt so much. I tried to get him to stop but he was so much stronger than me.

"Nope. This is happening. Your tight little is mine. I need this. " He said. He starts a second finger in me and it hurts worse than before. He takes them out and spits on his hard cock.
"Bend over and grab your knees you little cock whore. You're gonna take this dick. "
I ask him to stop but he forces me to bend over.
"Grab your knees, . "

That word. . . BOY, for some reason got me excited beyond belief.
I do as I say and he spits on his dick again.

He guides his dick towards my asshole and I can feel the pressure. He keeps pushing and pushing until I feel his mushroom head pop in. I start to moan in pain and he quickly covers my mouth.
He keeps it there. Not moving his dick any further. As soon as I stop moaning he slides in. Slowly at first. My moans are softer than before but it still hurts. He stops halfway through and holds it.
"You're so tight. I know you like this dick. I know it feels good, boy. "
That word again. Makes me horny.

He pushes the rest of his dick in until I can feel his balls hit my ass. I thought he was going to hold it there like before but he didn't. . . He pulled almost all the way out and rams his dick in.
"Take this dick! Take all 8 inches BOY!" With his hand covering my mouth I moan loudly. He's fucking me so hard and forceful. I stop moaning loudly and he takes his hands off my mouth. He grabs my wrists and pulls my arms back to use them as leverage. He fucks me hard and long. My dick is so hard from his touch and I want to touch myself so badly. He won't let go of my wrists.

"Fuck me harder. " I scream. He let's go of my wrists and grabs my hips and plows my young ass. He's moaning loudly as I jerk my dick.
"You're so fucking tight. God you feel so good. "

I can't control myself any longer. . . "I'm gonna cum. . Oh my god I'm gonna cum!" I shoot my load all over the shower stall as streams of jizz shoot out my dick.
"Oh you're gonna make me cum, boy. Take my load in your ass. " He shoves his huge dick inside me faster and faster until he screams out in ecstasy filling my asshole with his manly jizz.

"Fuck yeah. " Is all he says as he pulls out of my soar asshole. "Good boy. " Then he leaves. Shocked and amazed at what just happen I clean myself one more time. My ass is so soar I can barely walk back to my room. Luckily, my brother and dad we're sound asleep. I go to the side of my bed and turn off the light. What a fucking night.

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