My first man-a tale of penetration

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

When I was living in Japan, I went to Yokohama one night to howl. I got a little and hailed a taxi. Told the driver I was looking for a man, that I had never had one (a little white lie) He took me to a hotel, which I could never find again. I was introduced to a fine looking young man whose name was Jimmie-an obvious alias, since he was Japanese. We looked at each other and both liked what we saw. So we went into Jimmie's room and stripped off our clothes. Jimmie was fairly well hung for a Japanese-about 5.5-6 inches and an inch in diameter. The head was a little larger around-some 1.5 inch in diameter. We went to bed and began kissing.

Jimmie was working on my tits and I was licking his head and ears. After some time of foreplay, we assumed the sixty-nine position and really sucked on one another. Jimmie was good at the trade-I had all I could do to hold it while I worked on his beautiful . Finally, we wer both on the verge and managed to cum at the same time. We then began to play with each other again, and finally, I went down between his legs. I was licking at the taint-you know, taint cock, taint asshole-just taint, when he suddenly lurched upwards and I was licking his asshole. At the same time, he grabbed me and began licking and tongue fucking my asshole. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but it sure tasted good (and has ever since) We both were so , it's a wonder the bed didn't catch fire. finally, we went back to sucking on each other's cock and came again in one another's mouth. We kissed and swapped cum for awhile, and finally went to sleep.

In the morning, I woke to Jimmie pulling my kimono up to my waist. I wondered what was going on here? I found out soon enough-Jimmie was going to get a cherry! He wet my asshole with his spit and placed his cock near the entrance. I pulled up my legs to let him know I wanted him to do it, so he entered my . Slowly he pushed inside me. I thought he'd never get it all in. I swore he didn't have that much cock when we went to bed last night!! It was finally all the way in and oh, what a feeling!! He just rested beside me (we were laying on our sides) for it seemed like a long time-hours, maybe. Finally, he started to push and pull. This man could really -I'll tell you. He rode me for about an hour and a half, I think he came more than once inside me. (this was before AIDS) then he pulled out, and went to the sink to wash it while I went to the john for my morning dump. We bathed and went back to bed for an encore. Sucked each other off twice more and I finally had to leave.

I'll never forget Jimmie-sure do wish I could find him now, but, then, we are both now and do a lot of dreaming about what used to be.

I do manage to have sexual fun with men even though I'm married, I guess I'm bi, but I think I am about 90% gay now. I everything that can be done to me sexually, including , but no scat. If you're ever around Central Texas, let me know and you can have your way with me.

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