My first gay experience

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

So it began when I was 18 years old and I was currently questioning my sexuality. I was certain I was straight however I loved the idea of having hot steamy sex with a I could trust. Years Before I was talking to a openly Bisexual friend of mine and as I was curious about having sex with a male I asked him lots of questions on it. He then went on to ask if I was bi sexual and I told him I wasn't sure. It turned out this friend had a crush on me and asked if I wanted to experiment. At it was meant to be a kiss but I ended up chickening out because it felt to weird. in mind that I did not particularly feel attracted to this friend so I rejected it.

Later on he would still ask if I was up for experimenting and my horny self would always say yes. One day in March we decided to meet up at a park and walk to the woods to kiss. Once we got there we went into the brambles away from where anyone could see clearly from the bath. We started talking there a bit and then he started to lean in as I was chickening out again. I just accepted it and we started making out. His lips were quite thin I remember and he had stubble at the top of his lip which didn't feel great. However after a while I got really into it and so did he. We groped each other, clenching on to each others butts and feeling around each others crotch area.

Suddenly a of people walked passed near us and we stopped to check if it was clear and we stopped momentarily to speak. He said he wanted to go down on me, so I let him pull down my pants in the woods and suck me. It felt nice but not mind blowing, but it was still quite hot. After a while he came up and I hadn't of cum by then and I then decided to go down on him. I did the same but instead I didn't keep eye contact while giving the good blowjob and I didn't suck his balls like he did as well. After a while he pushed down on my head and started to murmur. At this point I was getting into it and it felt nice deepthroating his . Just having it in my mouth was good. After a bit he said he came but I didn't feel it in my mouth so I just shrugged it off.

After that I asked if he wanted to try . We were both so horny that he said sure and I made him lean up against a tree. At this point my had lost all saliva from his suck that it dry now. I still stupidly tried to push it into his tight rectum and after a while we gave up and called it quits. I have kept in tough with him and we plan to do it again.

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