My first experience

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

There I was, being only 18, on my knees in front of a man 25 years old. It was hard to believe that I ended up in this position. His bedroom wasn’t that , but it surely had all we needed: a bed, a shelf and on the shelf a condom.

I met him on Twitter and I had been completely honest with him: “I’m virgin and all I want is a man to fuck me for my first time”.

I thought that like most guys he would say I was nuts, they always said “I don’t want problems” or “Nah, you’re too young” and then there was Patrick: 6’4’’ tall, blonde, a total hunk, blue eyes and a masculine and captivating voice” he seemed not to care about my age, nor my “mental problems” because of wanting to lose my virginity this way.

–C‘mon –He said as he grabbed his bulge –They’re not going to unzip themselves

I looked at his blue eyes and started to feel I was dreaming, how could this be possible? I’m not that handsome for a like him to interest on me, maybe all he wanted was to fuck a virgin...

–You want some inspiration? –He said and then he took his shirt off, I knew he had an amazing body, you could tell by just looking at his arms and chest, but seeing him naked from the waist to the head was all the inspiration I needed –I want to feel that virgin mouth of yours.

I unzipped his pants and then he took them off along with this briefs... there it was, he had sent me some pictures, but those pictures couldn’t describe what I was seeing: a nice 8’’ , white and with a pink head, thick, erect and ready to go inside of me.
I started to lick it like if it was a lollipop, I grabbed it and licked it showing I had no experience, and then he grabbed my head...

–You’re doing it wrong –He said as he pushed his cock inside my mouth –Let me help you... ah!

I started to suck his cock, or at least the tip, I wanted it to go deeper but when I tried I felt like throwing up, so I stopped

–Don’t go that fast, –He said, he had notice my attempt –Just do what you’re doing now, ‘cause it feels damn good

And so I did, I started to play with my tongue so I could feel as much of his cock as possible, he was enjoying it, I could hear him saying “oh” and “yeah” every now and then; I couldn’t explain it, but I felt happy knowing that he was enjoying it.

His cock was very hard and it had a weird flavor in my mouth, not a bad one, just weird; every now and then I felt an even weirder flavor (now I know that was pre-cum) but I didn’t stop, having this man in my mouth was too exciting to stop.

–Oh, baby –He said –You’re good at this, can’t wait to have that

I thought he meant he wanted to fuck me already, so I tried to get his cock out of my mouth but just then I realized his hand was still pushing my head to suck his dick, I was enjoying it so much, I hadn’t notice that before... I tried to look at him: he was looking upwards, with a pleasured expression, groaning once and another that I was doing a good job.
I closed my eyes again and continued sucking his dick, I don’t know how much time it went before he said

–Hold on, I’m going to fuck your mouth

I didn’t have time to ask what that was, nor the intention, ‘cause I didn’t want him to take his cock out of my mouth yet.
He grabbed my head with both his hands and made me look upwards, I was looking at the body of a hunk: nice arms, nice abs, nice chest and a perfect face; he was a dream.
He interrupted my thoughts as he started to push his cock inside my mouth, and then he started to move back and forth (got it, he was fucking my mouth) and it was amazing; he moved fast and the slow, alternating every now and then.
There were moments during which I felt I wasn’t breathing, but I didn’t have a chance to tell him, he just went on for a while... and then stopped.

–Ok, boy –He said and he pulled his cock out of my mouth –You sure you don’t want a blowjob too? They feel good!

I had told him on Twitter, that I was all about bottoming, for some reason the idea of a man sucking my dick wasn’t that exciting for me

–I’m sure –I replied, my voice sounded strange, maybe that’s the effect of having a cock in your mouth for several minutes.
–As you wish –He said and then he helped me up and looked at my eyes. –You are one strange boy... and I like that.

He leaned towards me and I thought he was going to hug me, but he touched me so he could take my t-shirt off, he threw it to the ground.
With every move he made I couldn’t help but look as his muscles flex, he then looked at me and put his hands on my shoulders.

–Gosh, I your face, your lips, I want to make you mine so bad

He leaned towards me and kissed me with passion, I didn’t expect that but I liked it, I felt his tongue in my mouth and I felt his breath, he was as excited as I was.
While kissing me, he unbuckled my belt and then unzipped my pants. I decided to help him, so once he had unzipped then I took them off as soon as I could.
He grabbed my butt with one of his hands and caressed my back with the other one.

I put my hands on his back and felt how strong and horny he was; he then stopped kissing my lips and started to kiss my neck and that was one of the things I ever felt.
His breath and his tongue, together they were making me desire him more than anything else

–Fuck me –I said. I don’t know why. I didn’t want to say it... or did I? Maybe all this foreplay was he making me beg for his dick.

He stopped kissing my neck and looked at me, he put his hands on the back of my legs and lifted me. Instinctively I wrapped him with my legs; he smiled and moved towards his bet, he then put me on it.

–I’m not going to fuck you, baby –He said as he positioned himself between my legs –We’re going to make love, and after this night, you’ll wish that I’m the only one doing it to you.

I didn’t have time to reply, he started to kiss me again, he grabbed my hands and started to move up and down, letting his dick touch mine and making me feel his body over mine, I closed my eyes and wished this moment would never stop.
He stopped kissing me .

–Spread your legs –He said and then he reached the condom on the shelf beside his bed, he opened a drawer and grabbed some lube. –I will rock your world, baby

He put on the condom and then he used some lube on his cock and some more on my ass, it felt a little cold, but I didn’t say a word, I felt like if I spoke I’d ruin the moment.

–Are you ready?

I nodded yes, I still didn’t want to talk.
He smiled and then threw the lube and the wrapping of the condom to the floor.

–Breath in –He said.

I breathed in and then he started pushing in; everything had been so perfect and suddenly an explosive pain had invaded my ass. I screamed, but he covered my mouth with his right hand.

–Relax –He ordered, and even though I was in pain, I felt I needed to do as he demanded so I tried to relax. –Don’t fight it.

I breathed out, I didn’t notice I was holding my breath until that moment, but as soon as I breathed out, the pain disappeared almost completely.
There was still a sensation of something inside of me, of something big and thick touching my insides.
He then started moving slowly, back and forth, every time he pushed in I felt his dick was going deeper and I couldn’t help but moan. I heard him groan and saw him smile, and once again, his pleasure became mine and I started to feel really nice.

–Do you like it? –He asked, he stared at me and I knew he wanted and answer, but I still was afraid to talk
–Yes –I said, ignoring my fear, after all, I already had this guys dick in my ass. –Don’t stop please!
–I wasn’t going to stop

He kept fucking me slowly for a while and then he started to move a bit faster. I was moaning and he was groaning and we both were sweating.
Suddenly, his dick inside my ass didn’t feel weird anymore, I felt like his dick belonged there, every time he moved back I felt incomplete, I needed him inside of me.
He then leaned towards me and started kissing me passionately, I let him kiss my lips and my neck, he was still moving back and forth and I was still feeling amazing.
He then stopped and pulled all of his cock outside of my ass.

–Turn around –He said.

I did it without hesitating, I wanted his cock back inside my ass. I went on all fours and he grabbed my butt.
For a small moment I felt the same pain I felt at the beginning, but this time it disappeared almost instantaneously, to my mind I said

“If that pain is what I need to pay to feel this pleasure, that’s perfect”

He started to move back and forth, now he was doing it quite faster than before and I really felt he was getting deeper.
I was moaning while he was pounding my ass.
He started to move slowly and then faster again, he was doing it once and again and that made me crazy.
When he moved slowly, I had more time to enjoy every one of his movements, I had more time to feel his dick touching my insides.
When he moved faster, I felt his power and his manhood, his energy and his lust and that was driving me crazy.

He stopped once more and once more I felt my ass empty.
He lay down beside me

–Come on, baby, ride it! –He said, his voice was full with desire and lust.
–take off the condom –The moment I said it I knew that was stupid, but my brain wasn’t thinking straight.
–You sure? –He said as he stared at me.
–Yes –I replied, being as stupid as before.

He took off the condom and threw it to the floor.

I moved towards him and almost automatically I started to push his dick inside again.
The pain came once more, but this time it wasn’t that bad and it went away even faster than before and all of a sudden I was riding his cock.
We both moaned at the same time, he grabbed my body and I grabbed his, I touched his abs and his chest, I enjoyed the feeling of his dick in my ass as he started to move up and down to fuck me.

–Baby, you’re perfect –He whispered. –You’re so tight

He kept moving up and down, I was morning very loudly, I wanted the world to know that I belonged to this man; my mouth and my ass had both felt his awesome dick in action.
He was groaning and whispering and so was I, he then started to move faster.

–Baby, I’m cumming –He said/yelled

I didn’t say a word, I wanted this to happen.
His movements went on for a couple seconds more and then he stopped... and at the same time I felt something warm and liquid inside my ass, a huge amount of his semen was now inside of me.
We both moaned. He moved to get his cock out of me, but his cum was still inside, it felt strange but I liked it.

–Come here –He said –Lay beside me, you need some sleep after a good routine of sex.

I smiled and did as he asked. He then hugged me and spooned me.

–You’re mine now, boy, never forget that.

Those words are still on my mind, and like he had predicted before shoving his dick in my ass, every time I meet someone to fuck, I wish he was Patrick.

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