My day of service

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

I turn off the main road onto an ally behind safeway. Driving over several speed bump i turn into an apartment complex. I park in front of building E and walk up to the door numbered 38. I knock twice and wait for an answer. A voice exits the apartment. Come in. Opening the door i walk into a dim lit room with a long couch along the wall with a futan bed laying on the floor.

A tv on the other wall facing the couch with gay bondage on the screen. He tells me to strip and to sit on the couch. I did what he said as i had made an arrangement with this man. For 24 hours i would be his sex slave in any of his fantasies.

He walked up to me and said unzip me and suck me hard. So i unzipped his pants and grabbed his . Pulling it out i licked the tip with my tongue as i slide my mouth over his simi erect penis. Touching his sack with my tongue i began sucking his dick feeling him grow inside my mouth. After he was hard he pulled out and told me to lay on my stomach. I did.

He removed his pants and straddled my legs. Touching my butt cheechs with his hands he spreads my buns apart exposing my anus. Sliding his hips forward as he leans down i feel the tip of his shaft touch my hole. I feel his slowly push at my rectum streching it open. It slips in with a popping feeling. He thrust deeper as i feel his rod sliding into my .

His balls bump into mine as he hesitates a moment. I feel him move side to side wiggling his dick inside my ass sending a moan through my Another moan ripples up my body as he begins to me with quick thrusts. Pounding my ass with each thrust i grasps the bed and let this use me. After a few minutes he grabs my hair and pulls back as his thrusts slow and stays longer.

Knowing he is about to fill me with his cum i thrust my hips back taking all of his man hood in my ass i feel him swell and unload his hot sperm. He releases his hold and stands up pulling his dick out of my red ass. He then tells me to spread my arms and legs. I do and he begins to tie my limbs and applies a gag on my mouth.

Laying face down naked in a spread eagle pose. I lay there for about a half hour before i hear a knock on the door. He hollers. I hear people enter the apartment. Facing away from the door i can not see who it is. Two male voices join the man who owns my body. I hear them talking about me asking what all they can do. My heart beat is going crazy. My bare ass facing three men.

Two of which i can hear taking off their clothes and walking towards me. Weight on my legs as one of the unknown men mounts me. Again i feel cold hands on my butt. I close my eyes knowing i am about to get raped by two strangers and i am completely helpless to avoid it. I feel his hard dick push into my ass hole without mercy.

A whimper escapes my throat but is contained by the gag. He thrusts as i feel his dick sliding in and out of my ass. I feel pleasure building inside as i gain an erection by the thought of Being raped by this complete stranger. I begin to thrust my hips back as he thrusts forward. He relentlessly pounds my ass as i feel warmth inside my ass.

He slowed his pace before pulling his spent cock out of my cum filled ass. I then feel his friend climb on top of me and quickly thrust his dick into my gaping hole. I moan as he thrusts in and up. Rubbing the outer edge of my rectum. As he fucks me from behind i see the man who filled me up kneel infront of me. He removes my gag as i let out a long moan.

He stands up on his knees and i take his dick in my mouth and start sucking. I feel the dick in my ass angle down and start rubbing against my prostate. I stop sucking and moan. My lips still around his shaft he begins to thrust. I close my lips and suck the air out of my mouth causing him to moan. He slows his thrust.

Slowly fucking my face as my head is pushed forward by merciless thrusts from behind. I hear them both moan low and slow before speeding up. Both men let out a moan and thrust sandwiching me with their dicks deep inside my ass and throat. Warm liquid starts spraying down my throat as i feel the dick inside my ass start shooting load after load of hot sperm into my ass.

I swallow every drop as its forced down my throat. My heart racing i feel both dicks slide out of me. All three men walk behind me. Whispers that i cant hear. I feel one of them walk over me and stand above my head. He kneels down laying a blanket over my head. I see a dick appear In front of me under the hood. A long dick. Hard and uncut.

The turtle necked dick moves forward finding my mouth as i feel one of them mount me and begin to fuck me again. Five hours of swallowing cum and having my ass filled with jiz. Finelly the last load of cum is shot into my over flowing ass. Whispers. Then the two men leave. Its over.

But then i feel a man climb on top of me. Taking off the blanket he enters my ass. One last fuck he says. Cum sliding out of my ass with each thrust. Before more is pumped back in. He pulls his shaft out of my ass anf unties me. My legs close as i roll over raising my knees. I can feel all the cum flowing out of my ass. I look up and see the naked man who had his friends rape me.

He is holding a camera. Any fantasy i said. I was just filmed being raped over and over again for hours. He told me to go shower cause i still had 18 hours of being his sex slave left. At that moment i knew being raped by two men whom i never even saw the faces of was only the beginning. I showered and walked into the ra-pe room still wet.

I then said how else can i serve you. .. 18 hours went by with countless fantasies being fulfilled. Some of them easier to cope with then the rape and some that have scared me even more.

This night and this man run through my mind still to this day, six years later.

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