My Undead Lover.

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Damon is vampire, he was turned in the year 1676 after he had turned 18. He and his lover were in an accident and his lover died. He was saved by vampire who turned him and unfortunately his lover had lost. lot of blood, he couldn't he saved.. decade after Damon was made. vampire, he met. wizard named Tyler. They were at an underground night club. Tyler was. small framed , standing at 5 feet 8 inches. Even though he wasn't built, he had. lean swimmer's body that was ought to drive any guy crazy.

Damon was taken by the little guy and went up to him and offer to buy him. drink, which was gladly accepted by Tyler. After. couple of drinks they headed to Tyler's apartment. As they entered the apartment, they started kissing with so much passion. Tyler led Damon to his bedroom and he was pushed in bed, that was followed by another passionate kiss. They started ripping clothes off each other, Damon started kissing Tyler's neck and they both moaned slightly. After kissing Tyler for. few minutes, Damon trailed down to his. inch and started licking it until it was swollen and purple. He sucked Tyler and he moaned like. mad . After. few minutes Tyler came. gallon in Damon's eager mouth. He swallowed all Tyler had to offer.

After putting some lube on his dick and some in Tyler's tight . He gradually put his dick in until all. inches were buried in that tight ass. He started pumping his dick into Tyler, as he was nearly cumming he then sunk his fangs into Tyler's neck. This sent the both over the edge as the came like they never did before. They both fell asleep but Damon's mind drifted to the memories of his dead lover. He woke up screaming "Mathew!!!!!". When Tyler asked as to whom Mathew was, Damon told him the whole story. They young wizard promised that he would cast. reincarnation spell on Mathew's tomb. But Mathew's reincarnation will happen on the his birthday which is May 28, 322 years later. Damon accepted the terms and after that Tyler started chanting on the tomb. After that they headed to the apartment had some more sex and they parted ways.

It all happened as Tyler promised and Michael was born, the reincarnation of Mathew. Damon watched over him through out his life until he finally introduced himself on Michael's 17th birthday and shortly after that they started dating. Damon has remained pure for 50 years for his lover.

As Michael turned 18, is parent threw him. but he was anticipating what his lover Damon had planned for them. After the party was over and done with Damon invited his over his house. As Mike arrived Damon kissed him hard and passionately and whispered. You have no idea how long. was waiting for this day ". Mike grinned and continued kissing his lover. The two barely made it to Damon's bedroom as the clothes were trailing to the room. Damon sunk his fangs in Mike's neck and savored the taste of his lover. That he has longed for centuries. They the got into. 69 position, sucked each other crazily. Until Mike begged Damon to his brains out. He gladly accepted the offer and he the put lube on his dick. He slowly started penetrating his lover's virgin ass with his giant dick. This made Mike to moan so loud and Damon started fucking him slowly and hitting Mike's prostate and instantly sent fim over the edge and he came. Seeing his lover cum, Damon came inside Mike and the both fell asleep with Damon's dick still inside Mike.

The next morning, they picked up where they left off. Two days later they were still going at it.

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