My Roommate Anthony

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had just moved to Florida and rented out a two bedroom apartment. I was single but this was the cheapest rental I could find. I had a low paying job at the time and pretty soon money started to get a little tight. There was this I worked with named Anthony and he said he was sick of his current roommate and wanted to know if I would rent the spare bedroom to him. He seemed pretty decent, so I said okay.

Now I was only 22 at the time, a skinny- 130 pound kid and I was pretty sure at the time that I was Gay but I was very closeted and never had tried anything gay before other than whacking off with a couple buddies a year back when we got all one night and were watching straight videos.

Anthony was in his forties and a . He was about six four and had to weigh about 450 pounds. So a week later he moves in with me and the first thing he does is put this bookcase in the living room and set an old, beat-up recliner right in front of the TV. Then he starts unpacking a box full of tapes and putting them in the bookcase. Every last one of them was a porn video. All straight porn and obviously used very frequently, judging from the ratty cases they were in.

The first Sunday night he was there, at about 8 PM he tells me he's going to take a bath. After about a half hour in the tub. he comes out wearing nothing but an old, ripped bathrobe and a pair of worn-out sandals. He planted his fat ass right in his chair and tells me to pick out any porn tape I want and to put it in the VCR. I picked one with two hot looking guys and a fat lady on the cover, figuring there would be a little man-on-man action in it to get me off.

So I sit down on the couch next to his recliner, and he kicks back, picks up the remote and fast forwards the porn past all the ads and the credits then says "This is a good one" and we start watching. After about ten minutes, I look over and I see that he's opened up the front of his robe. His big, belly was sticking out and he was slowly working his fat, six inch piece of man meat. So I figure what the hell and undo my jeans and take off my pants and g-string and start playing with my big .

We kept looking at each other as we watched the - two guys working that fat lady. She was sucking one of them off as the other was licking her out. After about ten minutes of this, he looks at me and says "You're a cocksucker aren't you? I can tell from that g-string on the floor in front of you. Come over here and suck my fat sweaty cock. So I got up and went over to his chair and started to suck him off. After a bit, he says "You're a good cock sucker, man. Let's go into my bedroom. I bet you have a real tight man pussy."

I had never been fucked before so I was real nervous. He had a bottle of vodka sitting next to him on the table so I grabbed it and took a huge swig then we went into his bedroom. He pulled off his robe then told me to come over to him and he took off my shirt then got on his hands and knees on the bed and reached back and spread his really hairy ass cheeks apart and says "Lick my ripe hole." I went over and went to work licking out his ass, diving my tongue into his loose hole.

I ate him out for a couple minutes then he said "Stand up and turn around" then got off the bed and onto his knees and spread apart my ass then spit on it and started to lick away, getting my tight virgin ass all slimy with his spit. Then he got up and laid on his back on the bed and said "Now get on top of me and slide my fat meat into your pussy. I got on top of him and slowly tried to ease his monster meat into my tight ass. It hurt like hell going in, but once it was in it felt real nice as I bounced up and down on his manhood. As he was fucking me he said "When I'm ready to cum you get off me and I'm going to plaster your face with my cock snot then you're gonna suck my cock clean." After about five minutes he says "You ready, you little tight-assed pussy?" so I got off him and put my face right in front of his cock. A massive load of thick, white goo came shooting out of his fat cock and plastered me right in the eye and all over my face then I put my mouth over his cock and sucked it clean.

When I was done, he says "Get in the bathroom and on your knees in the bathtub, NOW!" So I got up having no idea what I was in for. I got into the tub and on my knees and he stands in the tub next to me and says "Now open your mouth, punk!" I opened my mouth and he grabs his cock and starts pissing all over my face, hair and in my mouth all the time saying "YEAH! TAKE MY PISS!" He finished up and just walked out and went back into his chair and continued watching the porn while playing with his cock. After it was done, he says "You don't say a word about that to anyone- if my girlfriend finds out I'm dead meat."

So that was that- and every Sunday night is was the same thing. He would take a bath then have his way with me, treating me like his sex slave. Six months later he says I"m sick of you now. I need fresh meat. The next day he moved out and that was that.

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