My Partner and I

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

NOTE- This is 100% true. We both became police officers when we were 21. i'm now 46, and Peter's 44.

I've been a cop for sixteen years, and my partner has been one for fourteen years. My first two years were pretty boring, the partner I had ended up getting fired for stealing confiscated drugs.

The day she got fired, I met Peter. Fresh out of the academy, I took him under my wing. He learned pretty quickly, and in less than three weeks, I knew more about him than I'd known about my previous partner, whom I'd been with for two years.

We became friends quickly, hanging out at the same bars and doing normal friend stuff. He didn't know I was gay - I would always pretend to check out women who passed by. I knew he was straight - he would check them out too. After we'd spent the day hanging out, I'd drive home and jerk off, knowing that I'd never get to see his sweet out of his .

I'm 5'11", 205 pounds, 37 years old. I kept my gray hair in a buzzcut, because it was easy to maintain. Peter's about 6'1", about 220 pounds, 35 years old. His waistline was a bit wider than normal, but that was just another of his attractive features. He has a mustache that I always imagined would tickle me if we were to ever kiss. His uniform hugged him nicely, showing off his ass and his bulge. I always thought he was hard over the women we pulled over or the women at the station. I always got hard looking at him.

Until recently I haven't seen him look at men in a sexual way. He checked out a lot of guys that passed us whenever he thought I wasn't looking, and I did the same. I started to get the feeling he was gay, and my hopes soared. Maybe, just maybe, I'd get to sleep with the only man in the world that I wanted. For the last year or so, he'd start getting a little closer to me when we'd sit together on break. He displayed all the signs of being attracted to me, and they didn't bother me one bit.

One night, when we got off duty, he'd been especially happy that day, and I couldn't figure out why. I decided not to ask him about it, because if he wanted me to know he would have told me. We lived across the street from eachother, so we'd drive to and from work together. Usually I drove us home, but that night he wanted to. He pulled into the driveway of his house and we went inside. We usually have a drink or whatever, so it wasn't abnormal. We both got a beer and sat on the couch and watched TV. I noticed he was sitting closer than normal to me. He kept glancing over at me, whenever I looked back at him he quickly looked at the TV. I noticed he had a bulge in his pants like he did a lot of the time, but it looked like a tentpole in his pants rather than just a hill. And he wasn't trying to cover it up either! I stared at his tentpole for a good five minutes. I couldn't take my eyes off the thing; it was making me hard as well, and Peter knew it.

"Bill, you've been staring at me down there for quite a while, I think something's getting hard in your pants too." Peter said.

It startled me a little bit, because I'd been daydreaming while staring at his manhood. I'd guess about six or seven inches, I didn't really like anything bigger than about eight.

"You thinking about Katie again?" I said. Katie was this 20-something girl who lived a couple doors down from Peter. He had this obsession with her, or so he'd told me. I'd pretended to be interested in her too, just to make him believe I was straight.

"Nah, someone else. You'd freak if I told you." he told me.

He scooted closer to me on the couch. Our thighs were pressed together. He grabbed a blanket, expanded the futon into a bed, and turned the lights off. The only light was coming from the TV, which he turned down low. I laid down, because sometimes I stayed the night over here, but he usually slept on the other end of the bed, but instead, he laid down next to me and put his hand on my thigh. I reached my hand around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

"Bill, I..." he started. I already knew what he was going to say.

"I've had feelings for you ever since the day I met you. I assumed you were straight, so I acted straight so that you wouldn't think I was weird or whatever." he told me. I was overjoyed.

"I've had feelings for you too, Peter. I came close to telling you several times, but I just didn't think you shared them." I said. He rolled over on his side, facing me, and wrapped his arms around me. I melted in his arms, and wrapped mine around him. Our cocks were touching through our pants. He looked down and smiled.

"You know, I think something wants out." he said, and chuckled. I reached my hand down and unzipped his pants. His was as hard as steel. Six and a half inches and throbbing, he wanted my ass badly.

"I think he's hungry." I said. I slowly undid my belt as he lightly stroked his throbbing cock. After it was off, I took my pants off and kissed him on the lips again. This time, his tongue slithered into my mouth and played with mine. We kissed for nearly a minute. I rolled over on my stomach and he was me within seconds. I felt his tongue entering my asshole, licking the walls of it and the outside. I softly moaned, and he reached his hands up under my shirt and started playing with my nipples. After a little bit, he took his right hand and stopped licking me. He licked his index and middle fingers and slid them into my ass.

I'd never been fucked up the ass before. I always had fucked them, but I'd saved my ass for the right man. Peter was that man. I'd fingered it and played with it myself, but this was different. This felt a hundred times better, as he starter finger-fucking my ass, I moaned louder. His fingertips tickled the walls of my ass. I was in total heaven, and I couldn't even imagine what his cock would feel like. Mine was throbbing, it wanted him so bad, but I was going to let him have me first.

"Oh, your ass is better than I dreamed... I've been wanting this ass of yours for fourteen years, you know that?" I replied with a moan, and he smiled. "When you got in the showers, when no one was looking, I'd lick and sniff the seat of your pants. They smelled so good to me, you keep this butt of yours nice and clean!" I laughed. "I kept it that clean just for you." I said. "It's never been fucked before, I was saving it for the right man. I want you to have it all, you deserve it." I said, and within seconds, his fingers slipped out and I felt something even bigger in there. I knew he was fucking me now. He thrusted me with all his might, and every time the head of his cock slammed against my prostate I got closer to cumming. I'd played with it enough to where there was no pain when it first got in there, but not enough to where it was widened - It was still as tight as the first day I popped a finger in it. Not any more, he'd be widening it with his cock.

"Jesus, Bill, this ass of yours is perfect." he said. He had me angled on the bed to where every time he thrusted me, it made my cock rub against the bed in such a way that if he did it enough, I'd cum all over the bed. It was sandwiched in between me and the bed, and it felt so good. I started breathing faster as I was getting cloer to cumming. He took my cock in his hand and kept it just above the bed so that I wouldn't cum. I knew he wanted me to fuck him after he was done with me. About five more minutes passed, he groaned loudly and started fucking me twice as fast and hard. I felt several spurts of hot liquid in my ass, and he collapsed on top of me.

"That's the best ass I've ever had." he said as he rolled off of me and took his belt and pants off. I put mine back on, because I knew that he had a uniform . I'd lost a bit of my urge to cum, so I could fuck him for a while. I wanted his ass so bad, I rimmed and tongue fucked him for seconds before I slammed my cock in there. I fucked him just as hard as he had fucked me, but I held his still-hard cock to the bed so he could cum again.

"Jeez Peter, yours is tight too... never had an ass as good as this one!" I said. "I've dreamed about doing this for so long... I've woken up with a cumstain in my underwear some nights. I can't believe it's coming true!" he said, and I thrusted him even harder to show my approval, as I was getting closer to cumming. After a minute or two, I was going nearly twice as fast as I had been before, and before I knew it, I shot my load into his ass. He shot his second load all over the bed. I kept thrusting him until I got soft again.

I pulled my non-erect cock out of his ass, licked his cum off the bed, and kissed him deeply.

"Bill... I spending time with you, I feel so alone when I'm not near you.. so I was wondering, would you like to move in with me?" he told me. I was at a loss for words; I kissed him again and told him yes. Within two days, I was moved in and sold my house. He proposed to me a week after, and I gladly accepted. We've had sex twice a night since I moved in. We've been happily married for nine years and counting. I'm so glad he was accepted into the force on the day that my old partner got fired.

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