My Nudist Roommate

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

"Room for rent: Apartment share, 2 BR 1 Bath, Large kitchen, washer/dryer. Prefer students, split cable/internet/gas/electric- must get your own phone. Must be neat, prefer a male but will consider female. $300 per month." I pulled the tab with the phone number off the ad on the message board after checking out the other notices. Nothing else was in my price range. I figured I would grab a bite to eat then call and see if the room was still available. The day before I had driven across country- I had been accepted at a small Grad School, only 400 students but they specialized in my field of study. I had spent the previous night in a motel and couldn't really afford to stay there another night on my limited budget. I had lined up a job, but the position wouldn't be available for another month I really had to watch my spending.

I grabbed lunch then made the call. A answered the phone after a few rings- his name was Ron. He told me what I pretty much already knew from the notice, saying he didn't have much time to talk because he had to get to work. He gave me the address - it was only a couple blocks from the school- and said to come by around 8PM that night. I spent the rest of the day wandering around town then showed up at the apartment promptly at 8PM. Ron answered the door wearing only a loose pair of cotton boxer shorts. He looked to be about my age, average in pretty much every way except for his long, flowing red hair reaching halfway down his back and braided into a pony tail. He was slender- probably no more than 150 lbs with a small patch of red hair on his chest.

He showed me around the apartment. It was the furthest unit from the street in a triplex, older construction. It was sparsely furnished with second-hand furniture- a couch, coffee table and a couple chairs. Nice enough. He showed me the bedroom- there was a queen sized bed in the room, along with a small desk and an old, beat-up dresser. Perfect for my immediate needs. One thing I noticed right away when I walked in the apartment was the the walls were covered with pictures- all and whites of . Nothing pornographic- all tastefully done in outdoor settings. There were probably 30 pictures covering the walls. We talked a bit. Turned out he was a freelance photographer and made a living selling the pictures at local galleries and art fairs. After a bit he said I seemed like a decent enough guy- month's rent up front and I could move in. I told him my situation and that it would be great if I could move in then and there- all I had was a couple suitcases. I asked if it was okay to get him the money the next day and he said "Fine" then went with me out to my car, handing me a guest parking permit for my car- the street was permit parking only.

I spent the evening in my bedroom unpacking. He said he had some work to do and asked me if I had to use the bathroom first. Turned out he used the bathroom as a darkroom to make his prints. I used the bathroom then he moved in his equipment from his bedroom, shut the bathroom door and went to work. At one point, as I unpacked, I heard the bathroom door open and looked over out my open bedroom door. I saw him walk from the bathroom into his bedroom door. He was totally nude and I caught a quick glimpse of his rather flat, small bare . I just shrugged it off and went back to my unpacking. A couple hours later I finished and climbed into bed. He was still hard at work in the bathroom.

The next morning I awoke, hearing Ron stirring around the kitchen. I got up and walked into the kitchen. There he stood, naked as the day he was born. He just looked at me, smiled and reached around and scratched his ass, saying "Good Morning! Sleep okay? That mattress is pretty shot- sorry about that." I just stood there with my mouth hanging open for a second. He had a bright red, scraggly patch of thick pubic hair, a very low hanging set of balls and about six inches of flaccid, uncut hanging between his legs. He said "Hope I didn't keep you up. I had few negatives to print for a private client and he needed them today." I told him I slept fine and didn't even hear him then made myself a cup of coffee as he puttered around the kitchen making himself breakfast. I sat at the kitchen table and drank my coffee as he wandered in and out of the kitchen not seeming to care one bit that he was nude.

After talking for a bit, he finally came out and told me that he hates wearing clothes. Turned out he was born and raised in a nudist household and that his parents, two brothers and sister had never wore clothes around the house. He asked me if I minded. I said "Not a bit" and he changed the subject to his work the previous night, asking me if I wanted to see the photos. I said "Sure!" and he walked out of the room, returning carrying a small portfolio. He reached in and pulled out the prints. "These are more erotic nudes I took yesterday out in the country for my client- that's him in the pictures." He tossed the photos on the table. I looked down at the first picture. WOW!

It was of a well muscled man. probably in his late 40's. His body was shaved smooth and he was lying across a fallen tree trunk, arms behind his head and legs slightly spread. His rock hard, probably 7" cock across his stomach. His body was oiled. Ron said "He wanted these shots for his modeling portfolio- he's looking to get into porn. He's fucking hot, isn't he? He was REALLY nervous about the shoot. I had to fluff him up before I did the shoot." I turned to the next shot- the guy was leaning against a tree, facing away from the camera. His hands were on his firm, rounded ass and he was spreading his cheeks, exposing the tight little pucker of his asshole.

Ron continued describing the shoot as I moved to the next photo, then the next. The last shot was of the guy, lying on his back in a patch of wild flowers, his hard cock reaching up to his navel and jets of creamy, thick cum covering his chest almost up to his neck. Ron laughed. "I had to give him a little hand with that shot, if you know what I mean!" I laughed nervously as Ron stood up and walked over to pour himself another cup of coffee. Ron's cock was now partially hard, curving sharply to the left and pointed to the side. It had to be a full 8" long. My own cock stirred a bit in my PJ bottoms. He didn't seem to care one bit and as he poured his coffee his cock returned to its flaccid state.

He never put on clothes the rest of the day- just doing his laundry while working on putting the photos on matte boards. At around 2:00 PM the guy in the photos showed up at the door. Ron introduced me to him then they sat down on the couch and discussed the photos. The guy was real happy with them and pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket them peeled off $500 cash, handed it to Ron and took off. Ron walked into the kitchen, opened the dryer and pulled out his laundry, brought them into the living room and sat on the couch folding his clothes. He smiled and said "My entire wardrobe! I am proud to say I have never owned a pair of underwear or socks my entire life!" I laughed. All he had were a couple pair of baggy cotton shorts, two pair of draw-string cotton pants and four tie-dyed t-shirts.

The next few weeks went fine. I settled in nicely- school had started and I was keeping very busy with my new job and classes. I soon got used to Ron's nudity, thinking nothing of it. More than a few mornings he came from his bedroom still sporting morning wood- his long, slender cock leaning off to the side then eventually getting soft as he got is coffee. He didn't mind one bit and I eventually just ignored it. In fact, I started to get comfortable being nude around him. I had never worn pajamas since my early teens- I usually slipped them on just after getting out of bed but soon I didn't bother putting them on and just would walk around the apartment naked until I was ready to head out to class.

One hot Saturday morning I had just got out of bed and emerged into the living room, nude as usual. Ron was sitting on the couch with his camera equipment on the table in front of him. He was just loading a roll of film into the camera. "Hey," he said, "You doing anything today? I'm heading up the valley to a friend's ranch. He gave me the gate key and I have free run of the place. It's 10,000 acres and is beautiful. I'm just going to do wildflower shots. Wanna come with?" I answered "Sure! I don't have to work today and I could use a day away from homework. When you leaving?" He said, "In about a half hour", then he picked up his camera and pointed it my way and quickly snapped off a few shots. I looked over and said "Hey! Cut that out!" and just laughed.

We got dressed and headed out, stopping at the Safeway to pick up some water and deli sandwiches. We drove far up the valley into the mountains and soon approached a long, gated drive heading into a pasture then up into the mountains. Ron had a 1967 VW Van- no problem handing the rough trail. He got out, unlocked the gate, drove in then got out and locked the gate back up. We proceeded up the rough dirt road up a narrow canyon, which ended in a beautiful high meadow, dotted with old oak trees and covered with wildflowers. We got out and Ron promptly removed his clothes, just keeping on his sandals. "Get nude, dude!" he laughed... I said "I don't know about that" and just took off my t-shirt and out into the meadow we walked. Ron paused every once and a while to take pictures then about an hour later we paused under a large, ancient oak tree and had lunch.

As we ate, Ron turned to me. "You know, you have a very photogenic body. Have you ever considered modeling?" I laughed. "Not really- never thought about it."

Ron sat silently for a second. "You feel like posing for me? I'll just keep the shots in my private collection- you don't have to worry about anyone seeing you naked." I thought for a second. "Sure, why not?" I replied. "Just promise me you'll keep the photos for yourself." He smiled. "No problem. Get undressed and let's go over there by that fallen tree."

"You sure no one's gonna come up here and see me?" Ron looked at me with a silly grin. "There's absolutely no one within miles of us. Come on, follow me." I removed my shorts nervously as he loaded a fresh roll of film in his camera. He was old school- no digital cameras for him. We walked over to the fallen tree. "Lay across the branch" he said and I did. He started snapping off pictures, pausing occasionally to re-pose me in a different position. "Good- keep it up. Move around a bit and I'll just keep snapping." He quickly went through a roll of film, then loaded another. After a few more shots, he said "Now get down on your knees. Think you can get hard for me?" Ron had never seen me hard.

I turned beet red and answered, "I don't know if I can. I'm pretty nervous about this already." He walked up, leaned over and said "Let me help." Much to my surprise, without even missing a beat, he put my cock in his hand and started to massage my shaft. I just looked down at him stroking my cock without saying a word. Another guy had never touched my cock- the closest I came to another guy touching me was in the locker room in high school when a friend of mine accidentally brushed his hand against my cock coming out of the shower after gym class.

My heart was pounding as I looked down. Slowly my cock stirred to life and I was soon stiff as a board, my erection sticking straight up to its 5.5" length. Ron stood, put the camera to his eye, and muttered "That's nice! Shift to the left a bit." I noticed that Ron's shaft was half-hard, swinging back and forth in front of him as he positioned himself for more shots. After a bit he paused and told me to stand, taking more shots as I posed. He paused. "It would look real nice if your cock was oiled up a bit- I could get more definition of your veined shaft and rim." He reached into his camera bag then paused. "Damn- forgot the oil. Let me try something else." He approached me and spit into the palm of his hand then reached down and wrapped his hand around my meat, then backed off and looked down. "That's not working too well. Here. Let's try this." He dropped to his knees in front of me, leaned in and opened his mouth. "DUDE! What are you doing?" I exclaimed in shock.

Ron looked up. "Don't be nervous- I'm just going to get you harder and get your beautiful cock nice and shiny with my spit." I stood silently in shock as he eased my cock into his mouth, taking it all the way in and wetting it up good. My cock got even harder as he slowly sucked me off for a minute or so, then he pulled away and took couple close-up shots then backed off and directed me in a few poses. "Nice- very nice!" he stated as he clicked away. He had me turn and he took about a half roll of ass shots. He paused to reload his camera then looked at me and said "I want to try something." I said "Now what?" watching him place the camera on a nearby rock and connect an electronic remote to the trigger. He aimed the camera carefully then said "Get down on your back." I got down, wondering what he was up to. He walked over to me and said "I'm going to straddle you- don't worry." He got down and straddled my stomach, threw his head back and clicked off a few pictures with the remote.

Then he slid back and reached behind and placed my still hard cock in his hand. "Just relax" he said. I didn't say a word as he slid further back then gently guided his ass back towards my shaft, inserting the tip of it into his ass crack then firing off more shots. Slowly he eased down until I was all the way inside him, snapping pictures with the remote as he went down. I could feel the creamy, damp tightness of his hole enveloping my manhood. Then just as quickly he stood, then went over and got his camera.

He approached me again. "Think you can cum for me?" I looked at him, my voice shaking. "I don't know." He replied, "Here, let me help and he reached down and started to slowly stroked my meat. After what seemed and eternity, I felt my balls draw in and my shaft start to pulsate. Seconds later, six strong jets of my thin, pure white cum shot out, plastering my face and neck. "HOT! REALLY HOT!" he said, taking more shots of my cream covered face. "Let's add to that" he said, putting down the camera. "Dude" I said, "I don't know..." He started to stroke his cock, saying "Don't worry- just relax."

Not 30 seconds later he muttered "Close your eyes" and he drew his incredibly long shaft towards my face. I shut my eyes tight and suddenly felt waves of thick cum splatter all over my forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. I opened my eyes to see him snapping away, taking more shots before he ran out of film. He reached in his camera bag and pulled out a small towel and handed it to me. I wiped his load from my face. Some had gotten into my mouth and I could taste it. It was slightly bitter and extremely thick. I spit it into the towel and handed it back to him and he cleaned off his cock then stood. "That's it- I'm out of film!" he said, smiling. "That was very nice. Thanks for posing for me.

I didn't know what to think. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever considered that ever happening. We walked back to his van and I got dressed. He hopped in the driver's seat, remaining naked and we drove off. I didn't say a word the entire ride home. We pulled into the driveway 45 minutes later, and he threw on his pants, got out and we went into the apartment. A half hour later he said he better get to work on those rolls of film and he headed to his room, got his equipment, went to the bathroom and got to work. I just turned on the TV and watched silently, fixing myself a late dinner around 9PM then heading off to bed at around 10PM. He was still in the bathroom working away. The next morning I got up and he showed me the pictures he had printed. He only printed about 20 8x10's. I slowly looked through them.

I had to admit, they were very well done. I had never considered myself "model material" but these photos made me look ten times hotter than real life. He really was a magician with that camera. One shot in particular was extremely erotic and extremely hot- it was me lying on my back and Ron straddling my cock, his head thrown back in ecstasy. You could see most my cock- just the tip was in his ass. He had filtered the picture when printing it, giving it a ghost-like, hazy quality. You couldn't even tell it was me, unless you had seen me naked before.

A few weeks later Ron had headed out for a weekend photo shoot with another guy down the coast. He was going to be gone the entire weekend. I took the opportunity of not having him wandering around naked in the apartment and invited my friend Paul over to study with me for the day. He and I were working on a paper together for an Ethics class. Paul and I had become pretty good friends. He arrived at the apartment and immediately noticed the pictures on the walls. I explained that my roommate was a photographer specializing in nudes. He made a couple snide comments, then said the photos were pretty good. He couldn't believe it when I told him that Ron was selling these prints for upwards of $100 each. We spent most of the day working on the paper, then around 7PM decided to take a break. I told him I'd run out and pick up some beer and a pizza and just to kick back and watch TV until I got back.

Now there was one thing about my roommate agreement with Ron. His bedroom was off limits. He always kept the door closed- I never questioned it and never went in there. After 20 minutes I got back with the pizza and beer and walked in the apartment. Paul wasn't in the living room, so I took the pizza and beer into the kitchen, shouting out "You in the bathroom?"

I heard him answer back "Nope, in here." I walked towards the bedrooms. Ron's door was wide open and the lights were on. Paul was standing there near the side of the bed, looking at the wall. I walked in. There hanging on that wall was every one of the 20 pictures of me that he had developed from that day on the ranch- including the ones of Ron straddling me with me fucking him. Paul's mouth was hanging open as he stared at the wall. I just muttered "Shit" under my breath. I looked over at Paul. There was a huge bulge in his jeans. He looked over at me and smiled. "Dude, I never knew... These are HOT! Do you do porn or something?" I just looked at him, then looked at the wall. "I can explain..."

Paul turned "I bet you can. Dude, these got me all worked up." He was rubbing his crotch as he stood there. He reached over and placed his hand on my ass and gave it a slap and a squeeze then walked right in front of me, moving in close. His hand lowered and slipped across my stomach, moving down until he reached my groin, giving me a gentle squeeze. "Makes me want to do you right here and now!" I just stood there not knowing what to do as Paul undid my pants. "I wanna see that cock of yours." He leaned in close to my face as he lowered my pants then pushed me onto the bed.

He leaned down and started to fondle my balls. My cock stiffened. He undid his pants and quickly climbed out of them then pushed me down onto my back, mounted me and started to kiss and caress my neck with his lips. That was that. I just figured "What the hell" and responded in kind. Paul and I spent the next couple hours naked in Ron's bed passionately making gentle - kissing, sucking, , fucking.... From that day on, our study sessions took on a whole new meaning.

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