My German Lover, Part 27 chapter 5

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I thought the present Chapter would be the last. Then, I began to write it… and before I knew it, it was already very long. But I wanted to tell you about our trip to Europe, because I think it’s important. It’s important for those of you who have been reading my story since the very beginning… I’ve try to make “cuts”… but well, it didn’t make sense. Of course there are many details I didn’t write about… so what you have here is the essential. Now, come with us on that trip and enjoy it…

When Mike and I got to the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, a limo and a chauffeur from the famous Hôtel Le Meurice iin Paris was waiting for us.

“Bonjour messieurs. Au nom de l’Hôtel Meurice, je vous souhaite la bienvenue à Paris. Nous espérons que vous avez fait un bon voyage… Je vous en prie, veuillez me suivre. Nous nous occupons déjà de vos bagages…”

(Good evening gentlemen. On behalf of hotel Meurice, I welcome you to Paris. We hope you had a nice trip. Please, follow me. We’re already taking care of your baggage…”)

I looked at Mike and with a smile on my face I told him:

“What did I tell you, huh?”

“I think I’m going to like our vacation. I could get use to luxury, you know…”, he answered laughing.

“And so would I… as long as I’m not the one paying…”

We just couldn’t help it and burst out laughing…

But we were not laughing anymore when we got to our room at Hôtel Le Meurice!

For a while we just remained silent, looking all around us. We were stunned.

“…Shit! This is… this is… I mean… It’s a palace! What the hell are we doing here? Do you have any idea of how much it cost to stay here for a single night. More than I make in one year…”, Mike finally said…

“I can’t believe my eyes and that we’re staying here”, I answered… “Hey… look over there…”

“….Champagne! And the !”, Mike said

I grinned and looked at my watch.

“…What are you doing?”, Mike asked me…

“Just watch me…” I answered.

I took the phone and got the Hotel’s operator on the line:

“… Please, could you call that number for me?”

“But of course, Sir. It’s in Martinique, isn’t it?”


A few seconds later I heard Henri, our Martinican friend answered the phone. I told him I wanted to talk to Paul…

Then Paul came on the line.

“…You’re crazy Paul”, I said, laughing. “We just got to Le Meurice! You’re crazy. We even have Champagne…”

At the end of the line, Paul was laughing his heart out…

“Have fun guys! Enjoy your vacation! Have fun for me…”



“…We love you.”

Mike walked over to the phone and the both of us said:

“We love you, Paul…”

“I know.”

We hung up. Our vacation was beginning…

Of course, we opened the bottle of Champagne…

“…Shit Jack! I never thought I would live long enough to see this hotel from the inside. Never!”

“Neither do I. My parents won’t believe it when I tell them we stayed here. Give me the camera so I can film the room while you drink Champagne.”… I answered, laughing…

I took the video camera and started filming the place with Mike sitting on a very expensive “Bergère” right next to the fireplace, sipping Champagne…

With my hand, I encouraged him to say something. So, looking at the camera he said, in a very disabused voice:

“My name is Louis XV… and life is so borring… and very hard at times… Like right now: I don’t know where I find the strength to hold my glass. Where are my servants? Where are they. Please some one, help me!”

I had to stop filming, cause I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold on to the camera…

“I didn’t know Louis XV was wearing jeans…”, I said…

“Oh sure. And a string too. A very kinky guy, you know…”, Mike answered, laughing. “Okay. Stop filming and come here. Let’s make a toast to Paul…”

I took my glass and walked over to Mike:

“To Paul”, we both said, clicking our glasses together…

“…Ummmm… Delicious!”, I said…

“Of course: Dom Perignon… What were you expecting?”

“That’s Paul alright. Only the best!”

“…So Jack… what are the plans for tomorrow?”

“Well… first, you should call your parents to see when we could go to see them. We could rent a car and drive to Lyon to see them…”

“How long could we stay there?”

“I don’t know. As long as you want I guess. We have three weeks to make the video so we could stay a few days with your family if you want…”

“Fine”, Mike answered, smiling…

“What we should do first is to film all we have to film in Paris and around. I’ll have to call Paul’s sister tomorrow, cause I know she’s expecting our call. I want to film at her house too. Then, we could go to Lyon to see your parents. And after that, we could come back to Paris, take the train to Berlin and film all we have to film over there… Oh… and in the meantime… maybe we can have some fun…”

Mike burst out laughing and answered:

“Count on me for that! As for the rest it’s all fine with me.”

Both Mike and I were sitting on our bed, drinking Champagne and relaxing. Our bed? I should say our boat: That bed was so big we could have lost ourselves in it!

At one point, I looked at my watch and realized it was already 2AM…

“Shit Mike… I didn’t realized it was already 2AM…”

“Yeah. It’s going to take us a while to get used to the difference in time between Martinique and Paris…”

“Nevertheless, I’m tired… With the trip and all…In fact to be honest, I’m exhausted…”

“So am I. Let’s take a shower then let’s hit the sack…”

“Shit! I think I’m even too tired to make it to the shower…”, I answered.

“Yeah. Know what you mean. Anyway the shower will still be there tomorrow morning…”


So we went to bed and a few minutes later, the lights were off.

“…Mike?”, I said a little while later…


“I can’t go to sleep like that…”


“I stink. I smell like a pig…”

Saying that, I leaned over Mike and smelled him… then said: “And so do you…”

“Okay. Let’s take a shower together then…”

“A quick one. No fooling around huh? I’m really bushed…”


So we went to the bathroom… but found no shower in there. I looked at Mike a bit puzzled…

“It must be in another room…”, Mike answered…

We started to look at the other doors in the room and opened one or two. Then we found one, opened it and switched the lights on. We were completely in awe.

The room was huge… almost the same size as our living room back in Martinique. The shower was big enough for five people, and fitted with ten showerheads, all at different angles. The walls were clad in beautiful blue marble and looked warm and open with the big clear glass doors. The rest of the “shower room” looked equally impressive. Only the best taps and marble tiles. There was also a very large bath, big enough for four people. Towels? Hey! There was enough towels in there to dry a whole army!

I looked at Mike and saw he was as stunned as I was…

“Oh my God”, was all I could say…

I opened one of the large glass doors and walked into the shower. Mike followed me without saying a word. I turned on the water. God. The sensation as the warm water hit my body was incredible. I looked at Mike and saw him grinned. After a while, he closed his eyes and I began to wash his hair. After that, he did the same to me… except that he didn’t stop there… Ohhhhh no!

He walked up behind me while we were still under the streaming water, and began to soap and wash my back, working up a lather. Then his hands went lower and lower on my back and before I knew it, he was washing my globes, teasing me.

“Hey…”, I said… “we agreed: No fooling around, remember?”


With his arms, Mike grabbed me from behind, holding me tightly against him. I leaned back against him and felt his stiff prick touching my butt. He started to kiss my neck and to nibble on my ear…

“Hey… what’s that?” I said, wiggling my arse against his hard dick…


“Oh yeah? Um…”

While Mike was kissing my neck his hands ran across my chest and stomach, pulling me even closer to him. And before I knew it, his right hand found its way down to my flaccid dick. He began to massage it and what do you think happened? Right!

“We agreed not to… we said…”


By now, my cock was a raging hardon and Mike began to slowly fist it… ignoring my protest.

Of course, I couldn’t help it but to moan and I gasped when, with his other hand, he started fumbling my balls…

“Ahhhh…”, I softly moaned…

Mike continued like that for a minute or two, fisting my throbbing dick, kissing my neck… Of course, I became hornier and hornier… It felt soooo good…

Then suddenly he released my dick and balls, turned the taps off and said naughtily:

“…It’s true we said no fooling around. So I guess it’s time to stop and to go to bed…”

“Ohhhhh no mister! No way you won’t finish what you’ve started, you bastard”, I said laughing…

I turned around to face him and stared at his face with water trickling down its beautiful contours. I leaned in to him and our hard cocks collided…

“…No no…”, Mike said with a sexy smile on his face… “You said you were bushed… too tired to fool around… you said…”

“The hell with what I said!” I answered, grinning… “You’re gonna pay… just watch me”

At that, I quickly knelt on the floor between Mike’s spread legs and started to massage his muscular thighs…

“You’re not going to suck me off, are you? You’re too exhausted for that, aren’t you?”, Mike asked sarcastically…

“Of course not… Haven’t you seen me leave the shower a minute ago? I’m already in bed…”, I answered, before opening wide taking half of his boner into my hot mouth. He moaned and sighed when my lips locked onto his dick.

“Shit”, Mike said… “Someone is giving me a blow job…”

“It’s my sister…”, I answered, letting go of his hard dick for a second, looking up at him with a grin on my face…

“You don’t have a sister”

“Good thinking” I answered. Then I began so suck on his hairless balls, one by one…

Mike began to moan as I kissed my way up the length of his dick and finally kissed the head of his cock.

“…Someone is oozing…”, I said, teasing him…

“I wonder who could that be…”

I licked a drop of his pre-cum. As always, it tasted delicious!

Then, slowly, I took his throbbing dick into my mouth. He felt so hot and hard as I took more and more of him into my watering mouth… I began to suck him gently, making sure he wouldn’t cum too soon.

“Ohhhhhhh”, Mike moaned… “Your sister is doing a good job… Shit! She’s talented!”


I knew perfectly well that the sensation of my tongue and hot mouth were sending him into heaven. I knew I was driving him wild with pleasure...

As Mike began to squirm a bit, I began to suck him harder, driving him crazy.

He ran his fingers through my wet hair then gripped my head and began to thrust up, fucking my mouth with his big dick. I started to suck harder and deeper, squeezing his balls gently with my hand.

“Ah shit!”, I heard Mike moan….

Then he began to shake and his cock swelled into my mouth, stretching my lips. I knew he was about to explode! I began to bob my head up and down even faster, sucking his throbbing dick until he began groaning. I knew Mike was edging until he couldn’t hold off any longer…

“Ahhhhhhh”, he shouted… shooting off a load of his young cum into my mouth. He continued shooting several loads as I kept swallowing as fast as I could. Then I squeezed his balls gently to make him cum more…

Once he finally finished cumming, I moved back to my feet and began kissing him tenderly, allowing him to taste his own sweet spunk. We cum kissed like that for a little while… Then Mike turned around and put his hands against the shower wall for support…

“…I want you inside of me”, he said… “I want you to make love to me. I want all of you inside me”, he moaned.

How could I say no to that, huh?

I moved behind him and bucked my body up against him as hard as I could. I grabbed at his chest and squeezed him as tightly as possible, enjoying the closeness of our bodies. Mike started making grinding movements, giving me a lapdance standing up. My hard dick was oozing so much, poking at him as he rubbed himself against me. My right hand found its way to his cock and I smiled to myself, seeing he was still very hard even though he had just cummed moments before.

As I kept nibbling on his ear, he guided my hard, oozing dick to his hungry hole. Of course, I responded by pressing my cock against his asshole, rubbing my cock head around.

“…Fuck me Jack”, Mike whispered…

“Um…don’t forget… you’re talking to my sister. I’m in bed over there… And my sister doesn’t have a dick. How could she do that, huh?”

Mike grinned and answered:

“Let’s just say she has a dildo, okay? A big, warm, nice dildo…”

“Oh… yeah… I guess she could…” I answered, laughing…

“Stop kidding and fuck me, will you?”, Mike answered, laughing too…

“Oh well…”

As I had been oozing a lot, there was some lubrication on and around his asshole, so I started pressing the head of my cock against Mike’s rosebud. Then I felt the head of my swollen knob enter his tight asshole and heard him moan…

“That’s it Jack. Ohhhhhh that’s it… Feels so good”, he whispered…

I paused for a second or two and asked:

“Are you okay?”

“Perfect”, Mike whispered.

Before long, he loosened up enough for me to begin entering him. I began to slowly move my hips forward, feeling my boner sinking deeper and deeper within his hot, tight ass.

“Shit Mike… is your ass ever fucking tight and fucking hot”, I said moaning, feeling my cock oozing fresh pre-cum nectar deep inside his love chute.

As soon as my dick as far in his ass as it would go I paused again, to allow him to adjust to the feeling of getting his ass stuffed with my hard, hot cock. We were both moaning at the wonderful feelings we each felt.

Then I began with very gentle thrusts in and out of his very tight ass. I knew he was giving himself totally to me and again, he moaned, telling me how much he was in love with me, telling me how good it felt…

I must say I was crazed with passion. I was breathing loudly and moaning. All at once, I pulled my cock out of his ass and a second later, I slid it back inside his hot asshole. It slid in nice and slow and sent waves of pleasure through my body. Again, I started slowly pulling it out, then sliding it back in. It felt unreal.

Mike turned his head to look at me and whispered:

“Ohhhhh God… it feels so good Jack… Can you go a little faster?”

I grinned and picked up the pace a little. The quickness of my thrust increased and before long, my cock was going all the way in and all the way out, hard and fast.

“Oh shit Jack. Right there… you’ve hit the spot… Ohhhhh yeah… keep hitting that spot…”

As my knob kept caressing Mike’s prostate, I began whimpering….Mike was moaning in delight. I put my right hand around his waist and began stroking his dick at the same time. Shit. He was oozing so much. He threw back his head, and let out a little ecstatic groan…

“…Shoot, if that’s what you’re going to do Babe”, I shouted to him… “I’m so close, you’re going to make me cum inside you…”

“…Oh shit jack… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck me harder Jack… fuck me harder…”

Then, as Mike started shooting into my hand, I felt myself exploding as my cum fired into his taut, hot butt….

“Oh yeah… oh yeah”, I heard myself crying out as I cum fired into his tight hole and as spurt after spurt of my cum filled him. “Ahhhhhhh…..”

I continued gasping as my orgasm stretched. My chest heaved as my lungs clawed for air, and for a few seconds, my hand continued slowly stroking Mike’s cock, squeezing the last few drops of liquid onto the shower floor. My eyes stayed shut as my orgasm slowly ebbed, and we stayed like that for a little while, not moving…tenderly basking in our afterglow.

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