My First Gay Encounter

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Friday night we just laid around watching TV, talking, looking at some magazines, taking it easy. But all the time I was thinking how could I get in his pants. It was around 12:30-1:00 Friday night we finally turned the lights out and layed down to go to sleep. We got in my bed so we could lay there and talk. Both of us stripped down to just our briefs. We didn't talk to long and Terry done fell asleep. All I could think about was him laying there asleep with just his underwear on.

I started getting a heck of a hard on, so I had to at least touch his . I acted like I was asleep and rolled over and put my arm across his stomach. Then I switched positions and slid my hand right on down by his cock. Then I easily moved my fingers across his . He didn't move and it didn't seem to arouse him so I laid there and played with his dick for a few minutes. We got up the next morning, both of us had that morning hard on. We stood up stretching and getting our eyes open when he said, damn looks like you have a good size dick. I started kidding around with him saying his didn't look to little and it didn't take him long to glue his eyes on my cock. I said, you like what you see and giggled about it.

We got dressed, went to the kitchen to eat some cereal. I wanted to hear what he would say about us kidding about having a hard on when we got up. While we were eating I said to him that I had him a banana for his treat. He Surprised me by saying he would probably like my banana. We went on through the day doing typical Saturday things. It started getting dark so we went in, ate a sandwich, started watching TV. All we had on was a pair of gym shorts. I started picking on him.

Hitting him on the arm, shoulder, back of his head. He started hitting back. Then I thumped him on his cock. He said your going to mess around and get his shit hard and I told him if I did, I'd take care of if. We laughed and carried on for a while. Then we turned all the lights off, locked the doors, went to my room and started watching TV. There really wasn't anything on worth watching so we turned the TV off and just laid there talking. The only light that we had is what was coming through the window.

I was horny as hell and I had a pretty good feeling he was to. As we were laying in the bed, I could feel his hand slightly touching my hip. All I had to do was roll over on my side and he would have been touching my dick. Then I started doing it to him. It got quite, we both had our hand touching each other's hip and I was moving my fingers around on him. Then he moved his leg over and rubbed mine and my cock all the sudden got hard as a rock. I decided no more playing around.

I reached up and started rubbing his dick, his was as hard as mine was. Then he took mine in his hand and we laying there lightly jacking each other off. I rolled over and started kissing around on his chest, neck, before we knew it we were French kissing. It was on. He kind of laid me back and boom, he was sucking my dick. It felt so good. After a while I managed to get him laid back and his cock in my mouth sucking away. Being our time ever having any kind of we were doing pretty good we thought.

As I was tearing his dick up he started making little moaning sounds. He starts putting his hands on my head, then gets both hands full of hair and moving my head up and down on his dick. His moaning got louder and he was humping away in my mouth.

Then all at once I tasted his load of cum, his first load having sex. The first load I've ever tasted. He said that it was great. I said, was it? Terry said, your fixing to find out. He wasn't kidding one bit. After I shot my load, we just laid there. The next thing was we were waking up that next morning. We couldn't quit talking about it. We were ready for more.

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