My Fantasy

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Let me began by saying the following is just a fantasy, of mine. But let me set it up. Several years back I told my friend Jake (name changed to protect his identity) who is the only I had ever sucked and let fuck me, that I wanted to be his slave. He could do whatever he wanted with me. So I have been at his service ever since.

He will call and have me come over and suck his wonderful , or have me on all fours so he can fuck my man pussy. He tells me I am nothing but a faggot cock sucker and I am his bitch, he is the man, and for me not to forget that. Oh but that is another story, now on to my fantasy. It begins on a Saturday in the fall, my wife is out of town and I am setting around the house getting horny and wishing I could have Jake’s cock to suck on or him fucking me, so I decide to drive the 45 minutes over to his house, maybe he would let me have his cock.

When I arrived at Jake’s house he comes out and asked, “What are you doing here?” I reply, “I came to see if I can be of service to you.” He looks pissed, and I think, I have made a mistake. He says to me, “I did not call you to come over here, and I am having friends over later to watch the game and drink a few beers, you can stay but I am not going to need your services.” “He is pissed that I just showed up” I think to myself, but I decided to stay anyway in hopes of getting his cock after all his friends leave. Sure enough in a few minutes his friends started to arrive.

He introduces me to them, as an old friend from high school that has dropped by. The game starts and we are drinking and watching the game. The whole time all I can think about is getting Jakes cock. This is a very long game, I am thinking. But finely it is over, Jakes friends will start to leave and I will have Jake all to myself. Oh how wrong I am. It is about this time Jake, who has had one too many beers, says “Before y’all go I have a y’all need to watch especially you John”. He goes and gets his laptop, it is about this time I realize what video he is about to let these guys watch.

It is a video he made of me sucking his cock about a year before. He turns on his computer and starts to play the video, sure enough, it is me sucking him. All of the guys turn and look at me, I could feel all the blood rush to my face and this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jake then says “John is my cock sucking fagot bitch, and he has never had anyone else’s cock, and has come over here today without being invited and for that he has to be punish. So if any of you would like him to give you the same as he is giving me on this video he will be glad to do so.” I do not know what to do or to say, but I know I cannot refuse Jake.

I had committed myself to him years before, but did not think about something like this happening. The guys look at me then look at the video. Jake then turns and says to me, “Bitch why are you not striped and on your knees can you not see that my friends need their dicks sucked.” I shiver with embarrassment, but quickly start to undress and get on my knees. I do this without thinking because Jake has told me to do this so many times before. Jakes friend are all around me looking at each other not knowing what to think about what they are seeing.

Then I hear one of the guys say, “What the fuck I have not had my sucked in a while, and it might be fun to have this bitch do it.” As he is unzipping his paints I hear the rest of the guys saying, “Yeah let’s do this.” Then Jake says, “Bitch get on all fours on my coffee table so my friends can also fuck you while you are sucking them. I think oh shit this is not what I wanted back when I told Jake I wanted to be his slave, or what I was thinking I wanted when I came over here this morning.

Not sure why, but I quickly get in position on top of the coffee table, then Jake tells his friends, “Y’all fuck him real good and let him suck you dry that is what he is here for.” Then he tells me, “Bitch if anyone of my friends complains in the least I will take the video of you sucking me, and the video I am going to make of you today and send to your wife and your co-workers. Do you hear me Bitch!!!” with this I nod my head and say, “Yes Sir! And thank you Sir for the opportunity to service you and your friends.” Why I said that I do not know but I said it.

As I finished speaking I felt a cock being shoved in my with no lube, Jake had always used KY before he fucked me, but not this guy. Oh god it hurts as the monster cock is shoved in my ass, it must be ten inches and as big around as a beer bottle, I thought he was ripping me open. Tears begin to well up in my eyes.

Then someone put a cock in my face as I open my mouth they grab me by my hair and shoved their cock all the way in down my thought gagging me then they start fucking my throat. As the guy in my ass pounds away the pain begins to subside and starts to feel good. After having a few cocks in my ass and sucking on just as many, I could tell this is going to be a long night. After each guy has had his turn with me. Either I had sucked them, or they had fucked me, or both. It has been over three hours since the ball game ended and now Jakes friends start to leave.

I am still on all fours on Jakes coffee table covered with a mixture of beer and cum. I am thinking back on what just happened and realize Jake had eight friends over and I just sucked them all at least once, some more, and had been fucked by most if not by all at least once. Jake comes back in after seeing the last of his friends out.

He then says to me, “You can pick up your clothes and get out of here now, Bitch! I am through with you for the day I hope you learned a lesson from this. You are now nothing but a well used slut and a whore.” “Yes Sir” I say as I am picking up my clothes and heading out the door still naked with cum leaking from my sore raw ass and down my legs. This has not happen and it probably will never happen, but it is my fantasy. Hoped you liked it.

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