My Educational Trip to the Bookstore

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I couldn't believe I was doing it. I was actually getting out of my car and walking into the bookstore. I knew what I was getting into because a few years ago I stumbled in there to get a porno to take home and jack off wildly to, when I was hit on. I had looked over only once and saw the horny cum thirsty men waiting in the darkness where the booths were. They wanted me to go in there so they could drain me like a vampire drains blood. I was so scared that I hurried up and got out of there. Today was going to be a different story though. Today I was going in there so I could feel one or more of those hot mouths service me and I was nervous.

Finals had just ended at my university. I’m a full time student, a full time worker, and have a girlfriend at home, so to say I am busy was like saying the sun’s surface was warm. Today it was all over. I had just finished my last final and the stress had me feeling crazy. My girlfriend hates giving me head and today head was exactly what the ordered. I needed to watch good porn and relax as my dick got serviced and I knew of only one place where that could happen: the bookstore.

I’d never done this before, so I began to have second thoughts as I approached the door. Then it was too late, I was inside. When I walked up to the counter and asked for three dollars in tokens, I was so embarrassed because I just knew that the clerk knew why I was there. This store has a browsing fee of three dollars so it was either pay three dollars to ‘browse’ or get tokens and go to the back. I don't think any straight people go back to the booths, because all I’ve ever heard was that faggots go back there to suck and fuck each other. Today I was going to be one of those faggots because I desperately needed a mouth wrapped around my seven and a half inch dick, and working hard to make it happy. After I got my tokens, I felt like every eye in the place was on me as I nervously walked to the back and into the darkness.

As soon as I walked through the door, I saw a man loitering around outside the booths watching me. Ignoring him, I walked through the little maze until I saw a booth with a door open and decided that it was the one I’d try.

Locking the door behind me, I figured that I’d watch some porn for a few minutes while I got myself even hornier. Then… well I didn’t exactly know how it all worked. I figured maybe I'd unlock the lock and maybe someone not realizing it was occupied would ‘accidentally’ come in. And when they saw me with my dick in my hand, he’d ask if he could join me. Then after a few minutes maybe he’d ease his hand over and touch my dick. And when I didn’t jerk it away, then he’d stroke it and then eventually suck on it. But that wasn’t how it happened at all.

I nervously went into the booth and locked the door. Then when I inserted some coins in the TV it immediately the came on full volume. There was a button you could hit that would change the channel so as soon as I got the volume down to a reasonable level, I started flipped trough the channels. As soon as I saw a hot blonde girl sucking off a of , I thought perfect. I figured if I got my dick sucked to this, I could imagine that it was the blond sucking it for me. I quickly pulled out my growing dick and began to rub on it. As it began to get larger and larger, I noticed something.

There was a hole connecting my booth to the one next to it. I'm not completely ignorant, I knew what the ‘hole’ was for I just hadn’t noticed it before now. I only noticed it now because there was someone looking through it. When he saw me, he disappeared. As I was getting ready to put my dick through the ‘hole,’ there was a knock at my door. I was able to reach the door from the bench I was sitting on, so I didn’t even bother to get up to answer it. When I opened it the guy from the next booth came in and pulled his dick out. I was confused.

This was all wrong. I didn't expect him to have his dick out for me to suck. He was supposed to suck my dick. But I didn’t stay confused for long, because he wordlessly grabbed the back of my head and stuck his dick right in my face. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. Then before I realized what I was doing, I leaned forward and took his dick in my mouth. Once it was in, he wasn’t gentle about it things. He had his hand on the back of my head, as he repeatedly rammed his monster dick into my mouth and half way down my throat. It had to have been about 9-inches.

I kept gagging and choking and had tears running down my face and could barely breath but he didn’t care. He just kept ramming his thick dick into my mouth until finally he held my head close to his body with his dick jammed down my throat. When I felt his shaft start pulsating, I knew that he was using my mouth as a warm cum rag. With a muffled groan, he released all of his seed into my mouth. After I swallowed, he slowly pulled his out of my mouth. Then as I knelt there watching, he casually put it back in his pants, zipped up and walked out without even a thank you.

I just knelt there stunned for a minute, then I noticed that someone else was looking through the hole. Apparently someone had been watching and enjoying the show as I had a dick force down my virgin throat. He then did what I had wanted to do with the other guy. He stuck his dick through the hole for me to suck. I knelt there with some strangers cum in my mouth and now another stranger wanted me to take his load too.

I couldn’t believe it when I found myself moving across the dirty floor to take this unknown man's hot dick in my mouth. His dick was smaller then the first guy’s so I was able to take it better. With the sounds of the porno playing behind me, and people in other booths moaning as they got fucked, I was so turned on that I was as hard as a rock. In seconds I was really getting into the rhythm of sucking this strange dick. Something I wasn’t able to do the first time because that guy just fucked my face and left. This time I was actually giving the guy a blowjob. I was going nice and slow and enjoying every second of it as I gave him the kind of blowjob I liked. I was so into sucking the guy’s dick that I didn’t realize that I never locked the booth after the first man left. I was only made aware of my over sight when I heard the sound of more coins being dropped into the slot.

When I started to take my mouth off the dick that I was sucking to see what was going on, I felt a hand on the back of my head encouraging me to keep sucking. As whomever it was stroked my hair, I stopped thinking about it and continued to suck the dick sticking through the glory hole. Then I felt hands unbuckle my belt and start sliding my pants down. Then what I assume was a guy behind me started rubbing my now exposed while I continued sucking the other guy’s dick. I revel in the feel of strong hands caressing my ass for a few seconds then it stopped.

The next thing I know, I feel a finger sliding into my asshole. Oh my god, it felt so amazing that I really started sucking the stranger’s dick faster and faster. As the finger was sliding in and out of me, I wanted so bad to start jacking my hard dick off. I was so aroused that I know I would have cum very quickly. Unfortunate, I needed my hands for balance so the man behind me could have access to my ass. It didn’t take long before he pulled his finger out of my tight asshole. Then I felt something much larger pressed against my sphincter and before I knew I was being fucked.

I’d come to the bookstore to get a nice stress relieving blowjob, and instead a guy practically raped my virgin mouth and fed me my first taste of cum. Now I’m down on my knees sucking off a second guy through a ‘glory-hole’ while a third guy is fucking me in the ass, and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t believe that I was letting these two complete strangers use my body to get them selves off.

I had the same feeling now that I did about twenty minutes earlier. The man whose dick was invading my mouth was about to cum and I was ready to drink his load. Suddenly at the last moment, he pulled out of my mouth and shot hot gooey cum all over my face and hair. Then as if by magic, his dick disappeared and when I heard the door to his booth open and close, I knew he was gone.

Now that my mouth was empty, I could, moan for joy at the fact that my asshole had a dick in it. I was so excited that I could hear myself moaning over the porno movies. I was covered with so much cum that I felt like a whore. It was in my eyes, my hair and all over my face and in my mouth and still I was bent over in a booth of a sex shop getting my ass pounded. Then the guy started going wild and slamming deep in and out and I knew my asshole was about to get filled with his hot jizz. With a muffled roar, he filled my asshole with his hot gooey cum and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

As he pulled out, I sagged to my knees and gasped for breath. Then without a word, he zipped up his pants and left. Again I didn’t think about the door being unlocked until, a young Hispanic guy walked in playing with his dick. As he closed the door, I glanced back through the ‘glory-hole.’ When I turned back the Hispanic guy was standing so close that the head of his dick was only about two or three inches from my face. I was so shocked that my mouth dropped open. Before I could close it, he grabbed my hair and feed me his dick. Once he had it was in my mouth, I had no choice but to suck it for him. Judging by the way he grabbed the sides of my head and started hunching, I think he liked my mouth. It wasn’t long until his balls burst, filling my mouth with his hot gooey cum. Naturally he didn't let go of my hair until I’d swallowed every last drop. Then he casually zipped his pants and left off.

This time the door didn’t even close. When I looked up there was a white guy standing right in front of me. As I looked up at him, he dropped his pants down around his ankles and stood there with his big dick hanging in my face. Without a work he pulled me forward and feed me his dick. As I closed my lips around it, I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw the door was still open and a line was forming so that they could watch me sucking dicks while they waited their turn. Even as the embarrassment reddened my face, I realized that I was a little turned on by the all the attention. When I finished off the white guy, I looked up and a was taking his place. By now I knew what I was doing, so he didn’t have to feed me his dick. I grabbed it and feed it to myself.

Before they let me up off my knees I had to jack off two guys and sucked off six more. I would have sucked off the two that I jacked off, but they didn’t want to be sucked off. I had to laugh at the last two guys that I sucked off. They walked into the booth area, took one look at what was going on, and got into line. They may have been expecting to get their dicks sucked, but not that quick or that easy. Neither one of them seemed to mind though.

By the time I finished, I had sore knees and a belly full of cum. I had a very smug look on my face until I realized that I had nothing I could wipe the cum off my face with. So, like it or not, I was forced to walk through the sex shop with cum all over me. As I walked through the main store I noticed the store clerk and several customers, including a couple looking at me as I made my way out the door. When I got back to my car, and looked in the side mirror, I discovered that I had globs of cum in my eyebrows and eyelashes and my checks were shiny.

When I started to open my car door, I turned my head and a big stocky bastard with a nasty leer on his face was walking towards me. As he walked up he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. I couldn’t believe how big his dick was. He was very proud of it; too, because when he got in front of me, he pushed me down to my knees and held it up in front of my face so that I could admire it. It was about eight or nine inches long, as big around as a coke bottle, and had a big reddish head peeking out of his foreskin. Not only did the crude bastard have a big fine dick, but he also obviously liked to get it sucked. As I looked up at him in fear, he gave me a nasty sneer, and ordered me to, “Open your mouth!” His dick was so fat that I popped my jaw opening my mouth wide enough to get it in. I almost chocked before my saliva got his dick wet enough to smoothly slide in and out of my mouth. Once it was sliding freely, he roughly jammed its head against the back of my throat. My mouth had never been so full.

He was such an animal that he grabbed m y hair and held my head in place while he pumped his huge dick in and out of my mouth. As he fucked me, he snarled, “Suck my dick, you little fagot.” As I sucked his dick, he moaned and alternately called me a queer, a fagot, and a dick-sucker. Right before he got ready to cum, his dick swelled up so big that it almost split my jaws apart. His cum came out so hot that it almost scalded my tongue. His load was so big that cum oozed out of both corners of my mouth. He didn’t release my hair until I not only had I swallowed his load of ‘cum’, but until I’d licked his dick clean enough for him to put away.

As usual, a couple of other guys walking across the parking lot, stopped so they could watch me suck the guy’s big dick. One guy actually stood there and discussed me with the bastard while I was sucking him off. When the big bastard was cumming in my mouth, the second guy even held my head so I’d be sure to get all of the ’s cum. He was so excited that as soon as the big guy finished, he moved in front of me and offered me his already hard dick.

While I was sucking him off, two other guys got in line. One was a guy that laughed at me in the lobby and the other was a guy that came and just wanted in on the action.

When I finally managed to get in and start my car, I lit a cigarette and realized that I went in there to get a blowjob, and I never even got to cum. My balls were sore from all the cum I had built up in them. As I headed homes I thought about what I’d just done. I’d always associated the term ‘pulling a train’ to a girl taking on several guys one right after another, and that it was usually meant as a derogator remark to show what a slut the girl was. Now that I’d ‘pulled a train’ I knew that it also applied to guys sucking dicks. After all we could be just as big, if not bigger sluts than a mere girls. I stopped off at a gas station and used their bathroom to clean myself up.

Then I went home and fucked my girlfriend. I finally got to cum, but it wasn’t the great release I needed or expected. Maybe I need to give the bookstore another try soon.

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