My Brother, My Twin

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

A glory hole was my experience with make sex as well. I had to piss bad at a park where I was playing baseball with friends after school for our league play. Playing sports always made me horny too. I was 18 and should have not expected anything less.

Being a shy , I never could go to the "trough" urinal to piss... it was way to much in view of other guys... so I went to the stall. I was , and the park restroom was always in the shade of the redwood trees, so it felt nice and cool inside. As soon as I sat down to piss and rest a minute from the heat and playing ball, I noticed a rather large hole, clearly having no idea why a hole would be in the wall. When looking at it, I noticed another guy jacking off. That was new! I had never seen another guy jack off before.

The next thing I noticed was the guy was running his finger around the bottom rim of the hole in the wall. I didn't know what that meant... but I started to get hard when I saw him jacking off and kept trying to keep my down between my legs so he couldn't see me. I was embarrassed that I was getting hard.

Not getting his lead, he passed a piece of toilet paper through the hole telling me to put it thru and he would "suck me off." I was like hell to the no... but eventually what I was thinking with my head head went down to my cock head, and I lost all my common sense and stuck it just a little bit into the hole. Immediately the guy started sucking the head of my cock, and damn did that feel good! I ended up just pushing it through hoping he wouldn't be frightened of my 8" cut cock, which I was teased about in the gym shower at school. I didn't know what was a "normal" size and what wasn't... I just knew I didn't like being the center of attention in that way!

The guy was sucking all of my cock right down to my pubes, which had grown in the previous year and a half. I had hairless balls and he took each one in his mouth and lick and sucked them lightly. Wow... this was all feeling WAY to good.

I had a rather quick trigger with this blowjob thing going on, and as soon as I felt I was going to cum I started to pull out... surely he wouldn't want it shooting all over his self or his stall. He immediately jumped back to it with his mouth, grabbed the base and throated my cock. I was in freak'n heaven!!!

It didn't take 10 seconds and I was blasting a whole lot of cum down his throat... and it never felt better, nor had I ever cum that much before when I would jack off at home in the bathroom (because my twin brother and I slept in the same room). He took it all... I couldn't believe it. He sucked lightly until he got every last drop and I was on the verge of falling down with my weak knees, which I hadn't experienced before either.

I used some toilet paper to try and wipe off the last of the cum coming out, but he snuck his hand through the hole and wiped it off with his fingers and I could hear him moan as he put his fingers in his mouth and he shot all over his stall. Jesus that guy shot a huge load all over the place before shooting the rest into his hand that he had the light brown toilet paper in.

I stared for a minute and then pulled up my baseball pants and socks and ran back out to the field which was not in view of the park bathroom. The guys were all getting ready to start the game up again as we all were either under the trees trying to cool-off, going to take a piss, or in some cases the guys ran across the street to the McDonald's to get some food and drinks. They brought back cups of water for those who didn't go, which was nice. We only ended up playing one more inning before we called it quits... it was just to blasted hot.

I went to McDonald's myself with my friends afterwards, and we hung out for an hour or do in the nice air conditioning of the fast-food joint.

It was getting late, my parents would be home soon, I needed to get my homework done, and then mom would be cooking dinner for our family so I needed to get home. What I was not expecting when I got home was a wad of light brown toilet paper with partially dried cum in it... realising it was my twin brother was the one who had sucked me off earlier that day! This was his way of telling me... and now I was a wreck knowing he knew it was me, and now I knew it was him. I was shocked... and excited at the same time.

I couldn't wait for my brother to come out of the shower at home so we could talk more. Being both 18, I didn't know what to think. He wouldn't tell our parents as neither of us was like that. We were truly two peas in a pod, and even more so now. I never had a girlfriend and neither did he... although the girls hung around him a lot because he was a bit more outgoing than I was.

Nearly 9 years later we are still at it together. We went to the same university and are now at the same graduate school, albeit close but not the same major. We have talked extensively about it now and have decided we will continue our lives as we have since that first day when I received my first blow job from him, and my first everything from and to him. We are brothers, but we make the most ideal lovers too. It took a long time for us to wrap our brains around the idea after all the initial sex we had together because we were horny and could trust each other.

Mom and both passed away last year tragically and that just made our bond stronger as brothers. We only have each other now, and together we shall be. We don't look like twins now as we are uniquely our own person now. We might have looked similar before, but we were never identical twins but fraternal twins. Still two peas in a pod though where it counts... In our heads and in our hearts, we are one. At almost 24 now, no one even suspects we are together, they just know we are brothers who are fraternal twins and very close to one another. We don't care for labels or stereotypes, and since our parents have past we are the only family we know. While we live in a very progressive part of the world, no law is going to allow brothers to be together in "that" way... but it doesn't matter, because what is mine is his, and what is his is mine.

We sold our family home in the suburbs, and bought a nice high rise town home together. We both work hard and play hard and come home to each other every evening. We are together now and as far as the eye can see, and neither of us is willing or wanting to leave the other to take our own path. We are brothers and shall always be.

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