My Biology Teacher

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

My name's James. I'm 22 years old and in college. I'm studying for a biology degree so I can save the world or some shit like that. But enough about that. My looks. Let's get to that. I have blonde hair. I don't have a lot of hair anywhere else, do I've been working on a Thor type of beard. And I only have to wait for about three days before I have to trim it. But I'm mainly jealous of those guys who have hair. Those guys can grow a full chest of hair in a day. And then they erase their hormone's hard work by "manscaping". Ugh. The only person in my college who doesn't believe in manscaping is my biology teacher Mr Miller. He believes in natural selection cause... Ya know... He's a bio teacher. And with a full body of hair like his, he's definitely set for the next ice age. He has a super thick Irish settler's beard. He always brags about his Irish heritage. But instead of the stereotypicall Irish ginger head, he's got black hair. Everywhere. He's not Superman buff, but he's not fast either. He's got a small beer gut that he's great at concealing. But anyway, now that you know his looks, let's get to the story.

It was close to the end of the year. Mr. Miller has dismissed class. Except me. I had requested this. I'm not a troublemaker. I just wanted some extra help with the unit on coral and how it can save the world. I walk over to his desk and he beckons for me to sit down in the chair next to his.

"James... Your a smart kid. So naturally... I want to find out what troubles you're having. I see potential in you. And I want to help you see it. So what's the problem?"

"Thanks Mr. Miller. The main subject I'm having trouble with is coral reproduction."

"Ahhh... I see. Is it the multiple forms of reproduction that's got you confused? Everyone struggles with that sticky subject. And not only that, bit is an awkward one to talk about. So I appreciate your bravery asking me about that. Well you see James the thing about coral is that-"

The been rang. I was late for my next class! Mr. Miller saw the distress in my eyes and began writing a pass for me.

"I'll meet you in your dorm after school. And I can help out your roommate too while I'm there. He seems to be struggling as well in this unit."

"Thanks Mr. Miller, but John is going to a frat tonight. And he doesn't seem to be changing his mind anytime soon. It's the jat one of the year!"

"Well then it can just be one on one tonight."

"Thanks. Can I see you at 7 tonight?"

"I've got nothing better to do." Miller laughed his voiced laugh and I smiled. Then I went on with my day.


That night, Mr. Miller came right on schedule. He arrived at my for wearing his signature khaki pants, and red plaid sweatshirt. He smiled when he saw me.

"Alright. You got your textbook?"

"Yup. Ready when you are. And thanks again Mr. Miller."

"Don't sweat it James. Your a go better. Always have been. And I'm proud to be your teacher." His beard curled up at the sides which hinted that he was smiling. I love that beard of his.

We got started immediately. After one hour, I was completely exceeding at coral reproduction. Then after that, we started some conversation. Miller told me that he recently got divorced by his wife.

"I think that's the reason my teaching's been so bad. I mean, if you don't understand it... Then who does?"

"Mr. Miller you shouldn't kill your self just because your wife divorced you. If she can't see the amazing man in front of me then she's crazy. I mean... Why did she even break up with you?"

"I can't tell you that."

This shocked me. We had been taking for the last hour, and we've connected throughout the school year. Why can't he tell me?

I guess my surprise was evident on my face because he blushed under his beard.

"It's not personal. It's just... I can't tell you because it's not school appropriate."

I smirk at this.

"Mr. Miller. It's almost the end of the school year. In legally going to forget it over the summer. And besides. You're in a dorm room. What happens in these, stays in these."

"Okay. My wife divorced me because... Well... Please promise not to tell."

"I swear."

"Okay. She broke up with me because... My dick was to for her. She told me that she wanted to marry a man. Not a wild that mauls her each night."

"Seriously?! That's the most fucked up reason to break up with a ."

"I appreciate that James."

"Mr. Miller, don't be ashamed of what most guys buy drugs for. You've got a big dick, you're set for the next ice age, and you've got a good job. You're wife's crazy. Most guys would kill for a set if your DNA."

"Really? Who?"

I bite my lip.

"Well... Me for starters."

"Thanks James."

"Your welcome." I smile and look into Mr. Miller's blue eyes. We lean closer and closer. Until our lips are sewn together by our tongues. His got breath fills my mouth. His beard meets mine. Light and dark mix to make a manly yin yang. My arms weak around his waist. So do his.

Suddenly, he lifts me off the chair. We're still making out add he takes me to my bed. He falls down on me and our bodies are cushioned by the mattress. Finally he separates his mouth from mine. He had a look of put shame on his face.

"I... I can't... I can't do this James. I could lode my job, I could lose my house, I could get thrown in jail, I could-"

I still his worries by having him in for another passionate kiss. We separate again. Now it's my turn to talk.

"Let your cares away Mr. Miller. It's only you and I for just tonight. I want you to feel the love you deserve."

He sighs. Then smiles.

"Are you sure you can take me? I don't want to hurt you."

"I want to at least try."


Mr. Miller takes off his shirt revealing his carpeted chest. He unbuttons my shirt and pulls it over my head. We kiss again. But now I can feel his fur on me. Warming my skin. Tickling every crack and crevice it can find on my body. Mr. Miller Semarang's for air and takes off his pants. Then he finally reveals his legendary meat from under his underwear. It's a monster. A striking 9 inches long erect, and maybe 3 inches of girth. And at the end, is his beautiful head resembling a large radish. And at the case is a huge untrimmed thicket if pubes. I stare in awe and disbelief for about one whole minute. Mr. Miller gives a reassuring smile.

"Are you really sure you-"

I cut him off early. "Of course."

He smiles again. Pure satisfaction in his eyes. Then he begins unbuttoning my pants. When he finishes, he rips then off along with my underwear, revealing my still developing penis at a shameful size if 6.5 inches with a small field if golden pubes. But even at this sight he smiles.

"I haven't pulled off a pair of undies in a looong time. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure."

He begins licking my semi-hard dick with his warm tongue. My dick springs into attention. This makes Mr. Miller laugh.

"Quite the active specimen you've got there."

I give an embarrassed chuckle. "Thanks Mr. Miller."

"Oh, please. If we're at v the stage, you can call me Steven."


He gives a smirk and goes back to work. After a few amazing seconds, I get an idea.

"Steven, let's do 69. I want to pleasure you too."

"If you say so"

We assume the position, and I'm on bottom on my request. He's like a sweaty blanket. That I never web m want to take off. I put my mouth on his and let his pubes welcome my lightly bearded face.

After five minutes, Steven stops sucking.

"James? Do... Do you think that you might be ready for... For my... My dick?"

"I've been ready since you knocked on my dorm room door."

Steven chuckles.


"Like I said. You're a go getter. You're always willing to take the hard path in life."

With that, Steven flips around and puts me on my stomach.

"Okay. Three... Two....... One."

My asshole feels his cock entering, and I suddenly check up. Steven pats my back.

"Ssshhh... It's alright."

His soothing voice relaxes my hole and within a minute his full 9 inches are inside me. Then he begins pulling out, then back in. The pain is and m amazing, and his pubes are always there with each push to cushion the blow. Soon he starts speeding up. He skills me avert so I'm facing his face which is scrunched in sexual pleasure.

Then, he quickly constricts me body with his arms and legs and give me a true bear hug.

I'm beginning to lose breath, while his is quickening!

Steven looks up at me with a face of fear and happiness. Fear for me, yet happiness for himself.

"Are... You... O-whoo-kay?" He asks between frantic pants.

"Yup! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

"Excellent. Really... Whoo... Really excellent!"

Suddenly Stevens grill on my body tightens. He digs his face into my chest and his beard brushes my heart. Suddenly, I feel vibrations coming from his throat. His panting quickens to a level so fast that it counts as hyperventilation.

"Steven! Are you-God-are you... okay?!"

Steven doesn't respond. Instead, he does something I've never expected him to do. He growls. And not just a low growth, but a loud lion growl. I'm about to ask him if he's about to cum, when he roars. Like, a roar that sounds like it came straight from a bear that you'd see in the woods.


He looks up at me, his face clenched in our agony. His eyes open.

"I'm sorry for this."

I'm about to ask him a ton of more questions when his eyes clench tight and he lets out another beastly roar. Suddenly, his pulsing cock inside me enlarges like it never had before and suddenly my insides are filled with what I can only describe as hot magma.

Steven that's one last time, and I simultaneously let out a scream. Finally, he's silenced. We lay on the bed for what send like hours. Then Steven gets off me. The guest on his chest is drenched in wierd areas. Suddenly I realize that his chest is wet because I was the one who watered it! While he was coming my insides with his love juice, I was splattering his first with mine. Steven sends to realize this at the same time because he plucks some of my seed from his hair and kicks his fingers.

"You taste golden."

I manage a smile. "Thanks."

He sticks his finger in my hole and it emerges coated in cookie icing of his own recipe. I lick his finger.

"You taste... Wild. Like something that came from a jungle or a forest. It's like a tropical drink. Fill of flavors."

"Thanks James."

"Your Welcome."

We get under the covers naked and Steven wraps his arms around me. I cuddle close to his furry body for extra, warmth.


When I wake up to a crisp Ada m Saturday morning, Steven had abreast left. But I feel my asshole and find it still fill to the brim with his juice. I take a little taste and fall back asleep.

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