My Best Years with Alex : Part1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is Elijah Hunter and the secret admirer of my baby Alex. Alex Harper was tall about six feet and two inches, he have a muscular, brown hair, red lips, white tan skin, and emerald-colored eyes. He's rich, smart, and very popular in his college.

Everybody treated him like a prince, highly respected, but he's a bully and very arrogant person. Everything was the same as always highly respected and no one cares if he bullied someone until..

One day on June 6, it was the day of the class and I was running late for school, when I looked at my clock hands are pointing 8:01 am. When I entered the school I saw the most beautiful named Alex he really put turned me on that quickly, that my 10 inch was making a noticeable tent.

He I turned around when he looked at my direction, because It would literally embarrassing if he saw it.
I repositioned my dick upward so that it'll no longer that kind of showy. Then I to my classroom, but then, I was surprised when he came close to me. I was nervous, yet happy or enlightened, and I don't know why.

Alex: Hey, Ahm Elijah right?
Eli: yeah, why?
Alex: there's something wrong in the school's shower, can you helped me fix it?
Eli: sure, no problem.

I was feeling pretty nervous and fucking horny. But I pretended not to since I have to show a little respect even though my mind was seeing him nudity. Seeing his round bubble but made me even hornier than before. I was snapped back in when he hold my hand and gestured me to go with him.

When we we're on the shower room, he told me to check out the first in lined shower, but when I checked them everything was fine. When I turned around, I was shocked, my mouth dropped, and my heart was racing with ecstasy. He was completely I felt like heaven granted my wishes.

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