My Afternoon with Kevin

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

First, let me say that I was not blessed with endowment down below. My flaccid little is only 1"- and hard I am lucky to manage 2" in length. My cock is pretty , though. My first sexual encounter was with a girl in college and it did not go well at all. We had met a couple of days earlier. We were in her dorm room and she was hot for sex (I am a very good looking , if I say so myself- 6' tall, muscular, blonde hair and penetrating blue eyes). Things started to get hot in a make-out session and when she unzipped my pants and pulled them down she just looked up at me and said, "You HAVE to be kidding!" and she actually started to laugh at me. I pulled up my pants and stormed from the room I was so embarrassed.

So, from that point on my sex life was pretty much resigned to masturbation- and I did it a lot. I was constantly looking for ways to better my arousal and began to experiment with different methods of masturbating. One thing I discovered early was that massaging my prostate really did the trick. I started out with a finger up my then moved on to inserting different objects up my hole. Anything I found around the house worked- my first experimentation was with the handle of a spatula from my kitchen. I soon graduated to a dildo I had purchased at the local Adult Theater- it was slender, about six inches in length. I soon discovered that bigger was better and purchased a large butt plug and a thicker, longer dildo. My asshole started to get pretty stretched out and I found pleasure in inserting larger and larger objects up my ass. I began to wonder what it would be like to have another me. I had never had any gay inclinations growing up, but curiosity soon led me to want to try being with another man.

So, one boring Saturday morning, feeling horny, I decided "What the fuck- I am going to do this." I had seen that Craig' List had a M4M listing section and decided to give it a try. I fired up my computer and went to the site, looking at the ads to see of there was anyone who interested me. Nothing. So, I decided to post an ad myself. I knew I wanted something with girth- the bigger the cock the better. Maybe someone who was interested in other forms of ass play as well. I was willing to play with another guy's ass if it came to that.

I clicked on the link to place an ad and typed in "22 yr looking for a well-endowed man. The thicker the better. Looking to get fucked for the first time, ass play a plus. Willing to consider - you must send a pic. I can host- prefer this afternoon. Discretion a MUST, prefer a married man"

It didn't take long to get a response. Not a half hour after I placed the ad an email popped up in my inbox. I opened it up- it was short and sweet. An no picture. His name was Kevin. I was a little hesitant because of there being no picture but I replied anyway. I answered that I preferred to meet him somewhere first then head to my place. He answered back a short time later, suggesting that we meet at the mall. I was fine with that and he said to look for him in Macy's- he would be wearing a red jacket and blue baseball cap and would be browsing in the Men's section. I answered "Okay with that- see you in about a half hour." I was nervous as all get-out.

I drove to the mall and within minutes saw him in the Men's Department looking through the shirt section. I approached and said "Hello, I'm Steve. Are you Kevin?" He looked to be in his late 40's, was about my height and about 250 pounds. He looked around nervously before answering- no one was within 20 feet of us. "Yeah, I'm Kevin. So what you interested in?"

I answered, "Getting fucked up the ass is the main thing, but I love ass play." He smiled slightly, answering "This really your first time?" "Yeah" I replied, 'you like getting your ass played with too?" He nodded his head. I l looked down towards his crotch- seeing the wedding ring on his hand as I scanned his body. "You pretty hung?" I asked. I really couldn't tell from looking at him- he was wearing pretty baggy pants. He glanced around quickly, then much to my surprise reached down and pulled down his zipper then reached in his pants and pulled out his cock. Ho-lee SHIT! He quickly pushed it back in his pants and zipped them up again. "Hung enough for you?" he asked. was he. His flaccid cock had to be all of 7" long and at least 6" around. I looked up at him and just muttered "Fuck yeah! Let's head to my place." He followed me out of the mall, got in his car and followed me to my apartment.

We got there and went straight to my bedroom. My heart was pounding in my chest as he started to undress, not saying a word to me. I pulled off my clothes too. His eyes went immediately to my little pin dick. I was already hard and it was sticking straight out. He smiled. "Nice. I like what I see." I laughed nervously, turning beet red and muttered "Thanks." He answered "Turn around and let me see that ass." I complied. "Spread your cheeks apart and bend over." He reached down and gently put his index finger on my hole. "Man, looks like that thing has gotten quite the workout there. You got quite the rosebud going on. You never been fucked, huh?" I nodded yes and answered "I just like a little ass play when I jack off. I like sticking things up there. It really gets me off." He smiled and stuck the end of his finger inside me and felt around. "Nice" he replied, "you're a little dirty down there" Shit. I had forgot to clean myself before he came over. "Sorry" I quickly replied and he answered "We'll have to take care of that first then. You got a hose attachment on your shower head?"

"Yeah" I answered. He smiled. "Good. I like giving enemas. Makes me hot. Let's go to your bathroom first." He followed me out the door and into the bathroom. His cock was still flaccid and I couldn't even imagine what it looked like hard. "You fuck lots of guys?" I asked as we walked in the bathroom. "I've had my share. My wife takes it up the ass, though." He climbed into the shower and unscrewed the shower head off the hose and turned on the water. "Tell me if it's the right temp" he muttered. I stuck my hand in the fast moving stream and answered yes. "Get in the shower and bend over. You ever had an enema before?" I shook my head no.

"Just squeeze your ass tight once I pull out the hose and hold it in as long as you can." I climbed into the shower and bent over and he guided the hose about an inch into my ass. I suddenly felt the strong pressure of the water filling me up and let out a groan. "Take it in- tell me when you had enough." It didn't take long and I quickly answered "Pull it out." He slowly removed the hose and I pinched down hard, squeezing my ass cheeks together as hard as I could. "Hold it in- that's good. Hold it in longer." I squeezed down harder- the pressure was almost unbearable. I looked down at my stub of a cock and pre-cum was oozing out like crazy.

"That's good," he said, "now push it out hard." I relaxed and water just gushed out of my ass- he must have pumped a gallon into me. "Yeah- HOT!" he said, "keep pushing it out! Look at that swollen rosebud!" I pushed out the rest of the water as he put the shower head back on the hose and washed the mess down the drain. "There, nice and clean now- let's go back to your room and let me work that hole of yours." I dried off and we returned to my bedroom. "Now bend over your bed and let me play with that hole of yours" he stated.

As I bent over the bed, he reached down and stuck his index finger deep into me and rubbed it around my rectum, feeling the soft, wet tissue inside me. Then he stuck in another finger, then another, pushing in hard and rubbing them around deep inside me. "You got any lube? he interjected and I nodded my head yes and pointed towards my dresser. "In the top drawer" I said and he walked over and quickly found the lube, squirting a good amount all over his hand. "Now bend over again" he stated. I complied and quickly felt his hand pushing against my lose hole. "God, that feels good!" I cried, letting out a deep moan. He pushed in further and I felt my rosebud spread apart. I sudden burst of pain shot up my spine as he pushed in harder, finally breaking the barrier of my sphincter muscle. His whole hand was in my ass, right up to his wrist. He moved his hand around, spreading his fingers. "UNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHH!" I cried out and the pain quickly subsided. "Fucking HOT" he muttered as I gyrated my hips in pleasure.

After what seemed an eternity of pleasure, he slowly guided his hand out of my stretched-out ass. "You ready for my cock now?" he asked. I looked down and he was still flaccid. I muttered "Yeah, give it to me." He smiled. "You gotta tongue my ass first to get me hard." I stood up and he bent over the bed, spreading apart his hairy ass cheeks. I got on my knees behind him and stuck my face right into his ripe hole. I immediately tasted the sharp tang of his slightly dirty ass- it didn't bother me and I dove my tongue as deep into his tight hairy hole as far as I could. "Yeah! Work my ass, man!" he cried out. I started to tongue his ass good, sucking in and tasting the juices inside him.

Minutes later, he turned his head and said "Okay- I'm ready." He stood up. Oh my GOD! Ten inches at least of rock hard, thick veined meat. It had to be over 3" across, with a deep purple head just oozing out pre-cum. "Get down on the bed on your back and put your legs up and let me pound that hole." I laid down and he positioned himself between my spread legs. "Look and that pussy, all swollen out! Fucking hot as hell!" he muttered as he pushed that huge pole all the way into me, balls deep. I cried out in pleasure, screaming "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD, MAN!" as he went to work.

My little pin dick was just throbbing as he fucked away and soon I let out a tremendous grunt and shot four strong spurts of my thick, white cum all over my chest. "Yeah, man, fucking HOT!" he yelled out, then he reached down and fingered up my cum and shoved it into my mouth as he pumped harder and faster. He just kept fucking me harder and harder, pulling that massively thick member all the way out of my man pussy then diving it deep back into me, fucking me for what seemed like an eternity before he finally said "God DAMN! Here it comes!" He plunged in hard and I felt his cock deep inside me pulsating like crazy as wave after wave of his spunk shot into my hole. Slowly he glided his cock out of me, then he backed away, got on his knees on the floor at the end of my bed and shoved his face into my wide-open sphincter, diving his tongue inside me and sucking his load out of my ass.

He then got back to his feet and leaned over my face. I opened my mouth and he spit his load into it. So much thick, creamy, salty, tangy ass-funked up cum! I was in heaven and I just let it sit in my in my mouth as he stood back up.

I just laid there on the bed, totally drained of all energy. "Clean off my cock now" he stated, crawling back up onto the bed and lowering his now flaccid dick into my cum-hungry mouth. I sucked his cock clean then he stood back up and silently got dressed as I laid there moaning in pleasure. "I gotta get back home. My wife will be wondering where the fuck I've been. Let's do this again sometime. I just nodded my head. He gave me one last look, then said "That was hot. Later..." and walked out the door. I heard him leave the apartment then just laid there for a while and jacked off after a bit, shot my load, scooped it up and ate it then got out of bed.

There was a full-length mirror on my closet door. I walked over to the mirror, faced away from it then bent over as far as I could, spreading my ass cheeks apart with my hands and looking through my legs. My asshole was wide open a good inch, and I could see the redness of the inside of my hole surrounded by the swollen flesh ringing my rosebud. Cum was still oozing out of me. and I reached between my legs and fingered it out, then stuck my finger in my mouth and swallowed it down. I spent the rest of the day just hanging around in my apartment, not even bothering to get dressed. I jacked off three more times that day while shoving my largest dildo up my hungry ass, fantasizing about having that massive cock shoved into my hole.

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