My 1st time at a gay bar

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

First off this story is true and happened about 6 years ago. I changed the area and names to protect everybody.

My job allows me to travel the country and I travel a lot, 200+ days a year away from home and wife. I usually am out on 2 week stints and home a week. At 50 yrs old I was in good shape exercising and using the hotel gyms, swimming pools etc. I was traveling down south during the winter and whenever I travel I tend to visit gay bars. Why, because I can relax let my hair down and not worry about striking up a conversation with a fat bimbo girl. Besides the fact I am bi and usually meet other guys for sex....not often but it does happen.
This time I found a nice neighborhood gay bar out in the sticks, the web site said from 30-on up, but mostly 40-50's and leather.

I went after my meetings around 8 pm on a Monday just for a drink. The bar was not crowded and they had a patio in the back of the bar. I got a beer and walked around scoping the place out. The bar had a U shaped bar and a bar at the patio. A few locals were having a drink at the bar so I went to the patio. The patio had a few guys making out and a few grouping each other. Not to be a 3rd I went to the bar. I started to talk to the bartender named Tom and a few guys at the bar. Tom saw I was new and we started talking more about the bar and what I did. I explained I was here on business and probable leaving Wed. He gave me a calendar of events at the bar, which look very full. He said if your in town on a Wed stop by for underwear night. I never heard of underwear nite, so Tom explained...." at the door that night we charge a $5 cover, however if you wear just your underwear its free to get in and all the drinks you want free also"

Not a bad deal I said but I may be gone, and I was right. My company sent me home for a week. I expected to go somewhere else but they sent me back to the same area to work. Now I was there since Friday and forgot all about the calendar Tom gave me, I never saved it just in case my wife found it. I decided after work to go to the gay bar, when i got there at about 8 pm the parking lot was fuller then the last time I was there. As I walked in the at the door said $5..."what the fuck, I was here 3 weeks ago and it was free"
"yeah but it wasn't Wed, underwear nite"

"oh I see" i said
I paid the $5 and went in.
I paid for a beer and started walking around, there was a large of leather guys there as well as a bunch of guys in 30-50's in their underwear. And all different types of undies too.
As I walked around I hear someone call my name, I was like who the fuck knows me was Tom at the bar.
he was yelling at me for not being in my undies "what the fuck where's you undies"

"I don't know Tom"

"listen to me, all the drinks are on the house, and no one is going to rob you, now go get into your undies and get your $5. back"


I walked back the the bouncer and told him Tom said its OK to get my $5 back I'm walking around in my undies.

I got the $5 back and gave him my cloths except my underwear. I was now only wearing my bikini Calvin Klein's and flip flops, no shirt.
It felt pretty good!
I got a beer from the can marked for underwear guys only, and walked around for 15 - 20 mins.

Then Tom yelled over to me "come here and I'll give you a fresh one"
I walked over to the bar and he took my old beer and gave me a new one. We talked for a while, and I finished that beer, he gave me another beer but before he handed it to me he throated the long next bottle.
"tom is that how you practice, since you don't get out much"

I got a ohhhhhh from the group at the bar.

Lets see you try....I was able to do it.

He motioned me to come closer like he had to whisper something in my ear. I was leaning over the bar with my waist at bar level and my elbows leaning in. Tom leaned into me and grabbed my wrist then whispered into my ear as he held my wrist.

"don't look back buy the guy behind you wants to feel your , if its ok let me know and I'll tell him, but don't look back"

I nodded OK

I felt this large hand squeezing my ass cheeks and rubbing my ass. Tom continued to hold my wrist....why I don't know.
I could tell from his hands they were rough and he wore gloves, probable one of the leather guys. The grouping of my ass felt pretty good, then I felt his hand go below my undies and he was now feeling skin...and Tom was still with me.
After what seem like a short time I started to feel a finger at my asshole. I moved forward onto the bar as he stuck his finger in.

Tom asked If I was OK and I said fine. The guy fingered my ass for awhile then Tom asked "don't look back but the guy wants to fuck you"

"right here"

" yeah right here, right now"


"got it"

Tom handed the guy a condom, and Tom still held me, and now I was getting cat calls from the other guys at the bar.

I had my waist on the bar with my feet on he ground, the stranger kicked my feet together, then in one motion removed my undies. I was now naked except for flip flops.
The stranger lubed my ass and very slowly started to press his into my ass. I bowed my head due to pain and ecstasy, he push till he was all the way in and I could fell his pubis hair on my ass.

Tom then announced "he's in"

The stranger started to fuck me in long strokes, with the bar guys clapping to his rhythm. He had me going, I was hot and begged him go go harder, that's when Tom let go and told the stranger "give it to him"

He fucked me for a long time, finally he reached around and started to jerk me off, he exploded in a loud roar and so did I. I fell to the ground in a heap and finally saw my fucker. I tall leather guy wearing colors, he happened to be the president of the club and an attorney. He helped me to my feet and handed me back my undies after he inhaled the aroma. He and Tom explained that he gets to fuck all newbie's wearing undies....nice I said. And the key code is if you like one of is club members, deep throat the long neck beer bottle and they will fuck you.

"your kidding"
"nope anyone in my group"

So I started walking around with my underwear back on and a wet spot on the front and back. I went to the patio and that's when I saw him....a large broad shoulder white bike, wearing leather chaps and a that showed his junks. What ever it was his balls and cock look like they were a softball attached to a baseball bat. He was leaning against a tree when I walked up to him and very slowly deep throated the long neck beer bottle. He looked at me with a stupid smirk and then grabbed my underwear and pulled me towards a picnic table. I looked and there already was a guy getting fucked face down on the table.

My new stud laided me opposite him and ripped my undies at the leg to get excess. I was now wearing what looked like an Indian crotch cloth. As he laid me down across from the other guys (looked like 40's)we were face to face. The stud yelled to his friend..
and was thrown a bottle of baby oil, which he poured on his cock and my asshole.

He then started to push into me, which didn't take to long but was painful due to his size. after he settled in he said "you know the routine"
I had no fucking idea what he talking about, but the guy across from me did. The guy across started to kiss me and our tongues were darting back and forth. at the same time my stud was hammering his cock into me. My kissing partner and I were both grunting, we couldn't say anything in a full voice because our lips were locked. I never felt like such a slut in my life, it was great!!!

My stud kept asking me ...

"who's pussy am I fucking"
"who's my slut"
"are you my bitch"
"do I like cum"
"do you want me to go deeper"

Most of what I recall was yes and you. His last question was "where do you want it"

"my mouth I yelled"

He turned me around quickly and started to JO in my face

"open wide bitch"

I opened my mouth, and at the same time my kissing partner said the same. We were on opposite sides of the table waiting with out mouths open for desert. My stud yelled out "don't you guys swallow"
I was kind of confused but his brother gang member said "yeah cum swap"

They both started to cum at the same time, I was sucking up all I could. Then I looked at my kissing partner and we started to crawl onto the picnic table. When we met we both met in a french kiss with cum dripping all over our chins and face.
After we sucked u every drop we just sat on the bench and introduced

We were both married, on business and horny as hell. It was his 3rd visit and he explained to me that after a while you get to have favorites.
I just laugh and said "true"

I went back to the hotel and went to sleep with a grin on my face. I have yet to be sent back to that area.....SHIT.

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