Mr. Armstong, my gym teacher

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was the first day back to high school, as a senior. I was also more than obliged to celebrate with a few friends through out the year. We all had it planned out, we were going to get several adult strippers, of both sexes of course. And that was going to be the first time I was going to get on purpose and dance with a guy, of course no one knew I was gay yet. And I didn’t plan on telling any one any time soon.

It wasn’t until about a month into October when me and my best friend, of whom I’ve known since the 6th grade, Allen, where planning this big of ours. He was about 6 feet tall, and 180 pounds. He was on the wrestling team, and it wasn’t hard to notice that either. He had brown dark hair, that he always kept frosted, hazel eyes, nice tan, and of course I noticed in the locker room, no tan lines either. You can easily tell that my best friend was a fucking hell of a sex stud.

It wasn’t until the month of October that me and Allen were starting to plan this big party, we were also going to invite the whole Senior class of 2002. We didn’t care who it was we were going to invite the whole class. And we were going to invite teachers, too.

“How are we going to pay for all of this?” asked Allen, as him and I were the last of the people to walk into the locker room from our gym class. “Well..” I started as I pulled open the doors to the locker room. Right behind them were mine and Allen’s grayish, old, white lockers which were filled with our school clothes and our hygiene products. And right next to our lockers, just a few feet away was the gym teachers office. “I do have a job…”

I continued “but I’m going to have to see about adding more hours to save up money, you know my car payments and all.” I had said, right when the gym teacher was walking in the double doors, I had pulled down my sweaty black pair of Nike shorts, that had white trim on the sides.

As I bent down, showing my jock strap to the whole world, I heard a shortened breathe that sounded like a quiver, I quickly stood up so that my blue, half dirty gym shirt covered my tight round noticeable . I don’t think Allen noticed the breathing sound or my quick cover up. I was shy about showing my ass to any guy yet, still afraid of what other people may do or say.

I didn’t bother to look around over my shoulder to see whom it was, because when I stood up, I saw through the corner of my eye whom it was. It was my gym teacher, Mr. Armstrong. He was probably about 34 to 36 years old. A nice ass muscular body with at least one tattoo on his arm. Which was half faded and no one could clearly see what it exactly was, seeming the fact it was covered with hair.

And no one had dared to ask him what it was exactly since the fact everyone knew about his back round. People never knew exactly where it was he went for training, but there were rumors he had been to Leavenworth.

The reasons why were because his nice big bulging body, and also his fierce look on his face. For those who don’t know what Leavenworth is, it is a united states prison and an army training camp. People who go to the prison usually break federal laws. Big ones that weren’t meant to be broken.

As for the training camp people are said to come out as violent or mean soldiers, do to the fact of all the strict rules and all the , from the nearby prison, who liked to hit on the army guys as they walked or ran by.

No one did or said any crap in front of Mr. Armstrong, do to fear. Most of the guys in his class would start their warm up with push ups, just to try and get on his good side. I didn’t bother doing any of that. I just did as I was tolled and I got the A + in class. And that was good enough for me.

Mr. Armstrong, who had been teaching on his second year now, always worked out with the class, it was if he was a General or a Sergeant, and we were all soldiers. He didn’t yell and scream at us, but he would call us ladies if we started to slip. No one in his class had an F, not even the fat guys.

Everyone had A’s and B’s in his class, and also the fat guys would tend to loose weight here and there. It was amazing there were no complaints from any one and none of the parents bothered to scream and yell at him either.

Of course the ones who loved him the most were the ones who were parenting all the fat guys. I was usually one of the last guys to take a quick shower, for one reason I had the next two hours off to go to the library or have a quick lunch.

Mr. Armstrong never bothered to take showers after class, I think it was because he had to teach half the day. Of course the next hour he had no class. Today seemed different though, after everyone cleared out I was the last person to go and take a shower as usual, I past by his office towards the shower room.

I was in my usual white towel wrapped around my waste carrying a bottle of shampoo, and a stick of soap. As I walked past the office, I saw Mr. Armstrong half naked through the corner of my eye.

He had his shirt off, and I noticed he had two other tattoos just as well. One of them was on his left shoulder and the other was on his right breast. He had no ordinary breasts though. He had nice muscle breasts. His left one was a half nubbin which was hot. I tried not to look to notice able my dick started to rise a little.

I quickly picked up the pace towards the showers. Hoping he wouldn’t notice anything unusual about me. After I reached the shower, I had my back turned just in case he was to walk over while I tried to main tame Sparky. I heard a few steps coming toward the showers.. Gee my luck.

I heard the another shower head turn on right behind me. I tried not to quiver. Hen I heard a voice, yes it was him, that strong harsh voice that only spoke when giving orders had talked to me out side of gym class. “Can I borrow some of your shampoo while you wash your body with that soap?”

I shuttered at first to think. What should I say. I had to say something, any thing. A few seconds went by then I said quickly and calmly with out him noticing my erection that started to grow. “Sure.”

I heard the foot steps splattering on the ground closer and closer towards me. I tried to not quiver any more. Then I felt the heat from his body just inches away from mine. He had reached over my shoulder to grab my shampoo and then turned around. Wow was that ever close.

I then heard the splattering on the floor again drawing away. I tried to hurry with the soap, making sure suds got all over my body. I had no idea what he was doing or what position he was in while he was bathing him self. But the thought I tried to keep from my mind was of him watching me in every second that he had massaged his head with the shampoo.

Then I heard the foot steps again getting closer, just inches away his body was next to mine. Nearly touching this time. He reached back over my right shoulder to put the shampoo back and then he reached for the soap bar, which was still held in my hand. The tips of our fingers touched for nearly a second.

It felt like magic. Then once again, I heard the splattering foot steps going away. I rinsed my body slowly hoping he would finish first. I got my head wet and started to massage the shampoo slowly into my body.

The next thing I heard again was the hot hard voice of his. “Can I borrow your towel, I left mine at home?” O’ my god, he wanted to borrow my towel, he wanted to dry off with it. The thought of his dick rubbing against my towel made me want him even more. I had to frame this towel.

I wanted to keep it the way it is after he touched it with his whole body. I never wanted him even more. I wanted to jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist. It was only my brain that kept me from doing these hot urges.

Once again I had fell in silence, I needed him. I wanted him. I had to say something. “Sure.” the only words that I could find to come out of my mouth. He then reached and got the towel off of the banister of the steamy filled shower room. The next thing I could hear was his foot steps fading away. Finally all to my self I can try to calm down. I couldn’t use my towel any more.

I was going to go straight home and frame it when I got the chance. The god teacher with a nice body used my towel. That was my early Christmas gift from him. The only Christmas gift I was probably ever going to get from him. He had left with a simple “thanks” while walking towards the gym office.

After he had took off, I quickly thought about flying through a boob cloud to get my mind off the subject matter, I did manage to get Sparky and the twins settled down, but I did look semi hard, so it was only matter of seconds and perfect timing to be not noticed by him.

I then quickly finished showering, and shaken off all of water on my body. I was not about to use my own towel any more. It was now going to be a work of art. After I tried to dry my self quickly I picked up a little pace walking towards my locker, bummer I had to walk past his office.

Its not that I didn’t like his body, I was just afraid of what his body and mind could and might do to me, if they caught little Sparky. As I walked past his office I saw him drying off with the towel, it was if there was no water on him any more. Not one drop, as he was still drying off.

I tried to hurry past his office with out moving too fast, and the next thing I knew I stumbled and “bang” landed right on the ground. Shoulder first, I was laying on my back. “You alright out there?” “O’ no.” I had thought to my self, I started to get hard again as I saw the bare naked hot man come running out of his office.

He was fully naked I saw his cargo he carried in between his legs, not too which didn’t seem too large and wasn’t too small, it seemed just right. Like a normal sized dick. I wanted it so much. In and out of me pulsating my ass and my mouth. I couldn’t help get hard. I saw that nice piece of man meat flopping up and down in between his legs..

It looked so great. As he came rushing over he noticed my dick getting larger. Shit, what was I suppose to do now? He saw my hardness, he didn’t say anything, but he ran back to the office, should I stand up? Should I stand up, or should I lay there?

Should I sit and pretend nothing happened. And get dressed. Then he came running out of the door again with a set of keys he was holding. What is he going to do? He locked the gym door. Then he threw the keys down. I started to get up. Hoping he didn’t notice my dick increasing in size. And he said “Don’t move a muscle.”

I lied back down, following his orders, as if I was at Leavenworth for boot camp. I was afraid of what he might do to me. Was he going to beat me up. I hope he wouldn’t have. Was he going to kill me. I just laid there afraid. Starting to shake. “what are you afraid of?” He had asked, in a deep subtle voice.

“Getting my ass kicked… Sir...” I replied with a choke. “No need to call me Sir… I want you to know something boy, I’m not going to kick your ass.” I was relieved to hear that I stopped shaking for a split second, he moved over to where I was and he sat on my lap. I saw his dick for a split second rising. I was happy, I was relieved. “This is an obvious I think, you want this don’t you boy?”

I nodded with my mouth widened open. He then lowered his mouth down to mine and started to make out with my tongue. I quivered, I felt goose bumps. I felt his rock hard, and big body on top of mine, forming heat to rise. This was bliss for me. I didn’t want it to stop.

We sat there and made out for what appeared to be hours. But in it was only several minutes. During the making out session, he started lightly humping me, I felt his dick rubbing against mine. He petted my hair slightly with his hand. More like rubbing. I didn’t want this to end, but it had to end soon, because the possibility of a teacher who had a set of keys walking in on us.

This was fun for the moment, I didn’t want it to end. But then he lifted his head. And spoke slightly in my ear, as if he was seducing it, he spoke with the most romantic voice I ever heard, “I tolled you I wasn’t going to hurt you.” I smiled to reply then he sat up on my chest. His ass was in contact with my boy breasts.

His left and right calves covered my arms. I couldn’t move. I so wanted to touch my self while he sat on my but I couldn’t. my arms couldn’t move, it was nothing but bliss for me. With his right hand he moved his dick to the top of my mouth then he had asked “You sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to.” I smelled the nice set of pre cum starting to un attach from the head of his cock. He put his dick in my mouth full throttle. I loved it. All I could do was suck from the position I was in, but I didn’t mind though.

It was hot, and so was he. I sucked on his cock for only a few moments. Hearing him grunt with pleasure I knew I was doing a good job, and I knew I would be doing this good job just about every day. This is what I have wanted ever since he started to work here. He had then easily got bored with the sucking and just sitting action so then he placed his hands side by side above my head, as if he was about to do push ups.

He then started to slide his cock up and down my head. He was diving his waste in my mouth, face fucking me, while I blew on his dick. My arms were now in a more free position, I was able to move them, but it felt as if something was now missing that was suppose to be on top of them.

I didn’t mind because now I could use one hand to play with my cock, and use the other hand to play with his glory whole. His whole seemed to be wider than mine so I went ahead and put 3 full fingers in there. I reached and felt for his prostate glands.. Found them instantly.

I tried to rub them exotically while he continued to face fuck me till he came. I loved to hear him breathing, it sounded so hot. My hands were going in and out of his whole with the rhythm of his cock going in and out of my ass. I loved this so much, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to embrace with is body for eternity if I could. I knew then I would give anything to do just that.

After he came in my mouth, he stopped the constant speed of motion, and I suck on his cock. He tried to release him self, but I slightly tightened my mouth grip signaling I still wanted to suck him off. He groaned with pleasure at the same time as releasing every ounce of hot cum into my tight mouth hole. My fingers were still in his ass. “Put all those fingers in there, alright?”

He had asked. I just blinked twice to notify his orders. I shoved the forth finger in there, he groaned and the I shoved the fifth one in there. He loved it. I was still sucking on his dick at the same time. Was he going to face fuck me twice in a row. Apparently he wasn’t through with my mouth.

I wanted him to continue, but I wanted him to continue in my ass whole, I wanted him to break it in for me. After I got all five fingers in his ass, he groaned even louder, trying to keep his voice shrill to the halls of the school. I was fisting him. He loved it.

I don’t think he’s been fisted before. And he endured my whole hand. Just a little past my wrist, I felt a little pain, but it didn’t matter, because I had someone to daddy me around. He then started to face fuck me, again, but this time he was clinching his ass to keep my hand in. my arm moved with the rhythm of his body.

He kept on panting for air (pant pant) as if he was about to burst an even bigger load in my mouth, this was hot, hotter than jerking off to a mental image of him. Once he came I once again sucked his dick dry. He tried to keep the moaning still, as I endured every ounce, once again. He then took his hand and pulled my arm out really fast. He let out a little yelp of pain. I saw his mouth show a grin as he did so. I knew I had hurt him with pleasure, but he didn’t mind. He then stood up and helped me up. He sat on the bench and said “Come on, bend over, bend over my lap.”

I smiled, I knew I was going to have a soar bottom, but I was going to enjoy it. This man knew how to please a boy and he loved to please to. I then bent my lap over his, I was in position then he had asked “How do you want this, boy?”

“I like it hard, Sir.” “I love a boy with courage, it turns me on. It makes me harder. Do you want that hard cock up your ass, boy?” “yes Sir.” “Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack.” several spankings flew by, I didn’t do more than grunt.

I could tell by his chuckles he was happy, and this made me happy, too. “No, screaming, you’re a good boy, I love boys who can keep quite.” It felt like it had been a few good hundred spanks before he stopped, my red ass was now sore. I loved it. I could feel his hard on against my erection. It was extremely exciting.

The then said “Get up and stand in the corner, with your knees slightly bent.” Without hesitation I followed my orders with a simple “Yes, Sir.” he got up. And start to grope my body, as if he was strip searching me while I was naked. It was intense, and I didn’t want it to ever stop, not now, not ever.

Then I felt the tip of his cock head pressing against my ass. This made me groan. “Can you take it full, boy?” I knew he wasn’t going to listen if I said, no, although I didn’t mind, really. “Yes, Sir.” He pushed his cock al the way through, and I felt the intense body of his slap against my ass. My mouth widened and he said “turn your head, boy, I want to see your mouths expression when I dip it into you.”

Like always I followed his orders. He got off on this, and so did I. Both him and I like it rough. He kept on pounding into me pounding my whole at a faster rate. He kept on going, and going. He slightly yelled as low as you could, trying to not be heard “IM GOING TO CUM.” “SO AM I SIR.” I couldn’t believe it, we were both climaxing at the same time. I felt so close to him.

Then finally both he and I came, shooting loads out. I didn’t want this to end. But it had to end soon, because it was only going to be about 15 minutes or so, when the next class would come in, and it would have been a little suspicious for the door to be locked and a gym teacher walking out with a student, it would have been a little suspicious. He then got off and out of me as I collapsed on to the floor.

I was sore, from my insides to the out. He then lied right on top of me, slowly messaging my body. Rubbing it, and giving me my wish. He was embracing me. “You know, you could really survive the army, did you know. You handle your first lesson really well boy.”
Both him and I chuckled as we both sat there for the remaining few minutes we had together. We then got up and got dressed. I took my towel with me and at the door before he unlocked it he gave me a quick French kiss. He unlocked the door, stepped out first, as I followed and walked me out the boys locker room. No one was in sight, so as a kiss goodbye, until tomorrow that is, he groped my body, holding me tight, and kissed me goodbye.

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