Most Embarrassing Encounter

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Back in the mid-80's I obtained a scholarship for a summer internship in Germany while working on my degree. I jumped all over that offer- I wasn't a full ride but I got a student loan and off I went. I had lived in Germany a couple times before so I fully knew what to expect. The company I worked for in the Internship housed me with one of their worker's homes- he had a studio apartment on their second floor of their home. Just a bed, a couch, a kitchenette and a bathroom was all I needed.

The day I arrived on the job I found out that there were a couple other American interns working for the company and one of them really caught my eye. At the time I was 100% closeted and highly curious, only having experiences with other guys a couple times and that was it. His name was Tom. He wasn't the "classic stud" - he was a little on the frumpy side, a little effeminate, and just a really friendly . He was the touchy-feely type- the kind of person who is right in your face when he talks to you and always has a hand either on your arm or shoulder as he talks. I swear my website was going off-scope. I was convinced he was Gay and I had a crush on him.

A couple of weeks into the internship and the two of us were like white on rice. We were together at work and after work every day. I really wanted to make a move on him, but I had never felt so sure about someone in all my life and was nervous as hell. One day I finally got up the courage and asked him over for dinner (and possibly more) at my little studio. When he said he would gladly come over for the evening, my heart dropped in my chest.

The night came and I had fixed as nice of a dinner as I could. My landlord had been letting me use a little outdoor area in the backyard of the house. I set up the little table out there and we ended up having a wonderful dinner. We talked for hours and just after dark I suggested we head inside to escape the chill and he said okay. In we went and continued our conversation on the couch. After a couple hours (and a couple bottles of wine) I excused myself, saying I had to go use the toilet.

Now was my chance. I quickly got undressed and threw on my bathrobe, gave myself a quick spritz of cologne and walked back out to greet him- my robe open JUST enough to expose my pubes. I walked out, and just casually asked him if he wanted to get comfortable and have another glass of wine. The second Tom saw me his jaw dropped to the floor. He just sat there staring at me and finally blurted out "Oh my God, I am SO SORRY! Did you think I was interested in you? You're really nice and everything and a blast to be with, but I have a steady back stateside!"

I ran back into the bathroom and without saying a word climbed back into my clothes and came out again, my face as red as a beet and just kept saying "I am SO SORRY!" over and over again. He immediately stood up and said he had to leave and off he went in a flash.

For the next couple days, we avoided each other like the plague. I was so fucking embarrassed over what I did. Finally, he walked up to me at work and asked me to join him for lunch. It was as if nothing happened. Then a couple days later in the afternoon when we got out of work he asked me if I wanted to join him for a drink. I accepted and off we went. He had picked a small, quiet little inn near his apartment. Within five minutes after finishing a round of drinks we were up in his apartment ripping each other's clothes off.

The second we walked in the door he was kissing me hard while trying to undo my pants- and I was returning the favor and trying to get his pants off too. I immediately asked him what had changed is mind. He smiled and said "My thought when I met you was that there was no way you were Gay and it just caught me totally off-guard when you came out in your robe the other night."

After what had to be at least 20 minutes of sucking face, my attention turned to sucking something else. At to this point I had had my hand around it outside his underwear with his pants unbuckled but on. All he had to do was whisper "Suck my " into my ear and I was down on that. He was 6.5 inches and uncut, with a slight banana curve to the right. And it glided down my throat like a popsicle.

I had to have sucked his for a good twenty minutes, during which time he came twice. After that I spun him around to see the tightest, most beautiful hole in the world. And he LOVED his getting tongued. He would go no further, as much as I wanted to. He really did have a steady boyfriend in the States and i was just going to be his "Summer Fling." I was happy with that. We had nine weeks before the internship ended and both of us were in heaven just sucking each other off and eating out each other's holes. After a year or so of writing him letters suddenly communication stopped, then a "Return To Sender" came back from his address.

I'll never forget that summer!

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