Missed him once, got fucked twice. part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was now very desperate, and very horny! I had to think of some way to get my hands on Dave, so i asked him " is your friend male?" and he said he was. I told him if he was gay to I woulkd do them both or they could both do me, if they wanted some more company. I heard Dave talking to his friend and almost came in my shorts when he said "Sure, cum on over." My mind was in a state of blurred bliss all the way over to Daves apt. I rang the bell and dave answered the door, wearing a towel around his waist. He gave me a quick kiss and said he was going to take a shower and for me to go on down to the living room and meet his guest, he will join us in a minute. I entered the room and saw a young,handsome, on the sofa. I have been with a few 's, but none this handsome or young, maybe 21 or 22. I introduced myself and he stood up to shake hand's, said his name was Kev, I heard that name before and when I noticed the bulge he had I remembered, Dave said Kev had the biggest he had ever had, or seen. I don't know how long I was in a daze over his package, but when i finailly snapped out of it, Kev was smiling a smile that let me know he knew what to do with it. He was wearing a pair of cut-off biker paint's, and you didn't miss a thing. He sat back down and said " so, your going to do both Dave and I" and i said "yes", unless they wanted to do me instead, and smiled. Kev rubbed his cock and returned my smile.

That monster was at least 10"s and it wasn't good and hard yet. I licked my lipps and said maybe I should get started on that snake of his, he pulled his shirt up and pinched a nipple and said i should go put a in, i said o.k. I was picking out some porn when I heard him say, " you got a fine there Mick". I was wearing a pair of short,short cut-off's,(DaisieDukes), and when I bent over they showed most of my bunns. I looked back over my shoulder and told him "it'll be alot finer when it's full of cock." He came up behind me and grabbed my hipps, when he rubbed his cock agianst my ass, my cock almost exploded. He was working his hips back and fourth and grinding his cock into me. I was still bent over so I spread my leggs a little farther apart, and looked up between my thighs, that's when I saw how big this thing could get. his dick was poking out of his pants about 6"s, the head was almost to his knee's, and it was as big around as my wrist and I didn't think it was through growing yet! I stood up to keep from fainting and he turnrd me around and stuck his tongue down my throat and his hand down my shorts. I have a nice fat 8 incher, but I think it was closer to a "swelled 10" at that point. He stroked my cock and kissed me deeply while heading us back to the couch. He sat down in front of me and undid my short's, they fell to the floor, nothing else on but a t-shirt and a hard-on, the t-shirt was history as he worked my nipples between his finger's and gave me a hot,sloppy blow-job. I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pant's, fuck, this dude is HUGE, Dave wasn't wrong at all. I could'nt stand it anymore, i was fixing to cum, so I pulled my cock out of his mouth with a loud "POP" and told him I was easy, that I needed to be working on that pole of his. He leaned back on the couch and removed his shirt and started rubbing his nipple's agian.

He said "Sure, what cha got in mind?" I said "Well, I got a warm wet mouth and a deep tight ass, I'm here for you. He smiled and grabbed one of my nipples and pulled me to him and fucked my throat whith his tongue agian. He said "well, why don't you get a little bit?" I sucked on one nipple's while i worked his pant's down, then kissed around on his stomach while I pulled them past his knee's, PLOP his cock smacked me on the side of the face. I had both hand's on it stroking and there was still 7 or 8 inches left. I told Kev "Get a little Hell, I'm getting a lot!" I got on my knee's between his leg's and went to work on this monster meat. un-cut, I pulled the skin back to get to the head which was covered in pre-cum, I licked it up and keep it in my mouth to help lube my throat. I stroked it a few more time's and with one hand i kept the skin pulled tight agianst his base, and pumped my other hand up and down the shaft while i Deep-Throated the other 8"'s I had never sucked a cock this big. The closest I had come was deep-throating a double-dong with a lezy friend, but it wasn't as fat as Kev. My throat started to loosen-up and I really started to swallow some cock. I placed my hand I had on his shaft on his ball's and got another good long pull toward the base of his dick and swallowed a good 13"s, and still had 4or 5"s in my hand. I was a sloppy whore, moaning and groning and pumping and sucking. I finally had to get some air, so I let him out of my mouth and two-handed him awhile, I asked him just how big his cock get's, he said it has gotten to 15"s with the right sucker before, but he thought it might go more tonite. He said he has never been takin that deep in someone's throat before and he felt it getting bigger and bigger the whole time I was sucking. I told him to let me limber-up a bit, that I wasn't through yet. I looked on the table and show some Abeline lube. Cherry flavored. I coated his cock good and went to work agian, pumping and pulling I got him up so big I thought the head would explode.

I took him in my mouth agian and man what a difference. Not only was he bigger this time but the lube made my throat open up like a well fucked ass. Moaning and groaning and slurpping agian, I didn't notice Dave until I felt him stroking my cock and licking my ass-hole. He said "I see you have meet Kev". I said "UM-UM!" Kev said to Dave "Man,this dude can suck, look what he has down his throat!" and pulled my head up off his cock by my hair. His cock covered in my saliva and the lube and his pre-cum looked like a giant glistening black snake, and Dave said "damn". and went and got a tape measure, and I pulled back on his cock and gave it one more "throating" then he measured it. 17"s long and 61/2"s around, man this was making my ass itch for some abuse. I started long stroking Kev's cock and licking from his ball's to the head, Dave poured more lube on my hand's and in my mouth, and I swallowed the entire thing agian. this time Kev grabbed my ears and really started to fuck my throat. He pulled out to the head then buried it all down my gut. Over and over, in and out, deeper in my throat with each pumping stroke, then I really showed him what a good cock-sucker could do. I stuck a finger in his ass and when he buried that monster in my throat i pulled him close with my finger and took his cum-filled ball's into my mouth also. His 17" cock and his easter-egg sized ball's disapered. Dave got off on my face just watching and Kev let out a moan that started from his nut's up to his mouth. I let Kev go long enough to clean Dave's mess up. then I just had to have more Black-Monster. I was licking and sucking and I looked up at Kev and said "I want to ride this cock, I want to ride it like it's never been rode before, I want you to fill me up with that big black cock, make my ass as fine as you thought it was earlier, please,please. I sucked him hard and deep and pleaded agian,"please fuck me with this black monster cock, make me cry out in pleasure, make me your whore,please Kev, bury this hugh thing deep,deep,deep in my ass,give me all of it. I took him in my mouth agian slurpping away and he told Dave to get me ready because he was fixing to fuck me like a horse, I told him to "Saddle-Up Stud".

Dave liked my ass a little then got the lube and worked some on his finger's, then put some in my ass, Kev said "get him good and loose, he'll need all the room you can give him". All of a sudden Dave sink's his cock into my ass hole. I tried to scream out but Kev's cock muffed me down, "Dave's got a nice cock to don't he?" Kev asked. I didn't know it but Dave had a very big 9"er him self, and he was working it in and out and side to side, short strokes and long, fast and slow, man this was feeling good. I felt him start to swell and took Kev's cock out of my throat and told Dave "don't cum in my ass, I want to drink your cum, i want it to sooth my sore cock-sucking throat, he pulled out of my ass and i rolled-over to greet his cock with my well worked mouth. I took him in deep and moment's later he flooded my throat with cum. It really did sooth the fucking Kev had been giving my tonsil,s. Thank's Dave, I was starting to blister. I turned back to Kev and he had that "Bat" pumped-up and swinging. He said "it's my turn, get that fine little ass over here and let me tear it up." I lubed his cock up good while Dave packed my ass full.Dave layed back on the couch and I staddled him with my back to him and one on the couch and the other on the coffe table. I started lowering my ass down on him while Dave put Kev's cock on target. I stopped when I felt the head at my ass, then put some pressure on it, it was going to be stretched open. Dave said "come on Mick, take this black cock in that little tight ass hole, and i lowered my ass some more, "that's it" Dave said, "you almost have the head in Mick, push motherfucker push!" About then I heard Kev moan and he shoved the head deep inside me " I can't wait, I'm fixing to fuck the shit out of you whore so get ready!" The pain went away as fast as it came and I was his whore now. I sat up and took a deep breath and started down on this log of a cock. about half way I stopped and Kev said "don't stop now slut!" and thrust his hip's up hard and drove about 12"s home.

I couldn't speak, a feeling of warm, painful pleasure swept over me and I knew then I was going to take all this black cock he had, he was Fucked. I lifted up some then back down. I started to long stroke this beast, I was moving up and down and Kev was working it side to side, I was in ass fucking heaven. Dave reached around and started to stroke my dick. He said come on whore, you still have a good 5 or 6"s to go. I didn't think i liked that much, not as full of cock as i felt, I thought i had to have almost all of it in me.I was still fucking him with long, in and out strokes. Kev was really getting worked up now, slapping my ass and calling whore and pussy.I was hot to, I lifted all the way off his cock, the let the head rub my ass-hole slightly, then dropped as far down on his shaft as i could. I did this over and over, and son-of-a-bitch, this black horse kept getting bigger and bigger. I was really fucking him now, fast,deep, and hard. i would sink down on him and wiggle my ass, teasing him kind-of slut-like,Dave said "Mick, I don't think you can take it all, this fucker is still getting bigger!" "How much do I like now?" "You have about a foot in your ass but there is still a good 8"s to go." I thought he was right, I was as full of cock as I had ever been, and I mean dildo's, double dong's,cucumber's, my lezy friend fisting me, she even fucked me with a base ball bat once, hell, i was raped with a wine bottle once at a , but this black mother-fucker was tearing me up. I worked a little more in me, then went to fucking agian, thinking this was all I could take. Kev had other plans though, he had been swinging his hips around and around while I was fucking and sinking as much as I could in my ass. All of a sudden Kev buries what's left DEEP inside my ass, Dave is yanking on my cock and I let out a moan that came from as deep as Kev's cock was. I started cumming and pissing and moaning wildly. Kev was pounding me with all he had and Dave took my cock in his mouth and sucking me dry. Kev started leaning forward and I ended up face-down on the coffe table with one foot on the floor and the other on the top of the couch, I was wide-open and Kev was letting me have it. I decided if he was going to fuck me to death, I was going to get my strokes in also. I started slaming my ass back onto is cock like it was a 6incher. I was making him pull all the way out then slam it all the in, moving my hipps back and forth and sqeezing his cock tight with my ass. I turned around and looked at him and said " Fuck me , I thought you wanted to fuck, show me something!"

Dave looked around behind me and said " An ass can't take that much meat." I said " I need more, shorty here has already giving me all he's got." Kev really went to pounding me then, I might have said to much, he was really hammering me now. I reached for Dave cock and pulled it to my mouth, I told him to take up the rest of the space inside me from this end, Dave got up on the table and feed me his now rock-hard 8"s, more like 10. I was being totally fucked, raped, molested, and filled with man meat, i never new pleasure/pain this intense and deep. I was about to pass-out when i felt Kev building to climax, his cock swelled even larger and his strokes became longer and faster and harder, he grabbed me by the hipps and begain long stroking me, head all the way out, bury the bone all the way, deep,hard,and fast. I still had Dave's dick down my throat, he had me by the ear's and was abusing my mouth,telling me to suck it and swallow it and moan if i was enjoying what he and Kev where giving me. Man did I moan, I had been moaning for over an hour, and I was enjoying it, more than I could tell them at the time, so I just sucked and fucked and moaned and hummed, bit and wiggled,swallowed and licked. Kev told Dave he might want to get out of the way because he was fixing to shoot a load in me that was going to blow the top of my head off. Dave said "to late" and choked me with a giant load of cum, with his cock down my throat I couldn't swallow as much as I wanted and some slid out the corner's of my mouth. Dave pumped hard a few times and relaxed as I sucked him down. He pulled out and gave me his tongue and licked his cum off my face. Kev was in a freenzy now, slamming his hugh cock in and out of my ass. I felt him swell to a point that either him or me had to explode. It was him. He buried his cock so far in me that I tasted his cum as his cock rocked in convulsion, swelling and exploding over and over until I was so full of black cock cum that i came. Dave quickly slid under me and suck my cock dry. Kev finished cumming and rested a second. He pulled his dripping cock out and slapped my ass with it several times. I turned and looked at it and it was still a monster, 12 or 13 inches and dripping cum, I told him " you might as well whip me with it, your not going to use it to fuck me. He was laughing as he buried it down my throat one last time..

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