Memorial Park

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I arrived at work at 6:00 AM. It was Saturday and I had some catching up to do. The office was empty. I sat at my desk and pounded out reports until noon, then headed to my car. I knew my wife had yard work planned for my afternoon and I really didn't feel like tackling it just yet so I decided to stop at Memorial Park, a large, wooded park a couple miles from home and take a loop hike I had enjoyed taking many times before. It was a cold, windy day so when I arrived at the park there were very few cars in the lot. I had stopped at the liquor store on my way there and picked up a half pint of brandy. I parked the car in a far corner of the lot, cracked open the bottle and quickly drank it down then got out and walked to the trailhead. An older couple walking their dog was just exiting the woods - I nodded and said "Cold out, huh?" They smiled without saying a word, walking by me towards their car.

I walked in about a quarter mile, starting to feel the buzz from the brandy in my head. There wasn't another soul in sight. All I could hear was the wind blowing through the trees. There was a trail junction ahead. I approached, made the turn and there in front of me, about 30 yards down the trail, stood a , hands in his pockets, looking off into the woods. He appeared to be in his mid- to late-twenties and was a little on the chunky side, standing about 6' tall and wearing grey sweat pants and a white sweat shirt. He just stood there as I approached, then turned and put a finger to his mouth and pointed into the woods. I looked over and saw a doe and a fawn nibbling on some leaves on a small bush.

I silently watched, standing next to the guy, until the doe looked up and spotted us then scurried away with the fawn. I looked over at him. He was scanning me up and down with a slight grin on his face, hands still inis pockets. I saw his right hand moving slightly in his pocket then noticed the outline off a hard bulging slightly from the material, pointing sideways towards his moving hand. I knew that Memorial Park had the reputation of being a cruising park for but from what I heard, this happened only late evenings. I just smiled then looked up at his face.

He quietly said, "Out for a walk?" I nodded. He stood there for a second then said "What are you into?" I just smiled and let out a little huff and answered "Just out for a walk." He answered "Cool" and I proceeded down the trail. I had fooled around with my friend the summer after high school one dark night on a local beach after we went skinny dipping- that was it- and really had never had any interest in guys after that one night. We were anyway, and I had always regretted talking him into letting me jack him off. I just put that experience down as drunken curiosity and left it at that. Our friendship was never really the same after that.

As I walked, I heard leaves shuffling behind me. I stopped, turned and looked back. The guy was slowly walking down the trail behind me, hands still in his pockets. He had stopped when I did and was looking at me with a smile on his face. He nodded at me again and I just turned and continued on. A lady walking a large dog approached coming towards me, I nodded and said "Hello." She smiled and continued on. I kept walking at a slow pace then after a bit stopped again and looked back. The guy was still trailing me, some twenty feet back. The brandy was really buzzing in my head. I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast so it was hitting me sort of hard- and I had to piss really bad.

I looked up the trail- no one was coming- so I turned to the side and walked off trail a bit and unzipped my fly, hauled out my cock and started to piss. I heard leaves shuffling again to the side of me and turned and looked. Standing no more than 10' away, the guy in the sweat pants was standing facing me, looking at me piss. I just looked down and continued with my stream. He approached closer, staring intently at my cock. He was now just 5' away, his hand left hand now out of his pocket and fondling his crotch. I saw a wedding ring on his finger. I really had to go and continued standing there looking down at my cock as I pissed. He approached closer and now was standing right next to me. I looked over and he had pulled down his sweats, exposing what had to be eight inches of rock-hard meat, extremely thick and veined. He reached over and put his hand on my and started to squeeze my ass cheek. I just pulled away from him silently, still looking down at that massive cock.

He smiled, and muttered "Nice. Want me to suck it?" I cracked a smile and replied, "Not really- don't feel like getting caught." The sight of his cock was actually starting to turn me on a bit and my own member had stiffened considerably, half-hard and starting to reach its full six inches. I looked around. What the hell. A blow job is a blow job. He muttered, "No one's coming. Come on, let me suck it." I paused a second. By then I was done pissing but still standing there holding my cock. "Not here, dude. I really don't want to get caught." His hand moved towards my cock and he wrapped it around me. I pulled away again, and quickly looked around. There was a thicket some yards away from the trail. I looked at him and said, "Over there then- behind those bushes." I put my cock back in my pants, leaving my zipper undone. He pulled up his sweats and we walked silently towards the thicket, walking around it and out of sight of the trail. I looked around. The ground was littered with used condoms and assorted trash. Apparently, I had found a spot where quite a few guys hooked up.

He dropped to his knees in front of me, pulling his sweats off and kicking them to the side before he went down. I was breathing heavily and nervous as hell. I couldn't believe I was about to do this. He reached up, undid my belt and snap and pulled down my pants along with my boxers, looking up at me and smiling. He reached up and grabbed my cock. I was hard as a rock. His head moved towards my groin and he took me all the way in his mouth, balls , working my shaft. I looked quickly around- no one in sight- then shut my eyes and let it happen. He was moaning softly as he sucked my dick. I opened my eyes and looked down- he was looking up at my face, smiling as he sucked away.

As he sucked, he was madly stroking his massive cock. I stared intently at him, softly grunting. "God, that feels good," I exclaimed softly. His smile widened and he pulled away, saying "Tell me when you're ready to shoot." That wasn't far off- I could feel my balls tighten in anticipation. A minute later, I muttered "I'm gonna cum!" He quickly withdrew my cock from his mouth and reached up and started to jack me off, holding my cock inches from his face. "OH GOD!" I muttered, then "UNNNNNHHHHH, UNNNNHHHH! UNNNNNHHH" as my thick, yellowish load plastered his face. He squeezed the last drops of cum from my piss slit, rubbing the head of my cock all over his face, smearing my load all over it.

He stood and started to madly stroke his cock, standing inches away from me. Suddenly wave after wave of strong blasts of thin, whitish cum shot all over my jacket. He released his cock, suddenly bending over and pulling up his sweats and whispering "Fuck, that felt good!" He looked around, then without saying a word walked briskly back towards the trail, half jogging towards the parking lot as I pulled up my pants, buckled up and looked down at the mess covering the front of my jacket. I muttered "Son of a bitch!" looking on the ground for something to wipe it off with. There was a ratty, filthy pair of underwear on the ground. I reached over, picked them up and started to wipe the mess off me.

I looked around- no one was coming. I quickly went back to the trail and started to walk back towards the parking lot. I was a good mile down the trail away from my car. I just walked slowly, hoping the wet streaks of cum all over the front of my jacket would dry off. I quarter mile back down the trail I heard something off to the side of the trail. I looked over and about 30 yards into the woods I saw the same guy. He was bent over a fallen tree and another guy was behind him, pants down and fucking him up the ass. I just shook my head and smiled, muttering "Damn...." and continued back to my car then drove home.

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