Me and the team

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'm a 18 year old senior in high school. I'm a three sport varsity athlete. I'm very muscular and have a 5" flaccid and a 7.5" hard cock. I'm gay, and only my family knows. I'm a four year varsity football quarterback star, ranked first in the nation.

After our fifth win of our fourth undefeated season, the team was super hype. We ran into the locker room cheering. Coach gave his speech and left. Once he was gone, everybody started stripping for the showers.

A couple guys started twerking on each other, in their jockstraps and knee high football socks only. Our running back, Will, started twerking on my cock. I wasn't going to object, so I started smacking his .

Most of the other guys started to crowd around us, some in their jockstrap (coach made us wear them to practice and games) and knee high socks, others in only their knee highs.

I felt another ass rub against mine, I looked back and saw the hot wide receiver, Trevor, twerking on my ass. My cock was starting to tent in my jockstrap, but I didn't care.

Every guys started twerking on each other. The huge lineman even made out with me! We all kind of stopped all at once, and headed to our lockers to get naked for the showers.

Once we were all in the showers together, we started washing everybody's bodies.

When we were done, I told the team to all sit down on the shower floor. We were all cuddling with each other, and I said "Guys, we all know that there's tons of people outside waiting for us to come out. So, everybody get dried off, put some clothes on, and we will continue this tomorrow after practice, because coach always gives us a super easy practice after a win." Everyone replied "Ok baby" or "whatever cutie" and we all got dressed and headed outside.

After practice the next day, most guys weren't even sweating. Coach told us to go into the locker room, shower if needed, and go home and do our homework. Of course we said "Yes Coach" and he left and we all walked into the locker room, one by one, as a team.

Once we were inside, we immediately started to strip. We helped each other take of their clothing. I walked up to the ever, our star safety. I pulled off his tight shirt, and gave his nipples a light slap. I kneel down and take off his cleats, and I take each one and lift it to my face, and smell the sweaty scent of his beautiful small feet. I grab his and pull it to my face, running my tongue down the whole length of the bottom of his foot.

I reach up and pull off his tight football pants. I grab his cup and pull it off, covering my face with it.

I stand up and we make out. Tim (the star safety) kneels down and takes off my cleats, throwing them to the side. He licks my feet, shoving all ten of my toes into his own mouth. He pulls off my pants and cup. He massaged my semi-hard cock through my jockstrap, making me even harder.

He stand up and slowly pulls my shirt over my head, running his hands along my shaved torso. We started making out like crazy. I turn around and start twerking on his cock. I saw the rest of the team doing just about the same as I was, some people even sucking cocks.

Me and Tim move to the center of the locker room, lay down as many towels as we could find, and we laid down to together and started making out. All of a sudden I feel socked feet on my face. I start licking them, and I feel feet all over my body.

Hands slide my jockstrap off my body. Socked feet and naked feet are rubbing my body. I was in heaven. I stuck my tongue out and just moved it around, touching as many feet as I possibly could.

I feel two different feet wrap around my , giving me a foot job. I spasmed as I came, they later told me that I let loose 10 good strands of warm cum. I didn't know because I was enjoying the feet that were covering my body. I started hearing people calling me names like "Foot slut", "Fag ", "Slave", and "Bitch". I loved it.

I later found out that after I came the first time, I stayed hard. My sweet teammates kept giving my foot job after foot job, until I finally went flaccid.

All at once, the guys removed their feet from my body. The all stood around me and started stroking their cocks. They were all calling me dirty names. My dick was back to it's 7.5" hard state. I'm panting, sweaty and exhausted, from all of the excitement.

Someone kneels over me and says "open wide bitch, are you ready for my 9 inch monster?" and he shoved his huge cock into my mouth.

I start sucking like mad man. He starts furiously fucking my face, making me deep throat his cock. I feel something wet and warm fall all over my body. Some of the other guys were squirting their amazing cum all over my body. The cock in my mouth started pulsing, and I could feel his balls tighten up on my chin. I knew what was coming.

I stuck the cock as far as it would go down my throat, and cum spewed out and I swallowed every last drop. I milked him dry.

Another cock entered my mouth, after another, after another, after another.

Suddenly, I feel something cold and wet on my asshole, the spit from the guys. People started my hole, and tongue fucking me.

I felt a tip of cock pushing against my hole. He enters me with almost no problem. He said "Damn slut, your not tight at all. What the fuck do you do in your free time?" "Between us, I've had many cocks inside me, including almost every man in my family. When I don't have a cock in me, I fuck myself with my sister's dildos and vibrators, while she watches! She puts butt plugs in my asshole too." I replied.

I was being fucked like crazy. I loved the sound and feeling of his full, swollen balls slapping against my bare skin. With no warning, the cock in my mouth and my ass cum at the same time. It pushed me over the edge, and my aching cock squirted it's cum all over my body and the locker room.

For at least two long hours, cocks released their cum in my mouth and ass, and all over my body. By the end, I've came 10 times. I lost track of how much cum I swallowed, and how much cum I took in my ass.

My asshole was so damn sore. After everyone was spent, they took turns licking my asshole, sucking the cum out. After about the tenth cock, I couldn't not swallow any more cum. So, after someone came in my mouth, the next would make out with me, taking all of the cum out of my mouth.

So there I was, laying down on towels on the floor of the football locker room, covered in cum from head to toe, both outside and inside. My teammates were all laying down, cuddling with each other.

All of a sudden, I hear the door slam shut. In walks our head coach, Coach Dan. "My oh my, well this is what took you guys so long." He said. Everyone had a scared look on their faces, waiting for our punishment. But I knew better. Me and coach have had many late nights of kinky .

Coach started stripping his clothes, all the way down to his own jockstrap and knee high socks. He said "Well don't stop on my account". By then I've recovered enough to sit up and speak clearly. "Sorry coach, we are all spent. We have to wait to do anything more." I replied. "Well then I guess I'll just wait with you guys." Coach Dan said.

He stripped fully naked and sat down next to me, allowing me to cuddle up with him. Next time I want to try to .

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