Me and him: Part 5

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)


A few days past and I hadn't spoken to Charlie since last time we hung out. I guess in a way that was both of our fault coze I hadn't bothered to contact him he hadn't to contact me. Feeling really bored I decided that I wanted to work out. I headed outside to my weights and started doing some bench presses. Not before long I started thinking about the dreams that began to plague my sleep since I met Charlie. Since then I hadn't dreamed about anything else, it's been those exact two dreams. While finishing my bench press, I decide it's time I call Charlie.

After having a shower I head to my desk and grab my phone. Scrolling through my contacts I finally find Charlie. Touching his phone number starts the dialing. "Hello?" Charlie's sweet voice answers.
"Hey, it Brenton".
"Oh hi, it's been a while, I was just about to call though"
"Were you now?"
"Yeah well my parents left last night to go to their friends 50th and they'll be up there for 2 days. So me and my brother have the house to ourselves. I was thinking about having a but I realized this morning that we could have some private time, some time to really get to know each other. If your not doing anything tonight come by, you can stay the 2 days if you want".
"Wait have you come out to your family yet?"
"No, why?"

"Well if I stay the night and we get a bit physical, there is a strong possibility that your brother could walk in on us".
"My brother's going to his buddies house to get pissed for the 2 days. We'll have the house to ourselves don't worry".
"Okay then deal".
"I'll come pick you up this time, my cars all fueled up. How bout 6:00".
"Sounds great, see you then". I told mum I was leaving for 2 days, she didn't mind. She never minds. I was so excited that as soon as my mum said it was okay that I could go that I packed my bag straight away without hesitation. I packed 4 pairs of briefs (mainly because that's what I'll be mostly wearing there, all were different colours), my laptop, skinny jeans, bord shorts, tank tops and of course condoms and some lube. I was set to go even though it was lunchtime.

Those 6 hours I had to wait felt like a full week. Between lunch and the pick up time I told Ali that I was going to Charlie's house for 2 nights. She was so thrilled and wanted the goss when I got back. She told me to treat it as a sort of honeymoon. When the time hit 6:00 Charlie was right on time. Saying goodbye to my mum and sister I left the house in Charlie's Subaru Skyline. His parents brought him the car for his early birthday present. When sat down in the passengers seat Charlie leant over and kissed me on the cheek before blasting off down the street. We reached his house in about half an hour. As I stepped in I just fell in love with his house again and again. I put my bags upstairs and head to the living room. Sitting at the couch watching Skins by looks of it was his brother. Charlie shouted "James!" James turned around.

He was younger than Charlie but had the same good looks Charlie had. hair, little bit darker than Charlie and lovely lips. I didn't believe it, I was in the same house as two hot guys. I could of drooled right then and there. "Hi" I said to James, he said hi back. Those were the only words we spoke to each other. James was waiting for one of his friends to come pick him up to take him to a party. James already had the alcohol by his feet ready to take. It was around about 7:20 when James left. Charlie told him to be safe, James replied with "fuck off". Me and Charlie decided that we might have some dinner and play some Call of duty before going upstairs. We had pizza with spaghetti that his mum left him. The pizza was great homemade, but the spaghetti heaven. spaghetti I've ever had. Mind you they are Italians so it makes sense why. We sat down on the marble looking up at the flat screen playing call of duty. After finishing our meals and playing call of duty till 8:30 we decided it was time to head upstairs.

As we headed upstairs I could tell Charlie was nervous. He was in front if me breathing a bit louder and slowly walking. I comforted him and said it's all right I'm not pushing you into anything. He nodded and said he was fine. We entered his room and sat on the bed. A silence crept into the room before he said "So...we are finally gonna do this aye".
"Look you don't have to do this if you don't want to Charlie".
"No no no, it's just this is my first time".
"Yeah I know, it's okay. When it was my first time I was nervous too".
"No, no. This is my first time ever".

"Wait your a virgin?" I ask awkwardly. He nods. I was mind fucked. How could someone as hot as him be a virgin? "What!" I loudly speak.
"Well yeah. I mean yes I had a girlfriend in the past but I wasn't ready and she knew I was gay. She's the inly one who knows now".
"Wait Ali? From my school?" I ask.
"Yeah we met at a party in year 10 and decided to go out a week after".
"Wait so you haven't had sex because not only were you gay you weren't ready, wow!"
"Yeah I know that's why I'm really nervous".
"You were a bit eager a few days ago".
"Yeah but I just gave you head, no deal. Remember I stopped you from going further. Besides I'm a bit afraid". I put my hand on his shoulder and said I'm not going to hurt you I promise. I leaned in and kissed him passionately.

I got up and took out some condoms and lube to show him that nothing was gonna go wrong. "I just want it to be special" he said.
"It will be, trust me. What is more special than doing it with someone you trust and love". He smiled. "And to make it more special, I'll make sure the lights suit the mood. Like Ali said, treat it like a honeymoon. I went around to both of his bedside lamps and dimmed them to a low light then I dimmed the ceiling lights to mid bright so it wasn't bright but it was too dim that you couldn't see each others face. He then went to his stereo system and put on some music. Well it just so happened that the first song he played was Purple Rain. When it started my heart froze, is this really happening? If my dreams are coming true then that means that somehow Josh is involved with this. But I brushed it off because Charlie was already making his bed nice and tidy, not that it was gonna stay that way for long. I opened the blinds a bit so we could see his poop lit up and we could see the other houses.

I laid the lube onto the bedside to the right and the condoms to the left. Finally we were ready. We both sat on his bed and kissed romantically for a few minutes. After those few minutes of lip locking I got up and undressed myself. I stripped down to my shorts before noticing Charlie's face. He was staring at me with big googly eyes. He was set in a trance. So I slowly and sexually slid down my shorts reaves ing my briefs. They were pink and grey tight fitting briefs which showed my current hard on ver very clearly. Charlie wasn't budging, I couldn't tell if he was frightened by my manhood or hypnotized by it. I moved towards him and laid on top of him. We stared into each others eyes before shoving our tongues down each others throat. We rolled and kissed and took very shirt breathes for air. His lips were like heaven and I bet he could feel my hard dick pressing against his.

I could feel his tongue exploring my mouth. I started to lift his t-shirt off before he quickly took it off. I then started to vigorously make out with his neck. I could tell he enjoyed it by the ahhh's and gasping he was doing. Going from his neck to his chest I kissed everywhere across his chest. From there I started kissing and sucking his nipples. He was in pure extacy. My tongue wriggles around with his pink nipple. I went from one to the other giving him all the pleasure he deserved which was a lot. I wanted this to be special. I could here purple rain in the background, it was halfway through. I ignored because it would make me think about the dream. He then rolled me over and made out with my neck.I was a complete slave to his tongue. I was in complete pleasure mode. He kissed my nipples before and then started doing a combination if kissing and licking down from my to the top of my briefs.

He looked up to me. He was so gorgeous. His hazel eyes sparked, his lips were shiny from all the kissing and his teeth were pearl white like mine. He leaned up and kissed me and held it for about 10 seconds before going down again. He then pulled down my briefs halfway down my thighs.

He stopped to take a look at my dick before laying his lips over it and mouth fucking the fuck out of my dick. Everything in my lower body started to light up. He knew just where to hit it, he didn't even need me to push his head down to deep throat it. I closed my eyes and was in a state of shock. He deep throated it, lick it, played with my balls and kissed it. As he gave me the best blow job in history I felt build up of thick liquid start to come through the shaft of my dick, it was cum. My back arched my nerves exploded and giant rush of blood flowed straight to my penis causing an eruption of cum to reap out of my dick. 7 giant shot loads of sperm shot straight into Charlie's mouth and down his throat. He was surprised but showed no hesitation. He licked his lips dry if all the cum and looked up at me and grinned. He said "that tasted amazing". I was glad that he enjoyed in that unexpected orgasm.

He leaned to towards me an kissed even more. I could taste my cum in his mouth, it didn't taste all that bad. Then quickly turned him onto his back and unbuckled his jeans to reveal a giant bulge in his white underwear. I then took his briefs off to reveal I wonderful surprise. This was hung like horse or close to one at least. Right in front of my eyes stood erect what looked to be a 10 inched penis. His pubs were shaven which was an extra bonus. I looked at it and thought I don't think I can take this whole thing in. So I did the best I could. I took a deep breath and engulfed it. I went down as far as I could before gagging. It was too much. So I decided to kiss and lick his gift as well as play with his balls. I did that for about 3 minutes and nothing was making him cum. So I decided I had to deep throat him the best I could but it would need to include his part too.

So told him to stand up as I lay down on my back. I told him to stand on the side of the bed just above me. I moved across to the side of the bed. I then told him to hold the back of my head and shove his penis slowly down my throat. With my jaw relaxed he was able to push his dick in and out of my mouth at his own pace without me gagging. It worked. He moved himself back and fourth slowly. I could feel it go down my throat, it tasted really good too. Before I knew it he picked up the pace I bit. He then moaned really loud before letting a waterfall of sperm down my throat. It went straight down and I followed it. It tasted amazing, however a bit of it was stuck in my throat. Oh well nothing a bit of water can fix. So I rushed straight to his tap and swallowed it all down. I then looked at him he was still standing there waiting for me.

On my way to his side of the bed I grabbed a condom and shook it in my hand to notify Charlie I was ready to for the next step. "Brenton, I don't think I'm ready". He begged.

"Charlie trust me, imagine how much it's gonna hurt with your ten incher in me" I whispered. He perceived me and agreed to do it. I the laid down on my back. Nerves started to fill my stomach when I looked at Charlie putting on the condom over his massive dick. I was just imagining how much it would hurt. I'm not as fearless as he sees me to be. He then came over to the end of the bed and pulled me close to him. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders. My legs were spread wide and my feet in the air. My asshole was all for the taking. He asked me when I was ready, I said give me a sec. I thought use the same exercise like when I was with Josh, don't think of the pain think of the love for him.

I then thought I loved Charlie so much that I'm letting him enter me that's reason enough to take my mind off the pain. I then told Charlie I was ready. He grabbed the lube and started to lube his fingers before opening up my hole with three fingers. He was surprisingly good at this. He's a natural. After my quick pleasurable finger fuck to my asshole was done he lubes up his dick. He then said a second time are ready while positioning his dick directly to my asshole. "I love you" I said to him, "I love you too" he said to me. I took two giant breaths before forced his dick through my asshole.

The pain was excruciating. I swear I was about to faint. I couldn't even think about or love with this pain being inflicted to my asshole. I scream so loud I could of women neighbors. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked. "No keep going, don't stop" I replied in pain. He then leaned over my body and put his hands either side of my body. His dick was like a giant rod being shoved down your . It was one of the most terrible pains use ever experienced. "Almost there" he kept saying. I swore and screamed. Finally it must of past through the tight bit because his dick just slotted right into my ass with ease. He left it there for about a minute.

During that minute I had about 30 seconds of deep agony and another of recovery and pleasure. He leaned down and kissed and asked if I was okay. I said yes but told him that I was in total pain, and my ass wasn't a virgin. He then started to thrust in and out with his dick slowly. The pain was gone now came the pleasure. Nice and slow was like i was in heaven. Then he began to pick it up. He was pounding me hard and fast. It was so bloody great. I was moaning so loudly. He kept pounding my ass as I watched his abs glisten. Finally he moaned before letting out a giant load of cum into my ass. He then took his dick out and sucked the cum out of my asshole. I leaned up and kissed him.

He turned me over and put his penis inside me again and went to work again. We were moaning, screaming and having the night of our lives. He fucked me over the bed, sidewards, he fucked with me on top. We also fucked with one of my legs up and him holding it as he pounded me laying sideways. Finally after about an 2 hour of sex, it was time for his virgin hole to be opened. He laid down in the first position I was in. I got a condom and put it on. I lubed my fingers and fingered his hole with one then two fingers then three, it was so tight and he was already moaning a bit load. I lubed up my dick and positioned it towards his virgin hole. "Are you ready?" I asked. He nodded. He took 5 deep breathes before giving me a thumbs up. I then pushed it in. He moaned loudly. Luckily his ass was lubed up because it was a bit tight to get in, it would of been even harder without it.

He was groaning moaning and screaming before after about a full minute I finally got past the tight part. He let out a huge breath before I started to fuck him senseless. He started to enjoy it when he was jacking off as well. So I sped up even more. Then I felt a build of cum and then let out into his ass. He then moaned softly as the warm milky substance poured into his ass. I stopped and fell on top of Charlie's chest. I love you I said pantingly, he repeated it back to me too. We then laid there on the bed. He pushed my dick out by himself and I checked the time. It was exactly 11:24. I fell asleep on his chest listening to his heart beat. I suppose he went to sleep not long after me.

I find myself again in the deserted, old, dark, misty mysterious forest. There is howl in the wind and I'm only in black briefs. No music, no whisper just the Wind. I then hear Charlie's loud moaning. I towards the the sound. It took me a while to follow it before I found out here it was. I turn the corner around a tree to see what seems to be the worst thing I've seen in this sequence of dreams. A white bed with josh and Charlie having sex. They are moaning and screaming. Josh is on top of Charlie and Charlie has his hands on josh's hips. Josh is riding Charlie like a horse. They are smiling and the sheets are over Charlie's legs. Suddenly like in the other dreams the bed catches fire. Before I know it the bed is in complete flames and a giant scream is heard from the flames.

I awake frightened in Charlie's bed which is the one in the dream, the white bed. I realize Charlie is sleeping behind me. And I was sleeping in his arms, but now I'm in his arms. He's been cuddling me all night. I can feel the sea breeze on my back from the window. The sheets are over our lower half and he is holding me closely and passionately. There's no place I'd rather be. I look over to the time, it's 8:00 am. Not too early but certainly not late. I go to put on some boxers. I search my bag for ones that might surprise Charlie. As I bend down I realize my butt is facing right to Charlie and he can see my asshole. He wakes up (probably because he felt me get out of bed) and looks at my ass. "Why hello hello". I find the pair of briefs I want, black and yellow. I put them on and sit cross legged next to him. We kiss before starting our conversation. "So buddy did you enjoy last night was it as bad as you thought?" I asked.

"Best night of my life so far, I'm so glad we did it. You were amazing I never knew you could even do the stuff we did".
"Learn something new everyday, and I'm glad you enjoyed it". I then realize that the purple rain music and bed being in my dream was no coincidence, I wanted to prevent it, but I felt that if I did something worse might happen. I have to tell him about me agreement with Josh. "Charlie I have something to tell you" I say.
"What, your a man. Ahahahahaahaha"

"Ha funny. No but I need to tell you something. Okay well like I said before I had a fling with a named Josh. Well after about 2 months of not seeing each other he confessed his love for me the day we met. I brushed him off the first time. He came over a few days ago and....I know what your thinking, we didn't have sex. But I made an agreement with him that I would let him join in on some of our intimacy and talk to us. He has no one to talk to about this sort of stuff. Unfortunately this is a promise, and I don't like breaking them" I explained to Charlie. His look looked like he was gonna say "What the fuck". He didn't look to pleased and I didn't want to hear the answer.

To be continued.........


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