Me and best friend Ryan 69. And then fuck.

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Me and Ryan had no idea each other were gay. We never asked each other. So the day before we turned 22 together I grabbed some beer from my cause he just let me have it. And brought it to his parents house at about 4 pm.

After they left for a vacation. We sat down on his couch and watched a . About 40 minutes in and he was and I was to. He stopped the movie and layed down on my lap. I wrap my arms around him and start kissing his cheek. He gets up slowly and kisses me back. At this point we look at each other and I say "Sorry man." And we look at each other and start kissing. I initially pulled back to ask a question but leaned back in.

After about 2 minutes of making out I start to take off his clothes and he Says "Let's go up to my room. We can do more there." We go up and resume striping again. We get to our underwear and he goes right for my . He pulls down my underwear and I say "Hey man you don't have to." He replies with "Will you return the favor??" I say "Of course man. If you're willing I'm willing." I bring him back up and bring his underwear down. And we kissed for 10 seconds before I lay down on the bed and We both smiled.

He goes and gets into position and starts sucking. I then say "Stop Come here." He says "What??" I said "Let's suck each other at the same time." We then re adjust and start to 69 with him on top of me. And it was amazing. The taste was my taste of Cock and I loved it. It was also the first time getting sucked off. We both moan with both our cocks in each others mouths. Ryan then stops sucking and Says "Dude I'm close." I stop as well and say "Me to." "Let's cum inside each other." He says. I don't respond cause I'm busy having his hot cock in my mouth. He came first and I loved it. I came shortly after and we kept sucking after we came for about 20 seconds. Ryan then gets up and I do to.

We put each others cum in our mouths and hugged for about a minute. We separated and Ryan goes back on the bed and gets in position for sex. I don't think about condoms right there. I also got on the bed and kiss him again. We get in position and I put my Cock inside Ryan, He moaned loudly. I stopped and Said "Did I hurt you?" Ryan Just Shut me up To me "Just put it inside me Eddie." I put my cock back inside and start thrusting. He was so warm inside.

We both moaned loudly the invite time. After a couple minutes I say "Ryan.. I'm close." He just yells "Just do it cum inside me!" I keep thrusting until I start cumming inside my friend. I creampied him and I pulled out. Ryan wanted to clean up but since we 69'd and I had just fucked him and he didn't do me. I said "Now you do me." He wasn't sure and Asked "You sure Ed?" I say "It's only fair man." We switch positions and he puts it inside me much faster then when I did him.

Ryan's was definitely larger then mine so I was happy that this was happening. I loved feeling his cock thrust in and out of my . I started masturbating and was moaning a lot. More then Ryan did. He asked me "You good?? No pain?" I reply "Dude. Just shut up and keep going." At this point I noticed he picked up his pace and I loved it. After 5 minutes or so he Said "Dude I'm close." I reply " I cummed in you. You do the same Ryan." I feel his cum going through my asshole and I busted right there on my Chest and face.

Ryan picked me up and we made out even more. I liked it but I could tell Ryan Loved it. We spread the cum on our body's and layed down on his bed. I started feeling his cock and he did the same. We started kissing as we touched each others cocks.

After we were done We both took a shower together and made out in there as well. After we dried off and we put our cloths in the washer. I had to be naked and Ryan didn't like that so he went naked to. We continue the movie and I phone my Dad that I'm going to stay over at Ryan's. We shut off the movie and go to sleep naked in his bed. We're a couple now and I don't see us ending soon.

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