Me And Kipp

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

So to start off let me give you a bit of information regarding Kipp and I's relationship prior to this event. Me and Kipp have known each other since 6th grade and have been really good friends. He's always been tall and pretty . Not to mention he's always had a huge bulge and in gym I dame near busted a nut in my pants the time I saw him in only his tight underwear. To make this shorter I had always want him and that and the juices that lie within it. It is also probably mention-able that no one knows I am bi. Now lets begin this story.

I texted Kipp this a a girl who throat-ed a whole banana. To which he replied " I'd get her to do that to other fruits". I said we both know that you'd try to get her to suck more then fruit. That kind of talk went on for a little bit, then he said that he was in drivers ed. He went on to say that he was going to jerk off in the park. When I asked why he said because he had an hour for lunch. I insisted that he wouldn't do it. He told me to come to the park and he'd prove it.

So, I go to the park. I text him when I arrived and he gave instructions on where he was. I do, I find him in the wood with all but his socks and underwear on a rock. When he saw me he simply smiled and said " I told you ".
I continued to walk over. " So why am I out here ", I said as I got close. He replied " to help ". " What do you mean I exclaimed". He grabbed me and brought me closer saying " this will be our little secret ". Fleeing his ever hardening cock rub against me I stopped trying and said, " what ever you say ".

His hands moved from my arm to my as he griped it tight. My hand moved to his huge cock. " Do you swallow " he said. I nodded, " I said what ever you want". He pushed me down to my knees and pulled out his cock. I marveled at it, better then anything I could have imaged. He said " open ". I did, he then grabbed the back of my head and trusted in down my throat. He was rough, it was so satisfying.

After 15 minutes of face fucking and sucking on his cock, he busts at least a cup of cum begins oozing into my mouth. Some of the cum I have ever tasted and the most I have ever taken at one time. I don't let any escape when he pulls out the only thing left on his cock is a small amount of saliva. I swallow the rest of his load.

I look up and yet again he is smiling and stroking his cock. He motions me to stand up. " You think your done " he said. " Not if your ready for round 2 " I replied. He pushes me against the rock he had his clothes on. Strips me of my pants and then, pushes me into doggy form. He Spits on my hole as he starts rubbing his cock through the crack. He then says " put your face down and call me daddy". I do " fuck me daddy " I say as he enters me. Then very fast he grabs my hips and thrust me back as far as he could. I couldn't help it I let out a bit of a scream, which only made him go harder. My screams were like fuel to him, the more I let out the harder I got. For a good 30 minutes he fucked me rough and hard, but with one moan of pleasure he cummed. I'm not sure how much but he went on for a good minute after wards. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up forcing my head back to his cock, wanting another cleaning service. I did then pulled up my pants. I could feel his cum seeping out of my hole.

He pulled his underwear up and began to get dressed. I stood there with my face and ass hurting, yet in the same time in pleasure and ecstasy. When he was fully dressed he turned and said " we'll do this again sometime, but I got to get back to class now". " What ever you say Daddy " I replied as he walked back to the mobile unit that Drivers ed was being taught. I walked back to my car and sat down. I jerked off thinking of it, then drove home. Latter that night I received a picture of him in his underwear with the caption " Daddy was pleased " along with 4 other pictures the last one said that he knows some other jocks that my need my help I told him we'd talk about it.

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