Mason Meets Roland - Part One

(Part 1 from 8. Fiction.)


This story is pure fantasy. The characters and events are totally fictional. The lack of interest in erotic, male-to-male bondage/tickling within my resident geographic area, has led to putting these fantasies in writing. This effort contains very descriptive details of male-to-male erotica: /oral sex, bondage, , masturbation, and tickling. The intent of this writing is to show erotic male-to-male bondage/tickling as sexy, fun, and intimate. In this composition, male-to-male bondage/tickling is both shown as a precursor to, and as part of, the male-to- that occurs.

This is only my second attempt at writing anything, ever. Please forgive any writing inadequacies that I may have, for surely they exist. Also, this is my first attempt at fiction. I hope that I’ve made this story interesting, entertaining, and stimulating. For those readers who may not have any tastes regarding bondage, and/or tickling, hopefully other aspects of this writing will yet be interesting to you. For those of you with definite male-to-male bondage/tickling interests, possibly this story will turn you on. Should any of you readers connect male-to-male intimacy to male-to-male bondage/tickling, then maybe, just maybe, this writing will get you highly turned-on!

The story codes for this writing, if I am correct, are: m/m, anal, bond, fiction, interr, mast, oral, tickling.


Mason had seen him before. Here and there, at the drugstore, the Seven-Eleven, Arby’s, a couple times at the beach. Yeah the beach really caught his eye… nice bod'! Outside of this though, something about this guy, appealed to him, but Mason was unsure of what it was.

“Oh My!!! This guy even looks good in a work ! Obviously, he just got off work, seems tired, but moving fast. Which car? Must be one of these… Oh well… I’ll just wait”.

About ten minutes later, he came thru the exit doors. Mason’s heart raced. “I must be totally nuts!”

As he reached his car, Mason stepped forward. “Excuse me, Sir!”

Cautiously, he turned around, shifting his feet quietly. His body poised seemingly, in a cat-like stance.

“I know this seems crazy at one-thirty in the morning, especially in a Meijer’s parking lot, but… I’ve seen you before, and I’d like to introduce myself. My name’s Mason Reed, and I… Uh… well… I don’t know what it is, but… I must say, there’s an attraction… at least… on my part anyway. I’m aware that you maybe a family man... uhmm… at least if memory serves me right… I think I’ve seen you with a wife and son… well… uh… I’m sorry”

He smiled broadly, extending his hand. “I’m Roland Walker”. His grip was firm. “Well, Mr. Reed, of what interest could I possibly be to you?”

“Uh… Well… I’ve never done this before, so please don’t think strange of me… but I do find you attractive. I... uh... Look, I’m sorry… I am attracted to men, but… I haven’t had many relationships. I’m sort’a private, and this is the first… uh…”

“The first time you’ve approached a guy in a parking lot?” Roland said, still smiling.

“Yes, that’s it. I hope I’m not coming across like a nut case. Haven’t been in a relationship for quite sometime… over three years now. I’m clean, and not into drugs. Very little alcohol for that matter. I…”

“Tell you what, Mr. Reed, got a computer?”




“Go to the a-s-s-g-m dot COM, find “Karl’s Fullfillment”, that’s Karl with a “K”, then read it. If you like what you’ve read, then contact me. You’ll see my two e-mail addresses there. Don’t worry; I’m not putting you off. If you’re still interested, we’ll take it from there. I’ll remember who you are, if you contact me.”

Mason shook Roland’s hand again. “I’ll contact you for sure”.

“How do you know it’s not somethin’ wild, or crazy? Maybe even sadistic and violent?”

“I don’t think so. I can sense it in you. Besides, if it were, would you be tellin’ me to do this?”

“Touché. Good point. Anyway, I hope it does interest you.”

“I don’t doubt it. Be talkin’ to ya’ soon! And… Hey, Thanks!”

“No problem. Have a good night, my friend!”


Roland put his purchased items in the trunk of his car, glancing over at Mason, as he reached his vehicle.

(“Probably be turned off, once he reads the story”), he thought to himself. (“Oh, well!”)

Mason got into his car, and watched Roland drive off. “! ‘Karl’s Fullfillment’. Why does that sound familiar?”

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