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I was almost 2 years into my third permanent duty station (discounting boot camp and a couple stints at technical training commands for schooling) and I'd been perfectly behaved, sexually speaking, up to that point in my Navy career. Perhaps I should be more precise about my perfect behavior in the interest of full disclosure. I'd been far from celibate. Being stationed in California so much had offered a plethora of opportunities for sexual gratification. What I'm referring to is maintaining a hands off policy when it came to sex with other Sailors. Actually, I can't honestly claim that I never enjoyed the company of another hot young Sailor either.

I spent a considerable amount of time prowling the quarter peep show booths at the adult book store on the main drag of the city where the base was located for my first 2 duty assignments. It was very much a Navy town and much of the clientele in that establishment were obviously fellow Squids. I never had a sexual encounter with anyone I new to be serving in the Navy, but maybe I tried to overlook haircuts and clothing that might have tipped me off to the fact that someone was on active duty (we Sailors could always spot another Sailor - no problem). I'm almost sure I never had an encounter with any of my ship mates, but there are so many men assigned to an aircraft carrier and they are so freaking huge that it's not impossible I may have unknowingly hooked up with another member of my ship's crew. Even over in the big city, across the Bay, there may have been other Squids prowling the theaters and porn shops where I spent so much time in those wonderful days before AIDS became a deterrent to such casual sexual encounters.

There was definitely at least one other Sailor that I did get it on with on multiple occasions. He was a good looking young stud who frequently showed up in the back of the adult book store late at night, mostly on Friday and Saturday night, when he'd stagger in from the bar next door. I never was sure if he was really as as he appeared to be (almost falling down drunk) or if his demeanor was in part an act so that he could pretend, either for my benefit or for his own, that he was too drunk to know what he was doing and therefore wasn't really responsible for his "homosexual" behavior. This kid loved to get a real snoot full and his specialty, or at least his personal preference was taking it up the ass.

I think he must have had a fondness for my cock or the way I treated him because a few times I'd have sworn that he came in the door looking for ME, and at the very least, he always made up his mind very quickly to follow me into a booth as soon as he spotted me in the wandering throng of men waiting in the back of the store for a good looking stud. I may have partially convinced myself that this guy wasn't a Sailor (not that I could ever really fool myself) until I was walking up the pier late one night, make that early one morning, after returning from that big, exciting city across the Bay.

It was dark and I wasn't paying much attention to the approaching pier sentry (a lot of Sailors liked to use the euphemism "pier queer") walking his post until I almost bumped into him. It was that good looking young stud whose ass I had plowed so often, and when our eyes met it was obvious that he hadn't been so drunk on those occasions in the peep show booths that he didn't recognize me just as quickly as I recognized him. He looked very embarrassed and maybe a little scared when he recognized me, so I spared him and id not speak to him, but I did check out the UIM on his ball cap and assured myself that he was not a ship mate of mine, but was assigned to another ship that was moored directly across the pier from my ship (an unusual occurrence for that particular ship).

Now don't get me wrong. I had nothing personal or sexual against other Squids. It's just that the danger of fucking around with another Sailor for anyone in the Navy in those days was multiplied exponentially compared to finding some fair young civilian to have your fun with. I'm afraid that most of the stories we've all heard and read about involving Sailors sucking and fucking, especially on board ship, have been greatly exaggerated if not completely made up out of thin air. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I'd love to hear from any Sailor or Ex-Sailor with stories they'd like to share to the contrary; but my experience tells me that sex among Sailors, especially on ships at sea, just aren't as common as we've been led to believe. I know things happen, but they're certainly not as wide spread as a lot of Gay civilians seem to think. Whenever I would have sex with a known, or suspected, Sailor the alarms would be sounding and there was a definite fear factor involved during that encounter, but perhaps that also helped to increase the sexual intensity of the experience on those occasions where my sexual partner was another healthy young Squid.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to a young Sailor named Corey Pack who put an end to almost a decade of near perfect behavior regarding sex with known Sailors and definitely my refusal to get it on with a member of my own command. I'll set the stage with a little background about our command. Corey and I belonged to a unit that was a subset of a larger command, a bit of an elite unit if you will. Technically, we were considered to be on sea duty, and rightfully so, while everyone else in the command was on shore duty. This was probably my favorite duty of my entire Navy career.

Basically, we filled request for ships requiring our specialized service when smaller ships deployed independently and did not have personnel in their own ship's company to provide the services we offered. It really was the best of both worlds. I was one of those unusual Sailors who very much preferred sea duty to shore duty overall; and since we only went aboard a ship just before it deployed and debarked as soon as it pulled back into port, we managed to avoid many of the inconveniences of shipboard life which in my opinion revolved around living and working on a ship while it was tied up to the pier. We were a small unit, maybe about 18 men, and we seemed all that much smaller because at least a third of us were deployed at any given time. Our job was actually pretty "skate" (that translates to "easy" for all you civilian types) much of the time we were in port.

Those of us not deployed worked an 8-4 shift Monday thru Friday and it was a rare occasion when we kept everyone around all afternoon. Occasionally, we'd help out a Sailor or a of guys who were getting ready to deploy, chipping in to prepare pre-deployment briefs or just lend a little muscle to get the pre-deployment logistics all taken care of. Most of the time we just trained and tried to look busy if any of the bosses dropped into our rather remote little office which was located to give us advance warning if anyone approached from their ladder which led up to our little "tower".

I was one of 5 more senior personnel with advanced training and served as team leader if I deployed with a support team rather than making a deployment as a singular entity. I was actually the most junior of the 5 of us, but I still had to function as the LPO (Leading Petty Officer) on occasion when the other 4 were all deployed and I was not. Such occasions were pretty rare because I voluntarily exceeded to maximum (50%) deployment rate (it was peacetime) and if the unit was all that busy, you could bet that I would be the last one to spend very much time in port. Our junior guys who supported us so well at sea or in port were a good crew. Not only were they an elite bunch of Sailors; they were also a pretty hot group, sexually speaking. We already had at least 2 bonafide studs in that small group even before Pack reported for duty and most of the other guys were well above average in looks. I suppose being a small unit helped, along with a little luck, and I'd have to say that we had one of the highest per centages of hotties of any unit in the Navy.

I mentioned that at least two of the kids who'd been part of our unit before I arrived were absolute studs in their own right; both blond and hotter than hell; and it's probably fair to say that either of them might have been considered the hottest guy in our unit by others based on their own taste in men, but in my opinion Corey immediately took over the role of number one stud in my book the first day he reported for duty. Seaman Pack was a 19 year old stud, fresh out of boot camp and technical training ("A" School)Corey was a little "petite" and had those magnificent androgynous good looks that drive so many of us right up a wall.

There was nothing about his looks to suggest he was the least bit effeminate and once you got to know him at all, it was apparent that he was most definitely NOT Gay. I happen to like a cute stud who is a bit smaller in stature, so Corey's 5' 7" did nothing but fuel my interest in that little stud from the moment I first laid eyes on him. He had dark hair and eyes and just a little bit of an olive tint to his complexion, which also turned me on. One of his more distinguishing and easily recognizable characteristics was the beautiful head of naturally curly hair. That hair and the beautiful, long eye lashes that showed off his sexy, dark eyes so well were probably the main features that gave him that androgynous look. His short cropped, hair cut, was just long enough to let those very tight curls give him a look that really made him stand out among any group of Sailors, but for those of us who were Gay and really checking guys out, there were plenty of other aspects of his appearance that made him special. All of his facial features were perfect and he could have easily been a professional model with the right training. r build. Although he was a little package, his body was very tight and well toned.

Corey was one of those guys whose body fat was very near 0%, and I should no since body fat measurements were part of our evaluation process in the Navy. Corey had been with us for almost a year but because he'd never deployed as a member of my team, I'd not had an opportunity to see him even close to naked. Unfortunately, I was always deployed when our annual Physical Fitness Test rolled around so I'd never even seen him in his PT gear. Fortunately, the way Corey wore his uniform didn't leave much to the imagination. Navy Dungarees were a hot looking uniform on a fit, government inspected, young stud in the enlisted ranks anyway and Pack may have worn his as tight as anyone I ever saw. His inspection - ready dungarees were a little tight, but his everyday uniforms that he wore to work looked almost as if they'd been painted on. That's not a look that every guy could have carried out successfully, but with his nearly non existent body fat and the exquisite tone of his body from head to toe, there were no unsightly bulges or anything that would be considered obscene. The closest I'd come to seeing Pack naked was when we were all sweating to prepare a team, logistically, for a deployment and he'd remove his shirt and work in only a white "T" and dungaree trousers. Now, I'm not as free as a lot of guys are in describing a guy's ass as a "bubble butt" (that and "swimmers build" are probably the two most overused and often abused descriptions in the Gay community) but Corey had the real deal.

His wasn't an extreme "bubble", maybe because of his smaller stature but it was a classic bubble and looked oh so firm (and probably tight). Nothing ever showed off a great ass better than a pair of well fitting Navy dungarees. If you could somehow manage to take your eyes off that incredible butt, you'd find that the dungaree material covering the mound of flesh on the opposite side of Corey's mid section was equally riveting. I'd really hate to have to say which view was more mouth watering than the other. It took a great deal of determination for me to remember where I was and not stare at his well filled package or nice round butt with some slack-jawed stare when we were together there in the office; but I did steal a very brief and discreet glance every chance I got. Trust me - I'd gone home to my apartment and beat my meat to thoughts of this hot stud many a night.

As I stated previously, I really hadn't had a chance to get to know Pack as well as some of the other guys or to form that bond Sailors often do when they deploy and work closely together. I was a First Class Petty Officer and Pack was a Seaman. That's a huge disparity in rank among Navy enlisted men; not quite the wall separating junior personnel and Chief Petty Officers, but as a potential team leader, part of my job was to maintain a sense of discipline and order within the unit. This kept me from "socializing" and becoming too buddy - buddy with the support techs when we worked together in port. As for never deploying with Pack; that was partly the result of bad luck (poor timing) and the will (control) of the Chief who ran our unit and decided the makeup of teams that deployed. I made many of my deployments without the support or company of any of the junior techs in our unit. When I did head up a team, because I frequently got assigned some of the more complex missions, Pack wasn't qualified to accompany me because he was one of the newer kids in our unit and hadn't been fully trained in all aspects of the job that might require his assistance.

I've gotta tell you; I'd pretty much given up on any thought of deploying with Pack. I had less than a year left before I transferred, which meant my chances of my drawing Pack for a deployment were slim. Either of us could draw a 6 month deployment at any time which would insure we'd never be matched up. My attitude toward this was pretty much "Que Sera Sera". As much as I'd have enjoyed the opportunity to get this hottie on a ship and possibly have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of his bare ass in the showers or something, I knew that there was virtually no chance that I'd ever enjoy more than some really good "eye ball liberty" with this kid.

Well, I'd been in port for about a month and a half, which was an eternity for a sea-going Squid like me. The Chief had determined that my deployment rate was just too high and he needed to keep me at home for a while and try to at least get me down below 60%. It was a busy time of year for our unit and one after another, guys had been deploying independently or as teams. We got a request to support an Aegis class cruiser, and I was the only senior tech in port, so Chief had to give it to me. I was anxious to get my sea legs back under me. Our biggest problem with 1 week to prepare for the deployment would be finding a tech to go with me. We only had a handful of junior techs who weren't deployed at that time and none of them were qualified to assist me on this particular mission. Chief and I had a sit down to discuss finding a team member to accompany me.. He brought up the idea of turning Keller around when he returned from his current deployment.

Keller was highly qualified to assist me on this mission; in fact he was one of our best junior personnel, but he was finishing up a full six month deployment and was scheduled to arrive back in port just 2 days before we departed. Neither the Chief nor I relished the idea of turning him around so quickly for another 2 months at sea. After sleeping on it, we met again the next day. He reluctantly tossed Pack's name out there as a possible team member, apologizing for the fact that he really wasn't trained and qualified to give me all the technical support I would need. Although he wasn't yet qualified in this area, Pack was better than our other options; two females who were unacceptable to the ship which did not yet have accommodations for female personnel, and 3 other junior personnel with less time in the unit than Pack in addition to being as unprepared for this mission. I quickly assured the Chief that a warm body to help with certain requirements that I simply couldn't complete alone would be better than nothing. What sold him was when I told him I thought Pack was a pretty quick learner and promised that I'd bring him back fully prepared for any future missions based on my willingness and ability to train junior personnel and some very intense OJT (On the Job Training) over the next couple months.

That week was a heavy week of preps for us, but I did everything I could to keep from putting any more work on Corey than was absolutely necessary. He had a rough 2 months ahead of him and I didn't want him to be overly tired or stressed before we even got out to sea. There were certain products that I had to produce, mostly for the predeployment brief on Monday. I could have gotten my work done a lot quicker and easier but I had to first do Pack's part of the work in order to teach him what he was going to need to know if he was going to be any help to me at all once we got underway, and I thought it would help if he understood what I was doing when it came to my responsibilities as it might give him more appreciation for the importance of his duties and how what he did was important and contributed to the end product. The highlight of the week came during a lunch break. I decided to spring for lunch for the entire unit.

That wasn't such a big deal since there were only 5 or 6 of us in port that week and I knew I was going to be at sea for the next couple months with limited opportunities to spend my pay check. While dining on some of the finest Baja Fish (Mexican) food that the city was known for, I casually worked on a project I needed to have done by the close of business that day while listening in on the usual banter between the junior squids in the office. The subject of the day was nicknames. You don't spend much time in the military, at least not the Navy, without picking up a nickname or 2 (some of which can even be repeated in mixed company). There were a couple guys in our unit who were referred to almost exclusively by their colorful nicknames except for the most formal of situations. My ears really perked up, and I think I may have even stopped work temporarily when I heard Pack tell they guys that his nick name before he joined the Navy was "shotgun". What was so interesting was the explanation of how he came to have that nick name. As Corey told the story, "shotgun" was the nick name given to him by his girl friend (a girl he was still going with except she was back home, many hundreds of miles away from where he was stationed. The alleged reason behind the nickname was Corey's purported habit of blowing the end out of a condom when he climaxed! Now, I know that Sailors are prone to exaggeration or even lying when it comes to "sea stories" and that definitely goes for locker room talk where they brag about their sexual exploits.

Pack's telling of the story seemed to be mixed with as much embarrassment (at least initially) as bravado and I surmised that there was at least some truth to the tale he was spinning. The way he told that story definitely indicated this wasn't merely an isolated incident and I got the distinct impression it had happened more than twice. I do believe I went home and jerked off to visions of Corey's "cannon cum shot" every night that week! I was beginning to believe this upcoming deployment would prove more difficult than normal for me to maintain my professionalism and remain on my best "sexual" behavior.

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