Making things right

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I read alot of wonderful haircut stories on here, thanks guys. So, I decided it was time to add one myself, of my own experience. Back in College in the late 80`s, me and my college roommate, were suddenly hit with the task of having to take in his 2 younger brothers. See his mom had died of cancer when we where seniors in high school, Shortly thereafter, their had remarried, not to a pleasant women at all, so the father became a severe alcoholic, and the boys were being neglected and abused. So, since my college roomie was over 18, he won legal rights to his brothers. Both his brothers were very nice looking atheletic guys, and their only regret was having to leave the town and only school they had ever known to come live with us in our apt in a college town. But we willing accepted them. One brother was 18, the younger was 17, so the summer before the oldest entered his senior year, and the other started his sophmore year, we took them in. This not an easy task for 2 college students that worked full time, classes and had to study. Things went fine the 1st year, all seemed happy, and when the 2nd of the brothers finished school, he moved out and in with his old high school girlfriend in another close by college town.

However, it left us with brother, who could hardly remember his mom well, and had been allowed to pretty much run free and wild. After several altercations with the law. My college roomie asked me, being their 2nd guardian, to go with him to see the schools principle and discuss the possible plan for this unruly ager. So, the day of the appointment came, we meet the principle, and he had reviewed the kids records from his previous school, and noticed he always did well, and was in sports, but for some reason now was only interested in disobeying any and all authority. After a long discussion, the principle suggested that we should attempt to try to get him to join the Jr ROTC program at the high school. Thinking that this might help calm him and teach him to respect others. So, when we arrived home, we explained to him the importance of him behaving and becoming a good citizen, if not, we were probably going to be ordered by the court to turn him over to a foster family. Well, he`d already been thru so much, that he agreed to take the class.

By know, my roomie and i were entering our Jr year also, but in college, and with our Scholarships and Grants, and working, we were pretty well set. Well, the you kid let us help him work out his schedule for the next 2 years to insure that after his goofing off that he would still graduate on time. So, school started, oh and since i forgot to tell you, all 3 of the boys had rhyming names and all had shoulder length such blonde hair, it looked almost white, and all had taken after their mom and were very handsome men.

So, I was elected to take the to school and pick him up since the school was only 2 blocks from my work, so upon picking him up the 1st day, on the ride home, he was filling me in on the fees, ect that he was going to have to pay for that years education, and I was ofcourse telling him we would come up with it someway, for him not to worry, then he hit me with something i was expecting. He said hey man, you know that ROTC class that the principle talked ya`ll into having me sign up for?? I said yes, well, he told all newbies today that they had to get a haircut above the ears, they weren`t be required to have them shaved are anything, just cut to a respectable length as he called it, so I said when is the deadline, he said, he requested it by tomorrow, ok we can do that, so i stopped by the barbershop and he got his hair trimmed alittle. Nothing major and nothing he couldn`t live with. Well the year pasted fairly quick, then in March, right before his bday, he came to us and said that the Sgt had talked to him and that he was doing excellent in the ROTC program and that he was proud of him, however, from what he could see, his grades still weren`t at a level that he would be recieving any academic scholorships after high school to help pay for college, and that he should consider atleast joining the National Guard to help pay for his college, and had further went on to advise him that with our permission, that he could actually do his Basic Training after his Jr year of HS, and then he could do his AIT the summer after his Senior year and could then start right into college and be a leader in the ROTC program in college because he`d be advanced of other recruits.

So, we meet with the recruiter, and he signed up, and we signed as legal guardians, and at 18 he was headed to Basic within a few days after finishing his 11th grade year. So, it was off to Basic, all of us being eggheads and bookworms, we really didn`t know what he was in for, but now we to were also atheletic, just had never been around the Army kids in College. So, after he was gone about 3 days, we got a phone call, that he had been thru his inprocessing and would be headed to 8 weeks of basic training, and he informed us oh by the way, no one told me that all new recruits have to recieve an induction haircut, and I`m setting here with 80 other recruits rubbing a totally shaved head. He said Im not happy about it, but atleast i`ve got all summer to grow it back before school starts. We told him yes, that that was good, because Sr portriats ect would be made upon his returning to school, and we knew he didn`t want to have them made without any hair and let alone what would the girls say about it, because he was popular and very handsome and didn`t like his new look at all.

We`ll several weeks went on, we were writing him as much as possible, and he would call when he could, well, he called about 2 or so weeks into basic and said he was actually kinda enjoying it and watching the dumbass nerds get yellled at all the time, and he had made platoon leader. Then he said something I was expecting, he said you know what they did to us the other day??? I responded what??? He said the ordered us back to the barbershop and shaved our heads all over again, I was just getting enough hair to cover my head and they shaved it all off again, and to let you know even worse, they intend on shaving them every 2 weeks until we graduate. So, I`m going to have to return from Basic on August the something and start back to school only 5 days later, and I can already tell you, you don`t grow much hair in 5 days, so I`m going to be going back to my senior year of high school BALD!!!!!!!! and will look like a freak or something in my senior pictures. If i`d known this I would have waited and joined after my Sr year and not been the only baldie in the whole school. I will have the Rotc class thru the week and one weekend a month i will have to meet with the local guard unit, only good thing, I will be getting paid to help ya`ll out with my expenses of my sr year, class ring, sr trip, ect.

So, we wished him the best and told him we`d see him at graduation, to hang in there, we`d figure something out as we always had. Well, the 8 weeks was finally up and me, my roomie, and the middle brother were off to see him graduate from Basic. We were so proud of him, and the fact that he had held is spot as platoon leader the whole time in basic, and after he graduated he was going to be allowed to go with us back home. So, when graduation was over, we finally got to see him, and boy had he changed, we recognized that his atheletic body had become a very bufff manly body, and of course, we couldn`t wait to ask him to remove the hat!!!!!! and before our eyes there he stood, and poor boy didn`t have a twig of stubble on his head, said he had gotten it freshly cut that morning as required for graduation, so he was totally bald. But we told him it didn`t look so aweful bad, that at least he had gotten a tan on it, but he said yeah but my hair being so light, i don`t even have a shadow or hairline, I"M BALD!!!!!!! and everyone at school is going to laugh at me.

So, we loaded him up and traveled the 6hrs back home, him constantly, worried about his hair situation, and us trying to convience him it was ok. So, sometime before we arrived back home, we stopped to eat, and everyone in the restuarant was staring at his head and he got very self conscience. Well after we got back in the car to finish our trip, he looked at us and said hey guys, it was your ideas that i go ahead a go to basic before my senior year, and now i`m going to have to be BALD for my senior year, so I think it would be only fair that the 3 of you go under the same situation that I`m in. We asked what you mean??? And he said ya`ll know what I mean, you and Luke, are going back to school to, for your senior years in College, and you Sam, are starting back to your junior year, am I right??? We all said yes, ok then, If we are all truly brothers and care for each others feeling, then when we arrive home, each of you, will allow me to give each of you the same haircut that I have, and ya`ll will know how I feel right now!!!!! We all looked at each other, then I said, What the Hell, I`ll cut my as short as your willing to cut yours. How`s that for a deal???? And he said Great, I have one taker, now how about my blood brothers???? they looked at each kinda like whipped pups, and finally, said OK, we`ll do it to, but that i would have to be first.

So, we no more than got home, and got the bags in the house, and our new prvt 1st class hit the shower, it kinda looked funny when he came out in his civilian clothes, only shorts, no shirt, boy the Arrmy had turned our little boy into a man!!!!! He had an awesome body!!!!! Then I happened to look up and noticed!!!!! He had also while in the shower, shaved off what little stubble had been left on his head, and was standing there, completely smooth. I asked, "why did you shave your head smooth", and his reply was I`ve been bald all summer, what`s a couple days of stubble. And our agreement was that ya`ll would get yours cut just as short, suprise boys, ya`ll are fixing to shaved smooth. SLICK BALD!!!!

Then he looked at me, and said didn`t you agree to go first???? I know my face lost all expression, and i muttered something about no agreeing to a complete shave, but he said to late!!!! and pulled a set of clippers out of his bag!!!!! He said guys, now I`m in charge, i`ve obeyed you 3 for the last several years, now i get to be boss. Then he ordered us to all strip naked and wrap a towel around us. Then I was asked to have a set in the dining room chair, which after seeing his body, didn`t argue, figured he might could take me know. So, i sat, and I no more than let my butt hit the chair and he fired up the clippers and made the 1st of many trips accross the top of my head, and ofcourse all 3 of the others were laughing finding my embarassment so enjoyable. Well once the clippers had removed all my brown curly hair, and my lap, chest and back were covered with hair, he allowed me to reach up and feel my new head. WOW what a difference, and i asked the other how it looked, they laughed and said BALD. Then my barber said no, not bald yet, but now he has a choice. He can either set here while i foam and shave it smooth, or he can get up and allow each of you to have your heads buzzed first before we get out the cream and razor.

As I looked down at all my lovely nicely styled hair now laying in my lap, I stood up and allowed it to fall to the floor, and said my decision was to see the other 2 buzzed first. So, they argued back and forth on who was to be next, finally, the middle brother said i will, but don`t think you are getting away with hair brother, cause after me it`s 3 against 1.

So, he took his place and like me underwent the torture of having his baby brother clip all his nice hair off his head and onto his lap and floor. And when the clippers was finished, the oldest brother said, hey, he looks balder than my roomie does, and he explained that my hair was so much darker, that it looked as if i had more, and that i would probably still have a hint of a hairline after the shaving that them 3 wouldn`t!!!!! there saids would look like his, SLICK and HAIRFREE!!!!! Then the oldest Brother said that`s not fair and tried to run, but in only a towel, he couldn`t get far and we were on him and had him in the chair, and he too took the shearing of a lifetime, however, when his shearing was over, he was not let up and the cream and razor came out and his head like his youngest bro was now smooth and slick and with his tan face the contrast was funny, dark face and shiny snow white scalp. We all laughed and he jumped up and ran to the shower to look and rinse off, While he was in the shower, I and the middle brother took our turns with the cream and razor and now we were all shaved. Still wondering what was taking the oldest brother so long in the bath, we decided to check on him, what we found somewhat surprised us.

For there in the shower stood the oldest of the 3 enjoying the water running over his now smooth head so much that he was stroking his member as hard as he could. We all busted out laughing, and started kidding him, that to be the one that didn`t want the cut the most,, that he was obviously enjoying it now for some reason. That`s when he told us to join him, he said we`ve all seen each other naked 100`s of times and been skinny dipping together, we had to feel it, so towels dropped and we all 4 were now in the shower soaping up our bodies allowing the water to run down our newly shaved heads and working our members as hard as we could. Boy did each one of us blow a hell of a load, then we finished showering and got out to dry. However, the other 3, still didn`t think it was fair that I had a shadow on my head that they didn`t have, so, my roomie remembered some Nair left by one of our 2 girlfriends at some point, and told his brothers that it should be used on me to remove my hair below the surface so I would be as bald as everyone else, and so it was, and when it was removed, so was my shadow, and there we all stood, with not a sign on hair on our heads. And with my tan face I now looked as rediculous as the other 2. So, the idea was presented that we get our swim suits and head to the lake and attempt to rid our heads of the white caps as we were calling each other, and we did and oh at the stares we recieved at the lake and several questions from a few other guys, some said they might try it. I doubt it, but I told the rest time will see, we went to the lake every weekend, and by the time winter had set in, we actually spotted several more baldies on the lake by the end of summer, and wondered if we had anything to do with it.

The next summer he went to AIT, and shaved his head before leaving for duty, and yes we joined him again, friends that shave together always stay together.

The End
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