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Making things right reviews

Posted by izzy (email: kris)
this waz boring
Posted by matthew (email: nki)
This story was very dull i dont believe this had any type of gay relation in it at all just friend ship
Posted by Ryan V. (email: hnt)
Very nice, very nice indeed. All its lacking is some fucking(s), but at th ame time i have a huge fetish with hair, left me hard and ready to cum.
Posted by ryan v (email: hnt)
sorry for the typos, doing t is from my cell
Posted by nai m (email: naii)
5/5 i LOVED it dont listen to these people theyre haters ur a good author mayb a little more sex but still a good story
Posted by Josh (email: Idon)
I thought this was a sex story :(
Posted by Sam (email: same)
The most boring story in the history alot of details we don't need!
Posted by ZoeThompson (email: Zoe_)
Brilliant writing. Hot as hell, but plenty more to it too. Well done. Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
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