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“Can I help you with something’?” A gruff Australian accent pulled you from your thoughts and you looked up from your map.
“Oh no, no…no I’m fine.”
“Are you sure? You look a little lost.”
“I’m not lost.” You protested with a huff.
“Really? So you meant to end up in my backyard?”

Finally, you really looked up and stared around at the patchy lawn with a pool and some furniture. “Oh, wow I’m really sorry. Your um, your backyard is really open.”
The man chuckled and hopped off his back porch, meeting you halfway. “Lemme see that.” He said, taking the map from you and scanning over it. “You tryin’ to get the center plaza?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Well you’re about four miles in the wrong direction.”
“Oh fuck me.”

He coughed a laugh and shook his head. “Where are you staying? I mean where’s your hotel?”
“Shit you are far.”
“God, looks like I’m stuck here for the night.” You muttered. “I wanted to go hiking.”
“You need a place to crash?” He asked. “I got a couch. Always willing to help out a fellow human being. I’m Chris by the way,” He said and you shook his strong hand. Shit. Very strong. Was this man a God?
“Hello Chris, you’re very tall and you scare me a little bit but I’ll take your couch.”

He laughed. “I’m not that tall, 6’5’’ or 6’6’’, I can’t remember.” He muttered, waving the conversation off and leading you into his house.
“I’m James by the way,”
“James, nice to meet you. Where ya from?”
“New York.”
“Damn, I’ve been there. It’s bigger than me.”

You chuckled and stared out of the window. “The sun sets fast here.”
“Yeah, I love it here.” He sighed. “I travel a lot for work.”
“What do you do?”
“I’m an actor.”
“Like a working one?”
“Yeah, I’ve been in some shit.” He coughed. “I got an audition for a next week, flying out to L.A. in a few days.”
“Shit, well good luck.”
“Thanks,” He smiled.
“So, James. What’s a beautiful doin’ in Straya?”

You shrugged. “I needed a break from New York, so I thought I’d come to a place where every animal in it wants to kill me and hike.”
Chris grinned and laughed a bit. “You been checkin’ toilet seats n’ shit?”
“Damn right.”
“Good .”
“Is anyone going to mind I’m here?” You asked.
“What d’ya mean?”
“I mean, wife…girlfriend…mother?”

“Ah, no I live alone – except my little brother Liam stops by and eats all my food on occasion.”
You chuckled. “I feel you, I have a little brother. He eats my food and fucks my friends.”
“Lovely.” He said, cracking open a beer. “You want one?”
“Fuck yes.”

He smiled and handed you a cold beer, which you greedily drank down. “Perfect.”
“So, we got about fourteen hours until proper sunrise, what do you wanna do?”
“I kinda wanna trace your body with my tongue but that could be the one beer I’ve had talking.”

He froze and stared at you, and for once, you thought maybe you had said too much. He then set down his beer and walked towards you.
“You don’t know my last name.”
“I really don’t care I haven’t been fucked in months.”

He grunted and grabbed the sides of your face, shoving his tongue in your mouth and expertly massaging it against your own. “God damn,” He muttered and you began stumbling around trying to find an appropriate space to have sex on. “Here?” He asked, nodding to the rug.
“I don’t want rug burn.”
“Fuck yes,”

He laid you down and you both began stripping your clothes off.
“Ah!” You cried out as you rolled off the couch and ended up on top of him.
“Fuck,” He muttered, adjusting himself beneath you.
“Sorry,” You giggled. “Did you hit your head?”
“C’mere,’ You leaned down and kissed his head. “All better?”
“Much better.” He dug around in his jeans and pulled out his wallet, tearing open the foil package of the condom and leaning you back so he could slide it over his impressive . Well, that wasn’t surprising. Everything else about him was large. “You wanna ride me or do you want me to take control?” He asked, his voice low and raspy.
“Go to town, baby.”

He flipped you over and pushed himself inside of you. You grunted with small laugh and he wasted no time in relentlessly pounding into you.
“You like that, New York?”

You grinned and he kissed you, smiling against your lips with his built arms wrapped tightly around you. He isolated his hips to roll against yours, hitting you fast and deep.
“FUCK, CHRIS!” You screamed and you heard him let out a deep, guttural groan. “God baby you feel so damn good.” Your hand moved down and gripped one of his cheeks, digging your nails into the meat of his ass.
“Well that’s new.” He muttered, sitting up a bit and slowing his face. “Cum for me, New York. Scream.”

You squeezed yourself around him, focusing on the fact that he knew exactly where to hit you. “Oh, Christ…” You muttered then let out a loud moan as you came, shuddering around him with your legs shaking. Chris relaxed and focused on himself before he let out a bellowing moan and released inside of you.

After a few moments, he collapsed backwards and began panting. You crawled your way up his chest and laid on top of him while he rubbed your back.
“Got another thirteen hours.” You murmured.
“We’ll find some way to fill our time.”

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