Living Out My Fantasy

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

From my early teens I have enjoyed being naked in public and being looked at. In later life I have gone a few steps further and now frequent places where I can have sex in public.

My experience with being naked in public was at a public locker room and shower facility at Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. I always enjoyed taking long showers and allowing the to stare at me. I had little knowledge then that I was in fact gay myself.
I married and after some time my wife and I would go to Plato's Retreat in Manhattan, get naked and have sex in public. There was also a swinging scene but I was always reluctant to allow my wife to have sex with other men. On a few occasions she did have some touching from men and fondling and mutual with other women. I found this thrilling to watch.

Around the time I was 25 or so I had my first male sexual encounter. I was on a flight to California, had way too much to drink, blacked out and ended up naked in a hotel room with my seatmate. He performed oral sex on me and I didn't have another homosexual experience for about another ten years until I had a brief affair with a fellow worker. My appetite was whetted.

Before long I began frequenting the many gay bath houses in NYC. Still married I liked the anonymity of these places and, of course, loved the raw sexuality of what went on there.

Right form the start of my new activity I'd get naked (most of the other guys wore towels) and, finding a suitable partner, I'd get on my knees and suck his . Some times I'd end up doing several guys before masturbating and going home.
More recently I have been going to two gay resorts here in California where I now live. They're fun place that allow nudity and have play areas where all manner of sexual activity take place. As for me I only suck and it.

Between trips I have a local masseur who has the most delightful that he allows me to suck prior to and during my massage.

Having avoided sex, except fingering, which I enjoy, I do fantasize about getting rear ended while I suck a cock in public view.

Keep posted I'm getting ready to live out that fantasy real soon.

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