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Lights Out reviews

Posted by matt (email: ma.b)
Awesome story! I loved it. :D keep writing
Posted by Colin (email: colf)
Great story! Superb writing ... thanks.
Posted by mike b (email: mdbo)
very descriptive, great storie writing . exciting, just the write speed, good spelling. i enjoyed reading it and if there is any truth to this story would enjoy reading more.
Posted by Chris (email: chri)
What an amazing, intense, beautiful story! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if you had said what happened after that. A sort of epilogue. But, other than that, very good!
Posted by Jacque 3 (email: Emai)
Posted by Kevin (email: park)
Reminds me of many happy and surprisingly simular events during my army days as a medic.I only wish that it was my cock that you had your hand on.It brings back great moments during my days as a medic.Well done.

Posted by fran (email: lion)
Hot sex in Navy barracks, nice. I remember the times I had sex while in the Navy, hot Navy no better :)
Posted by john (email: yuko)
Outstanding encounter with your love. Is there more to this story. My rod just peaked while reading this.
Posted by PETER MAY (email: sonn)
Great story ! Love brown boys and their bodies !!!
Posted by Horny Jerry (email: park)
Very good! Follow this up, perhaps, with a story about sex aboard ship, in a storage space or something like that which would not have anyone else but the dudes fucking or sucking there.
Posted by Marky Marque (email: plaz)
for a top rating all this needs is being discovered by someone who won't tell as long as they....
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