Koroush and Zack

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

Well this is not just another story that is explicit in nature or has got a touch of pornography it is a story of love of passion and desire between two young hearts which meet in a totally different environment!

My this story is based and written in a far distant land from the rest of the world where most of the people would not even dare to go, unless they are soldiers of the NATO or the Pashtun fighters who continuously engage in furious fighting over the issues of religion, race, culture and power.

This a story of a small town called Bashkiria, it is on the west of the Afghan Iran border and is inhabited mostly by a population which is Aryan in race but does not considers itself to be fully European ! It is a pleasant land, unaffected by terrorism and Taliban plot but really is not good for those who are queer to know what the rest of the world looks like! Here we have a typical hero, a young lad of 19 years who had been living here, the only language he knows is Pashto and Farsi, the food he eats is oriental, he cannot smoke or drink because he is a very pious Muslim but he loves to play with balls, he never had a chance to see a TV or he would have known what ball is. For entertainment he sings to the goats and like wise gets responses, which are merely nothing more than Baaaa- Baaaa or Meee MEEE!!! Still he likes it.

Is it the sin of his race or the gift of the almighty that he has full flowing wavy blond hair, cherry complexion, deep blue eyes and a chick face that even the most adorable Victoria’s secret model would faint after just a glimpse of him . He is tall 6’2 and has no fashion sense except for carrying a broken air gun as an accessory! The funniest part of it is that he does not know he is beyond what the west calls a super model! He at times feels shaggy, I mean he get morning wood, a good thick cut cock springs up in his underwear but he cannot make out if he should touch it or let it go back to sleep. The confusion regarding his contemplation over this matter comes from the very fact that god hates such evil thing! He must refrain from such acts of nonsense.

Now, giving a stroll about this handsome twink, I have not even disclosed his name, well he is Koroush! A sexy name for a super !

On the other side there is a big multi million are guy named Zack though his name is Zack McLeod but he hardly knows that he is related to Ireland as his great grandfather once sat at the Dublin ware house selling gold and chandeliers, he is an American born, handsome guy, after all his mother is Swedish in descent, his eyes are blue and his cleft in the chin makes him look more cute than any other college hunk in the vicinity! Now he is born to a rich dad and has only one sibling, so he gets what he wants. His father Zack McLeod , the senior gave him a Rolex, but he wished to have a Hummer instead . Any ways enough of his praise . The only things left about him are he is very stubborn, dominating and a real hero who lives in New York and is a stud who fucks every bitchy cheer leader.

So how does this story makes sense? Well, it happened that American NATO forces were active in the Eurasian region of west Afghanistan or I should say Pushtunistan border with Iran and that is where our dear Koroush lived! So the other hero Zack got messed up with his mates and they bet that he is not a man who could take a wild ride in life, well all those who suppose to have a wild ride move to Texas, where George Bush is personally riding wild horses, or should I say they are riding him now, but this was no scene!

He bet and signed for the military, his family who never even bothered to talk to him but made sure he gets every comfort practically available with money were very worried. But his father had a very positive hope that he will be thrown out or perhaps he will run away from the training camp and every thing is going to be normal!

Sadly, the dreams of Mr. McLeod Sr. dashed to grounds as Zack made it to the forces, though with a much muscle force and less mental efforts, but that is a totally different story!
Soon his orders came and he was then not posted but planted to the west border where Koroush lived, at the sight of the armored vehicles moving into his village Koroush was very upset and even thought to shew them away with his half broken air gun but, the very sound of an American tank, gave his the emotional diarrhea !

He had never seen an American before but had herd the tales about them as we have been told tattles in our childhood about David and goliath, for this was the time he was David and those were the goliaths! Koroush was amazed to see that how some of his enemies looked like him, but only had a little fat noses and big lips, the others were and some looked like the Mongols! He was terrified, and thought the Euros, Arabs and Mongols have all together attacked his little town, but soon his fears went away as he saw them living in tents and bunkers and posing no harm.

On the other side of the human race was Zack, looking at this place and imagining the old movies made on gulf war1 he was the Arnold, who terminated every evil. In his mind the enemy were, dirty, never been shaved, geeky mullahs who were fighting for no good reason, but a faith.

Well he never imagined how life will be without all the luxuries of the world he had in NY . Here no balls, no chicks and no fun!! So, a typical boredom, but an inside fear of being attacked an d the zeal to tell his buddies how brave he is!

Days passed and soon Zack was on patrol of the area surrounding the town/village! As he was about to climb the mountain, he heard a whistle and then some strange babbling?? He was alert and then moved slowly to discover that someone is sitting on the leap side of the rock and is talking to goats1 well he just laughed and that man turned very quickly to see who has laughed and poked him in middle of his important conversation with his friend, Abdul, the goat. It was Koroush

As he turned, Zack was thrown into other world of mesmerizing pleasure, his eyes opened wide and his breath became heavy, he had never imagined of looking at something so beautiful,
Koroush’s looks had made him lose every thing and just stare in a manner of admiration which was full of lust. Zack advanced towards Koroush and said, are you a chick?

Koroush: ha! Hib hala, ikh omen du nuetrt mi ton rityi dost en bakaran!

Zack Laughed again and knew that Koroush does not under stands a single word of English but was also very perplexed as to how come he could be attracted to a guy? He soon started imagining boobs and remember the words of the republican uncle he had, ‘eve you like a guy, just think of tits and you’re back to the straight league !Ha ha ha!!!’

But sadly the formula did not work, every passing day Zack went on patrolling and every patrol made him see Koroush and every look at his blond, fuzzy hair, his luscious lips, his beautiful hairless face made him mad day by day! Then came a moment when Zack was no longer even able to imagine boobs and his dick got stronger than morning wood just at a taught of Koroush.

The other side was the same, Koroush was unaware of his sexuality but was intrigued by the way he had started to admire Zack. Both were falling in love but neither they knew each others language, nor culture and had no means of talking .

This secret admiration was turned into a lust full love of desire which was burning on both the sides and they were both falling into the paradigms of culture and religion. Man to man love was obscene and Koroush even repented 10 times in the Mosque asking Allah to forgive him for such thoughts and denouncing the devil who was making him think of the American handsome stud as his soul mate.

Religion, culture and every other no sense theory and practice has never been able to hold lovers and so was in this came there came a day when Koroush was returning from the Mountains that suddenly Zack appeared, unable to control his passions and desires Zack started at Koroush!

Zack: hey, you Stop!
Koroush: Afraid and silent!
Zack: Hey, DO you Understand what I say?
Koroush: Silent again!
Zack: Hey, honey pie, would you let me touch your sweet rosy lips?
Koroush: Silent and unuttered!
Zack: you like dicks? Ha, You like sexy dicks? Huge ones!!
Koroush : No Answer!
Then Zack grabbed Koroush in his arms, but Koroush was very resistant to the sudden love attack he got from a stranger who he too admired so much ! Soon Zack with his American power won over the meek Euro kid and their lips met for the very first time! It was a revelation for both of them, as both pretended to be straight and chick hunters! The mesmerizing touch of lips and the moist warmth of the breath made both of them insane in a manner as they had finally landed utopia!

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