Karl's Fullfillment

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KARL’S FULLILLMENT: A True Story of M/M Tickling Erotica
(M/M) (Bond, Interr, Oral, Real, Tickling)

Author’s Note:

This true story focuses on a young twenty-four year old Caucasian, who comes to age, as a tickle top. Karl’s relationship with Roland, a forty-five year old African-American, allows him to realize a long-held fantasy of having a ticklish, bondage friend to play with. Karl also discovers a latent, controlling nature within himself, that begs for satisfaction. He becomes aware of, a need to control, manipulate, and direct another male’s sensitivities, for ticklish/erotic effect. The results achieves an intense, higher level of satisfaction for both Karl, and Roland.

Although Karl does incorporate oral means in playing with Roland, their is no physical sex. The results of their relationship, swiftly reached heights of satisfaction, that negated such an intent. Furthermore, such avoidance, aided in quickly developing an intimate respect, and appreciation for one another, truly being heartfelt.

This is not a tale of male to male tickle torture. Although intense, this is a true story of male to male bondage/tickling erotica. The characters presented in this work, Karl and Roland, achieve a certain arousal and release through tickling. The real events depicted in this story are described as they happened: a minimal amount of fictionalization regarding character names and locale has been used, as well as a small touch to the bondage/tickling/erotic scenes. Otherwise, this story represents Karl, Roland, and their relationship as it developed, in complete actuality.


Chapter 1

Karl was at his computer half-heartedly browsing gaynet.com when his speakers chirpped,
“You’ve Got Mail!”. “Big Deal”, Karl said. He kept scanning his monitor for another half-hour, not expecting to find what he was looking for. He finally switched to his favorite online, non-betting, bingo site, and played bingo for two hours. Finally, he shut off his computer and went to bed.

The next morning, after a quick trip to the store, Karl sat down at his computer with a cup of
coffee and logged in. When ‘You’ve Got Mail!”, greeted him again, he sighed and clicked
“Read Mail”. Karl gasped when he saw the subject line, “Response: TickleTime Male Personals”. Trying hard not to get excited, he clicked “Read Message”. He was taken aback when he read:

'Hi there! I couldn’t believe it when I saw your ad! Of all places, Bayshore, Michigan, I
find a tickling ad! Recently located here, I’m an over 40, married Afro-American male, 6’0”,
225 lbs, good build, receding hair line. I have very sensitive nipples, and very ticklish feet.
Would you be interested in tying, tonguing, and tickling a guy, then licking his nipples again,
while he masturbates?'

Stunned, Karl sat staring at his monitor in disbelief. It had been over six months, no, almost
a year since he had placed the ad with no responses, not a single peep. Now this? No one knew of his private , for he had revealed this to no one. Not even his closest lover, now his ex-lover, knew this. Karl stroked himself to sleep at night, fantasizing of a nude, bound, male body in his bed, ticklishly exposed to his prying, probing, dancing fingers, and teasing tongue.

Heart pounding, Karl was tembling so much, he was spilling coffee from his mug. He was
shocked back to when his raging hard on felt the the hot java splashes. “Holy Shit!”
Karl stood up and went to the window. “I don’t believe it! Not here!” Staring out his apartment window, he shook his head.

A conservative place, Bayshore, Michigan is located on the east side of the state, along the
Lake Huron shoreline, north of the Saginaw Bay. A working class town, it has one General Motors plant, and surrounded by flat farmland. The population is employed either a few miles south in Bay City and Saginaw, at GM or Delphi, or are farmers, or both. Gays in this town keep quiet, due to the values here, and Karl stays especially quiet.

All of his ads, room excursions, and IM efforts had yielded nothing close to satisfying his desire to find a ticklish buddy. Now this, popping up in this quiet, conservative town was mind boggling. Is it a fluke? Is this guy one of those cyber-tease assholes? “Hell, I did update my age, this guy says he’s over forty, and I’m only twenty-four! A , gonna let a younger white boy tie him up? And tickle him? It’s gotta be bullshit!”, Karl exclaimed, and threw up his hands.

Later that day, Karl tried napping on the sofa. He tossed and turned, the ad response constantly in his head, “are you interested in tying, tonguing, and tickling a guy?" Sweating, unable to rest, Karl got up, went to his computer, logged on, and fired off a reply:

'Very interested! Do not care to be tied and tickled myself, but open to discussing other things! Hope to hear from you soon!'

Having taken care of that, Karl laid down again and jacked off, visions of teasing a ticklish dude in his head. When Karl got in from his sister’s that night, a reply was waiting:

'Sounds OK to me! Here’s my work number. I work midnights, and these are my hours. What’s your schedule? Early mornings, and/or Saturdays are best for me. If you call and I don’t answer, just leave a voice message, and I’ll return your call. Don’t worry, it’s private'.

Karl gasped, “Wow! A phone number? This may be for real!” He re-read the message. “Roland, huh? Well, Mr. Roland, let’s see if this is gonna work out!” He glanced at his watch, it was 2:15am, then grabbed his phone. His call yielded Roland’s voice mail, so he left a message that he be would up until 3:30am or so, and left his number. Twenty minutes later, the phone rang. The caller ID said ‘Stanton Corp.’

Nervously, he answered, “Hello?” A clear, deep voice made his heart stop. “Hi Karl! This is Roland”.


Two weeks went by before Karl and Roland finally got together. Coming straight from work,
Roland arrived at Karl’s apartment building that morning just past 7:30am. When Roland walked thru Karl’s door, it was apparent both of them were nervous. Karl remained seated on the sofa, while Roland removed his coat. Smiling, Roland said “Hi”. Karl, still trying to beleive this was about to really happen, quietly replied, “Hey”. They made small talk for a few minutes, then Roland stated, “Well, I guess I’d better hit the shower”. Karl pointed to the bedroom, “Bathroom’s off from there, I set towels and stuff out already.”

Roland had undressed to his briefs as Karl came to the bedroom doorway. “Wow! Mind turning around?” Roland turned his back Karl. Barefoot, Roland stood six feet tall. Medium brown skinned, he was broad shouldered, vee-shaped, thick waisted, yet flat tummied. While not striated, he still displayed subtle muscle definition. His thighs were shapely, high calves were prominent. Fixated, Karl scanned Roland up and down.

(Oh Shit! Hope I don’t piss this guy off!)

“OK, turn back”. Karl kept his hands up against the doorwall, attempting to hide how much he was trembling. “Work out?”. Roland shook his head, “Not for several years now, really. Oh, here’s the rope. I won’t be too long”. Karl stared at the rope as Roland showered.

(He’s serious! This is really gonna happen!)

Still trembling, Karl patiently stayed in the same doorway, leaning against one side. His mind was racing,

(‘What am I gonna do? I’ve waited all this time, how the hell do I approach this?’)

Still toweling off, Roland emerged from the bathroom. Karl walked over, put his arms around Roland’s waist, and gave him a warm, wet kiss. Roland took Karl’s tongue against his and allowed the kiss to become passionate. Roland shivered as Karl’s fingers grazed up and down his back. The longer they kissed, the more Roland shivered as Karl teased his back. Karl finally broke off the kiss, and lowered his head to Roland’s left nipple. Roland arched his back, as Karl’s tongue lightly went across his nipple.


Karl pressed his tongue more firmly, and grazed his thumb back and forth over the
other nipple. Trembling, Roland went tip toed.


(‘He is sensitive! Oh, Man!)

Karl looked down, noticing Roland’s erection. Flaccid, he was small, an honestly inconsequential size. Now, he was a good thick, five or six inches, curving upward. Karl grabbed the pulsing head, squeezing it slightly.

Karl continued the nipple tongue-tease, switching back and forth between them. He moved his right hand to Roland’s left side, found a rib, and wiggled his fingers.


Karl had to tighten his one arm around Roland’s waist as he reflexed. He took both hands to Roland’s lower sides, dug inslightly, and wriggled his fingers. Roland jumped staight up.


Karl’s heart was racing. (I can’t wait to tie him up!)

“Okay, okay, uhhh, uuhhhm, wait, wait”, Roland whispered, stepping back and holding his hands out.

“My knees are goin’ weak”. He sat down on the bed. “Lemme lotion down, I don’t like dry feelin’ skin after bathing”.

(Yeah, hurry up!)

As he lotioned himself, Roland asked, “You cut the rope?”

Startled from imagining the immediate future moments, Karl was baffled.


Roland reached down and held up the still packaged rope.

“Don’t think you need a whole hundred feet at one time”.

“Oh, yeah”.

Karl went to the kitchen and retrieved a knife. When he returned, Roland sat with a leg crossed, lotioning his . Karl watched, amazed. When Roland finshed applying lotion to his other foot, Karl quickly stepped over, and grabbed Roland’s ankle. Karl’s tongue slathered Roland’s foot. This elicited the same reaction as with Roland’s nipples: trembling, shivering, gasps and moans. Karl greedily lapped the other foot. A couple of minutes of this, and Karl couldn’t wait any longer. His fingers danced along the bottom of Roland’s bare foot.


The sensation actually sent Roland up, off the bed and backwards, fortunately, back onto the bed.


“That’s it. C’mon, let’s get you tied up.”


Karl’s attempt to bind Roland to the bed was truly comical. Heavily breathing from excitement, he fumbled and bumbled thru each attempt. He couldn’t get the rope to loop, wrap, or tighten. Finally, when a repeated try to tie Roland’s ankles together went wrong again, he threw up his hands.

“I don’t know what the fuck I’m doin’!”. Exasperated, he left the room.

Karl sat on the sofa, trying to gather his senses. He tried lighting a cigarette and couldn’t do that either. Roland came in, sitting at the opposite end. Laughing, he asked, “ Too nervous, or excited? Too much anticipation?”, he asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done this.”

“I’m your first bondage partner?”

“Yeah. Never tied anyone, never tickled anyone. Always wanted to, but never said anything. Felt like this since I was fifteen or sixteen. Kept my feelings to myself. You’re the first person to know this. Only thing I know how to tie are my shoe laces. I don’t know one knot from another.” Karl looked at Roland with a rueful grin, “Impressive, huh?”

Roland laughed again. “No problem. It’s been a while for me, over ten years.”

“But you’re married!”

“Sure, but when Momma says she can’t take some things, then she can’t take it.” Don’t get me wrong, we get along great, and our love life is healthy.”

“But this....I mean..... you’re here!”

Roland reached over, took Karl’s cigarette and one from his pack. He lit both of them, giving one back to Karl. Taking a deep drag, he sat back for a few moments before answering.

“OK, it’s like this..... there’s nothing wrong with me and the boss, we really get into each other. I know each and every spot that turns her on, and and she knows mine. I tickle and tease her, but she can’t take being tied up, too much for her. I know how to send her over the edge, bring her back, and then some. She enjoys doing the same to me, bondage not being necessary.”

Karl nodded his head. “I noticed you brought condoms. Do you want....”

Roland cut him off. “Didn’t know what to expect, what this may lead to. That’s totally up to you. As I told you, I’m not pushy, it’s...., it’s a personal thing. Being tied, not being able to move..., having my nipples exposed and vulnerable..., being teased..., the tickling added to it..., well..., uhm..., it intensifies of my climax, to no end. When I get off, the intensity of the orgasm..., it’s just..., totally mind blowin’ ...,”

“Look, tickle me all you want. Just don’t dig in too hard, gouging me and getting crazy with it, I’m sensitive enough without all that. And don’t scratch to the point of red soreness. Just give me breathers when I ask for it, if I can ask for it. You’ll find my sensitivity levels and the spots. Some of this stuff you read on the Internet is scary, really nuts. I’m not into sadistic stuff, either giving or receiving. Just give my nipples and my feet oral and teasing attention, you’ll see how that makes me more sensitive. You said you think you’re more into upper body tickling, but I think when you see how my feet are, you’re really gonna be excited. After that, when you untie me, lick my nipples again while I jack off. When I cum, I’ll be growling worse than a bear.”

Smiling, Karl slid down the sofa, embraced Roland, and kissed him passionately. He lowered his head, briefly teasing each nipple, then gave Roland another quick kiss. “Let’s go to the bedroom, but..., it sounds corny, I know.., you gotta show me the ropes”.

Roland laughed, “C’mon”.


Following Roland’s instructions, Karl bound him spread-eagled to each leg of the bed. Standing back, he found himself trembling with excitement as he looked at his dream. Really, a real-live, naked, nicely built guy, tied up in his bed!

(He’s really gonna let me tickle him! Jeeezz!)

Nervously, Karl stretched himself atop Roland and kissed him deeply, long and slow. Still trying to gather himself, the swirling mix of excitement, anticipation, and fear was clouding his head, Karl kept kissing Roland for at least two minutes. When he stopped, a gray fog in his eyes, Karl was only semi-aware of his own heavy breathing. A minute or so went by, and Roland lifted his head up, then ran his tongue over Karl’s lips. Startled back to reality, Karl slid back slightly, placing his mouth over Roland’s right nipple, tonguing it slowly.


Karl closed his eyes, moved his tongue a little faster, his right thumb now grazing the other nipple.


With this reaction, Karl, eyes still closed, began alternating fast/slow licks, and swirls with his tongue on one nipple, and varied thumb/finger touches to the other. He sensed Roland’s head turns, and felt his body tremble and shiver. Roland wasn’t really pulling at the ropes, but his reactions to the nipple teases would have had him scooting and sliding all over the bed, if he hadn’t been tied. When Karl would flattened his tongue against one nipple, then made short stroke-like up and down movements, the one-of-many back arching reactions from Roland,
lifted Karl up as if he weren’t laying there atop him.


Karl felt the pulse of Roland’s erection, the tremors from his body, and the sounds of arousal he was making. The moans were deeper, the outcries louder, the body tremors stronger. But instinct told Karl to keep the sensual teasing going a bit longer. He did so for another ten minutes or so, until Roland was almost in a guttural frenzy.

Without warning, Karl’s fingers went to Roland’s ribs. The pitch change in Roland’s voice was automatic.


Karl never imagined a giggle like this. The ticklish staccato of Roland’s giggles was music ringing in his ears!


He closed his eyes again, allowing the sounds of Roland’s giggles to wave over him. Now in a kneeling straddle, with Roland ticklishly squirming under him, Karl felt his own erection growing. For five minutes or so, Karl let his fingers, skate, dance, pry, and wriggle over both sides of Roland’s rib cage. Tickling Roland, hearing the ticklish giggles, was intoxicating! His fingers were actually tickling a naked, hunk of a ticklish body!

Karl moved his fingers to Roland’s lower sides. He was totally unprepared for the results.



Roland erupted into guttural, primordal sounds of ticklishness. His back arched, hips lifted up, slammed back onto the bed, only to rebound and back again. Despite the restraints, Roland’s wildly bucking, ticklish thrashing almost threw Karl off balance.


Karl wasn’t ready for this. He had no idea that someone would react like this from being tickled. The noise of pure, reactive, ticklsh hysteria, exploded into his senses! Karl experienced such a great rush, that he damned near passed out! His heart, racing like never before, felt as if it were in his throat. He couldn’t breathe. He looked down at Roland’s throbbing hard-on, jutting up and down from ticklish pelvic thrusts. He wanted to suck that hard-on! He looked at Roland’s wide-eyed face, snapping side to side, slapping against the pillow. He wanted to kiss that ticklishly hysterical mouth! But his fingers, feeling the quaking reactions in the body they were tickling, refused to stop. They dug in a little more. Roland’s roaring laughter became louder. The rush intensified. Karl still couldn’t breathe. His vision
went double, then foggy. Karl stopped and stumbled off the bed.

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