Just some things that have happened to me

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I put this under travel stories because a few things are travel-related. This is just some short paragraphs about sexual weird things that have happened to me- all true.

I was 20 years old and studying a year abroad in France. I had a free long weekend and decided to head down to Rome to check things out. It was an overnight train trip and I got a sleeping compartment. There was one other in the compartment with me- he spoke only German and I didn't speak a word- just French and English. It was early fall, still warm out. He looked to be in his late 20's and was wearing a very short pair of shorts and a soccer jersey. He was sitting across from me in the compartment, one leg stretched out next to him on the seat and the other on the floor. I could see right up his pant legs and spent almost the entire two hours of the train ride staring up his shorts at his and balls- he wasn't wearing any underwear.

In my freshman year of college one night just before winter break my roommate came back from a off his - he could barely stand up. I was asleep in bed when he got back. He woke me up stumbling around trying to get undressed. He stripped down naked then tried to crawl in bed with me- he didn't have a clue that he was trying to crawl into my bed. I got him over to his bed and he immediately passed out cold on top of his covers lying on his back. I got out my camera and took almost a whole roll of film of him lying there naked in bed. I still have the pictures.

When I was 25, my friend, who was in the Air Force, invited me to spend a week with him. He lived off base in a house with four other guys. The second night there, he had a huge party and everyone was getting pretty drunk. This one guy disappeared for like 45 minutes- his car was still in the driveway and no one could find him. Finally he was found. For reasons unknown he had decided to take a bath and had went to the upstairs bathroom, stripped down and climbed in the tub. A bunch of us moved the party up to the upstairs bathroom- there were about 15 of us crammed in there with that guy, passed out cold and bare-ass naked lying in the bathtub.

I was working at a pharmacy in San Diego just out of college. It was right near a popular surf spot and sometimes over my lunch break I would drive down to the beach and sit in my car eating lunch while watching the surfers out in the ocean. One day I pulled into the parking lot. Minutes later a car pulled into the spot next to me and this guy gets out, pulls his wetsuit out of the trunk and starts to change into it right out in the parking lot between his car and mine. I just sat there staring at him as he pulled off his pants and underwear and quickly pulled on his wetsuit. I swear- this guy's penis was so small you could barely see it. It had to be only a half inch long- but he had the biggest set of balls I had ever seen in my life. On top of that his crotch was shaved clean.

I went on a fishing trip with a friend and his 19 year old son. We were fishing in some irrigation ponds stocked with bass on a ranch owned by my friend's uncle. We were out fishing one afternoon and it was sweltering hot. There was a river nearby with a swimming hole and after we were done fishing we all headed over to the river for a swim. Since no one was within miles, we just stripped down and went skinny dipping. When we were climbing out of the swimming hole, I looked over at my friend's son and he had gotten an erection- it was sticking straight up a good 7". He quickly covered it with his hands and ran over and threw on his pants without even drying off first.

I was only a kid and was staying with my aunt and uncle, a younger couple, one weekend while my parents were out of town. I woke up late the first night after a really bad dream, and wandered out of the bedroom totally confused not really knowing where I was. I walked up to my aunt and uncle's bedroom door, opened it up and there on the bed was my uncle on top of my aunt humping away. He shot out of bed so fast, ran over and grabbed my arm and walked me back to the guest bedroom and put me back in bed.

I was at my sister's house and she told me they were having problems with their laptop. I said I'd take it home and work on it that night. It took like an hour before I could even get it booted up without it immediately shutting down. I started to dig around in the files and found my brother-in-law's "porn folder." There were hundreds of pictures in it- mostly of women but a surprising number of them were of just guys with raging hard-ons. I was scrolling through them when suddenly I ran across a selfie of my brother-in-law standing in front of the bathroom mirror naked with a raging hard-on. I now know why my sister is so happy. Fuck- he is HUNG!

In my previous job, I had to be at work by 5AM. I would always walk our dog through the neighborhood in the morning before I went to work. One morning I was walking the dog and she stopped about five houses down to poop. As she was pooping, I looked over at the house- they had a large picture window in the front of the house and there standing in the window was the neighbor- stark naked, drinking a cup of coffee and reaching down and scratching his balls. There were no street lights on the road and it soon became obvious that he could not see me. He stood there for a couple minutes, no more than 20 feet from me, just staring out the window scratching his nuts then turned around and walked out of sight.

I was staying at a hotel in Atlanta for a work conference and spent a late night at a reception held by one of the vendors at the conference. It was about 1AM and I had enough and me and my coworker headed back up to our room. When the elevator door opened, standing at the ice machine right next to the elevator was this - probably late 50's, holding an ice bucket trying to open the door to the ice machine. He was drunk off his ass and could barely stand up. He was was wearing a hotel bath robe and nothing else and the front of it was WIDE open- he had a huge hairy gut and a tremendously think little nub of a cock, about three inches long.

When the door opened, he turned to me and said "Do you mind filling this for me?" I took the ice bucket, opened the ice machine door and filled it up for him and handed it back to him. He went staggering down the hall, running into walls, trying his key card in probably ten doors before he finally got the right room. Just as he opened the door, he dropped the ice bucket, dumping it all over the floor. He shouted out "FUCK!" at the top of his lungs and turned and walked back towards the ice machine, leaving his door wide open. The entire time me and my coworker just stood by the elevator laughing our asses off. As he was walking back to his room after filling the ice bucket again, one of the doors opened and a lady stuck her head out to see what was going on. She shouted "OH MY GOD!" and quickly shut her door.

I was at a beach in Hawaii with my then girlfriend. The beach was pretty crowded. Next to us on the beach was another couple, probably in their early 20's. We were there probably an hour, when I looked over at the couple. The guy was lying on his back sound asleep- there was a huge tent in his board shorts and I could clearly make out the outline of his cock through the thin white fabric- it had to be about 8" long. After a bit, his girlfriend noticed and shook him awake. He turned red as a beet and quickly rolled over onto his stomach.

I was walking my dog in a local park down this nature trail going through the woods. I just had rounded a bend in the trail, when there off to the side of the trail behind the trunk of a tree I saw a guy standing there, pants around his ankles and another guy on his knees in front of him. The tree partially blocked them so I couldn't see what they were doing but it was very obvious. The guy getting the BJ quickly pulled up his pants and the other guy ran off into the woods. When I was walking back to my car, I passed the guy who was getting the blow job. As he walked by, he smiled and said "Sorry about that!" and just continued walking.

Just after New Years a couple years ago I was at the local mall in Macy's with my wife. It was probably a half hour before closing and the store was pretty empty. I had to take a piss and I walked into the men's room. I looked under one of the stalls, and saw two sets of feet, facing the same direction and both their pants around their ankles. I heard the "slap slap slap" of a crotch slamming against an ass and one of the guys muttering "Unh Unh Unh" over and over. I walked up to the urinal and pissed then walked out again- they kept it up the entire time I was in there. A short time later I saw the two guys walking out of the men's room- one of them was a sales clerk.

This one happened to me- it was my junior year of college. My roommate had an early morning 8 AM class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I used to take advantage of the situation and after my roommate left, I would pull off my PJ bottoms and lay on HIS bed and jack off. Well. one Wednesday morning mid-semester, I was going at it hot and heavy in his bed, eyes shut tight, head back and moaning rather loudly when suddenly the door burst open just as I was shooting my load all over my chest and face. There stood my roommate mouth hanging open. He shouted "WHAT THE FUCK?" His class had been cancelled. Man, was he ever pissed off! A couple of days later, though, he was just laughing about it.

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