(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

It was the summer before I was to start college, my Dad who was some shot in the scouting program for southeastern part of the nation asked me if I would go with him to help him at one of the biggest jamborees of the year. Reluctantly, I agreed. So we packed up for the long weekend, and drove about 8 hours to the huge campground. When we got there, it seemed as though all of the scout masters and leader knew who my Dad was and he introduced me to all of them. I did not remember many of the names, but there were some really hot daddies there! This was the time in my life that I kind of figured out that I was gay, but was not completely sure, nor was I out about it either.

Well, I found out quickly that, yes I was gay and I really liked . There were a few that stuck out. One of them had to be in his late 50s, with this huge tuft of grey hair just coming out of the top of his shirt. He was just a little bit taller than me, and had a small frame build about him. That was Mr. James. Then another was Bob, I did not get his last name, but he was in his early 50s I guess. Italian looking, about 6’2”, and thick chest with big arms, holy shit he was hot! When he shook my hand, I got hard as a rock, and he asked “ready for some fun this weekend?” as he smiled at me. Did he know? What kind of fun?

Was I that obvious when I stared at him? “Yes sir,” with a smile myself, I said. Another one that stuck out was Mr. Amrine, he was in his 50s too. A tall also with a runner’s build. He really stood out because my Dad told me, right in front of Mr. Amrine, “you know what he does for a living? He is a porn star!” Neither seemed to blush at all, but I sure did, when Mr. Amrine noticed that I was checking out his package through his shorts and said, “yes it is all me.” I was hard again!

After we had gotten to our camping area, my Dad and I set up our tent. It was larger and could sleep about 8 very comfortably. We got the car unpacked too and started walking around. I was introduced to many others. He started talking with a bunch of men about the weekends events and I told him that I was going to just go walking around, so I went off my myself. I know I was just going looking around for some more of all this eye candy. Next thing I know, I hear “Mike, Mike come here.” It was Bob. So we start walking around talking and he is showing me all the areas. The lake where everybody swims, but the he takes me on a trail and he says this is where all the adults swim. I see a bunch of the leaders out there swimming around and some getting out of the water and drying off. My eyes almost popped out of my head.

They’re naked, I think in my head. Bob asks if I want to go for a swim and I replied, “no not now sir, maybe later though.” I know I wanted to see him naked, why didn’t I say yes? We continue walking and he tells me about the free time he has over the weekend and if I wanted to check anything out for me to come find him and he will show me, and I respond as I always do to adults, “yes sir, thank you. I definitely will.” We are still on some trail and he says, come this way and he walks off the trail. He sits down on a log and tells me to join him, so I do. He looks down to me and says “isn’t this great? Look at the moon rising.” He reaches across my back and puts his arm around me and pulls me close and kisses me. I was not really sure what was going on, but before I knew it, his tongue was down my throat. He continues to kiss me for a while, then pulls away and asks if I am a virgin? I look at him and said, no.

He chuckles a bit and asks, “no I mean have you been with a man before?” I am thrown way off guard again, and stumble in my answer, “ no sir.” I had thought about it a million times, but I had never done it, I thought. But I also noticed that his shorts seemed to be getting tighter as his hidden bulge began to grow. He tells me, “we will start off very slow” as he opens his shorts and this gorgeous, semi-hard, flops out. He grabs the back of my head with one hand and his cock in the other and guides my face down to his dick now pointing at me. “Open your mouth son,” he orders and he starts going in my mouth. “Now just pretend it is a lollipop, and don’t use your teeth,” he says. With one big hand on the back of my head grabbing my hair, he directs my head up and down on him. “Oh, that feels so good, you have never done this before?” he asks and I am not sure on how to answer, plus I can’t with his swelling meat in my mouth.

He orders me to get on my knees so I do without allowing him to come out of my mouth. He tells me to relax my throat, as he stands up. He then says, “ we are going to go deeper now” and he forces my face closer to his stomach. I cough a bit. “A little more” he says. “A bit further.” Then all of a sudden, his whole cock is shoved down my throat. I can’t breath and he pumps furiously. My eyes start to water and I throw up a bit as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. “Damn, that is good son. Here it comes again” as he forces his large manhood down my throat again. Still grabbing my hair, he fucks the back of my throat again and again and again.

Then I here him say, “fuck, I am gonna cum!” He rams my face against his stomach with his balls on my chin. Suddenly, these huge spurts are flowing out of his cock and going into my throat. He again commands me, “swallow it son, swallow every drop!” I try and try to swallow like he said and when he finally pulls half of his dick out of my mouth, I am able to do so. “All of it,” he says while still holding onto my hair and shoving my face back down on him again. I lick off his entire shaft, and think to myself, that was great! I really did enjoy that. He pulls up his shorts and helps me to my feet. He tells me that I was great and he would like to do that again, “me too sir,” I say with a smile.

We start back to the trail and back to the camp. We bump into my Mr. Amrine. My mind switches from think of me sucking Bob’s dick to Mr. Amrine fucking somebody in one of his porno movies. Then in my mind, I saw the picture even more clearly, it was me he was fucking! I got hard again. Bob tells Mr. Amrine that he is just escorting me back to my Dad’s area since it was getting a bit dark and Mr. Amrine decided that he would join us. I am not sure what all was said, because my mind was racing over what just happened and the thoughts of Mr. Amrine fucking me. We get back to the campsite and my Dad is there along with Mr. James and some more of the older troop leaders. My Dad asks me to go out and collect some more firewood, so I get ready to head off into the woods. Mr. Amrine says that he will go with me, we just had to go to his tent to get a flashlight, so I follow him.

He is asking me questions about the little walk that Bob and I had. “Did Bob show you around the lake? Did you get to see anything exciting? Have you had any fun yet?” I answer all of his questions, but my mind is racing now. Am I going to see his dick? I am going to suck it too? Is he going to fuck me? How big is his dick? Again I notice that I am hard...again! He unzips his tent and goes in, he invites me in too. He starts to dig into a little bag and pulls out a small bottle and lays it on his cot. Meanwhile he tells me to have a seat on the cot, and then moves over to his backpack and pulls out his flashlight. He stands quickly right in front of me with his crotch right in my face and looks down at me and says, “how much fun did you have with Bob?” I am kind of stunned looking back up at his and said, “ a lot of fun sir.” “Great, you want to have some more fun with me,” he asks. “Yes sir,” I reply as he begins to rub my head.

He unbuckles his belt and shorts and they drop fast and his growing cock is starting to burst out of his strap. He pulls it to the side and his dick flops out and he says, “now take it in your mouth.” I do and it is growing faster and faster as he pulls my head closer to him and his cock goes further down my throat. He tries to lower his voice while saying, “goddamn that feels so good, suck that cock , Suck that fucking cock!” After a couple of minutes of him in my mouth he pulls it out. He tries to stuff it back into his jock and pulls his shorts up quickly. He grads me and the small bottle and says, “come on.” We hurry out of the tent and back to one of the trails. We are walking at a very fast pace, I am trying to figure what I did wrong as he pulls me. About 10 minutes of walking, I have no real idea where we are, but we are near some part of the lake.

We stop and he tells me to get undressed as he does the same. He puts me onto my knees and stuffs his semi stiff cock back into my mouth. “Fuck that feels so damn good,” he says. He reaches over me and starts squirting whatever was in the bottle onto my and rubbing it into my ass crack and starting to finger my hole. I jump a bit at first, I have never had this done before, he squirts a bit more. “Are you a virgin?” he asks. Of course I cannot answer, so I mumble a bit. He pulls his fully erect cock out of my mouth and says that he will take it easy on me as he directs me to lean against a tree. He starts rubbing more of the liquid onto his cock and squirting a bit more on my asshole. He begins to rub the head of his dick against my hole, I am scared a bit because that thing is pretty big and it is about to go inside of me. He pushes a bit forward, but there is not penetration. “You have to relax son, I promise it won’t hurt,” he says.

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