How I became popular : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

So it was the day before my 18 birthday and matt dropped a not one my desk in science it said I have such a boner right now, happy birthday cutie with a nice it's all I think about cant wait till this weekend. I wrote back can't wait either I'll lick you all over and control your cock. So my birthday was on a Saturday and I went to Tyler's house cuz his parents would be gone all weekend.

When I got there I walked in and sat on the couch Tyler said get and get ready for a weekend of fun he handed me paper he said write three of your hottest fantasies one a day we will fufill them today is my day tomorrow you go to zacks and Monday Matt's yours. So he said your fantasy I said watching guys piss and fucking in the stalls.

So we went to the rest stop on the highway we went to the bathroom and only a couple guys were in there. Tyler said anyone I get is all yours . So he went to the urinal next to a and I went next to him he took the initiative he peeked at the guys cock and the said stop staring kid. The next guy that walked in was a guy Tyler looked over and the guy looked back then after the guy got horny Tyler left I stepped in. I glanced the guy glanced back then I said meet me in the family bathroom so we went there and fucked like rabbits. Then I lett and we got into Tyler's truck and went home.

On the way home to repay him I gave him road head. We went to his house and then he got nude and started masturbating I enjoyed the scene. Then when night fell he said I have a friend for you. In through the door came Alan and he let me his muscular then he left and Tyler and I fell asleep.

The next day I went to zacks house and I told him my fantasy was to have a slave who would wear jockstraps all day. Zack fulfilled it and we sucked and fucked all day I told zack he must have a boner 24/7 which he did that night he sucked my cock and I sucked him and tied him up and we played bondage all night. The next day my fantasy for Matt was to have a bf so all day Matt held my hand and kissed me and then at night he bottomed for me. The entire weekend changed my life.

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