How I became popular : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

After the round of sex Matt and I were cuddling and Tyler and zach were cuddling. I asked how often do you guys do this they said every weekend I said sounds they said wait till tomorrow better get a goodnights rest. The next morning we woke up and Matt said as I was getting dressed we usually stay all weekend I said ok fine by me.

So then we the breakfast and I said so what are we doing today zack said you'll see. Then after breakfast we all sat on the couch and watched a porn and blowed and jerked but held back our cum. Then after that we went nude into the pool. In the pool I asked how long has this been happening Matt said a long time. I said how did it start Matt said well we said we were bisexual and then it happend every weekend the same thing.

After the pool we went into the shower Matt's shower was enough for 6 people and so when we got In Tyler pressed his lips on mine and we kissed and I cleaned him and washed his hair. Then zack did the same to Matt I spent extra time on his . Then after the shower was a session zack was my bottom and Tyler was Matt's bottom while fucking Tyler kissed zack to turn me on.

Then i blew my first giant load and so did Matt. Then we flipped and I bottomed Tyler could fuck no wonder every lady wanted him. He blew such a load then we took a nap and continued our weekend.

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