Hotel Romance

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

Wednesday March 17, 2010

Last nice was a normal typical night of work and studying. It wasn’t anything I have not been though a million times before, except for the man who I checked into the hotel. Being a full time college student and working full time means hard work for me, and a lot of lonely hours at home. I do have my friends of course, but that does not fill the lonely nights in bed.

Working at a hotel means I get to meet a lot of people. Mostly business men, and retired couples traveling. But once in a while you will get your younger travels or someone moving cross country. I was in the back working my normal 3pm to 11pm work shift. Working on my homework using my laptop. Once in a while I would pop some porn on for a quick distraction to the menacing work of college.

My phone was playing Pandora like normal. Sitting in the quite was not something I enjoy. Something nice about my work is there is no cameras in the back so looking at a few porn sites was easy, and being that it was my personal computer means getting caught was not likely. Downloading porn was also something that was normal for me. I would download torrent files of hot steamy porn. Mostly cocks, fucking tight holes, or armature . Again nothing out of the ordinary for that night until he came in.

It was going around 8pm. I had been at work for five hours now and only have three hours to go. Getting tired and more and more horny from the porn downloading, and me looking at the sites I was very ready to go home and beat off. I have about 3 arrivals left and about 15 rooms filled for the night already.

I was sitting in the back just behind a wall dividing me from the front desk. I was of course looking at another porn website since I had finished my homework for the night. I was getting hard when the bell telling me someone was at the front desk needed help rang. I quickly adjusted my semi hard in my pants so whoever was at the desk would not see the bulge in my pants.

I walked around the corner of the wall dividing me from the front desk. A tall sexy business man was standing there in a suit and tie. The tie had been pulled out of his tight knock so he was not chocking for his long drive from Minneapolis. The man was like I said tall probably around 6’3 which was a big turn on for me. Tan skin, water blue eyes, scruffy face with a nicely kept goatee, he was also wearing glasses, and a watch on his wrist. “hello sir, what can I do for you”? I asked standing there almost drooling. “Hey checking in, Names Jackson”. I type in my account password accessing the hotel data base. Find a last name of “Jackson” with one of my favorite names next to it “Austin”…….

UGH can this man be even more sexier? I think to myself. “Ok, Mr. Jackson I have you in our system for 4 nights, if you could just sign this paper, and put your information about your car on here I’ll get you your keys”.

He signed the paper and asked what room he was in. I tell him it was room 318. It was one of our suites. When he handed the paper back to him he looked in my eyes, I couldn’t help but blush. He must have noticed because he smiled and said thank you.

I when back behind the wall mad at myself thinking I made a fool of myself. …..He had to know I was drooling over him. But how could I not? He was so gorgeous. I don’t think a porn star could have been as sexy as this man is. I sat back down at my laptop. A message popping up telling me my download was finished. I don’t even bother looking at the . I was still day dreaming about Austin in 318.

It wasn’t long and I had forgotten Austin to a point. I was back to work on my computer. Checking in a few more guest. I believe it was about 9:20pm by now. The front desk bell rang again. I got up this time with no hard cock, and walked around the wall. It was Austin. “Hey what can I do for you Mr. Jackson”? He smiled and said “Well ….(squinting at my name tag) Logan I was wondering when you got off work……Excuse me? Ha-ha no need to be alarmed Logan…I am just not from here and I thought maybe you could join me for dinner. I always hate eating alone, and I don’t know the good places to eat”.

I felt the blood rush to my face turning my face bright red. “well…I …um… I’m off at 11pm. There is not too much open at that time. I could recommend a place nearby that is open now that you could get to and back easily”. He laughed again it was such a sweet laugh. “I will wait for you Logan if you don’t mind. Well…..if you insist. I will call your room when I am off an we can meet in the lobby. Sound good man….Can I make one small request Logan? Sure…..Can we go to a place that has a bar?

I looked at Austin and Smiled…. “of course.. I think I’ll need one myself. Austin left the front desk and when upstairs to his room. I called my friend and told her to run to my house and pick up some nice clothes for me to change into. Leaving out what just happened she asked why, but I didn’t say anything and said I would tell her later.

The clock could not tick any slower. The time for that last hour and a half could not seem to go faster. It didn’t help that I was just staring at the clock. I wanted it to be 11pm so bad. I could not wait to be seen in public with a like Austin. I mean I was sure he was straight, and I am sure he knows I was gay but I didn’t care. I wanted to pretend in my head that it was a date.

I looked up on the camera TV to see what was moving in the corner of my eye. It was Austin in the pool room. UGH this man is going to drive me cray before the night is over. I watched him as he bent over and felt the water with his hand. Then he walked out and back to the Front desk. I could not believe what he asked me.

“hey Logan you would not happen to have like a pair of shorts or sale shorts would you? The pool looks amazing and I didn’t bring anything because I was so busy trying to make sure I had all my business cloths”. My brain was telling me to tell him no I don’t, but my mouth had other plans. “I have a pair of basketball shorts in my car. I just washed them at the laundry mat before coming to work”…..WHAT did I just say? I could not believe it. I just told a man I don’t know I will loan him my clothing so he can do swimming. What was wrong with me? I am not even the same size as him.

“Hey that would be so awesome if you don’t mine be borrowing them”. “Not at all…I’ll go get them”. I still could not believe what I just did. I when to my car hoping he would see them and tell me that he could not fit into them. He was a much taller and more buff then I was. I was only 5’8 and maybe 169lbs. I was not as buff.

I got the shorts and he looked at them and said “hey these are like mine at home….ha-ha mine are a little bigger of course. I think I can squeeze into these though”. He walked to the elevator and I when back in the office. I was still shocked on what I just did. I tried my to not think about it, until I had to check in the next guest.

I was at the front desk checking in a new guest and I was just handing them their room keys when I noticed Austin walking down the hallway. He was shirtless his muscles and 6 pack abs were very noticeable his tribal tattoos on his left arm that when around to his chest. His chest hair with rimed low to that he was there but was not thick. The basketball shorts were defiantly the wrong size you should see they were tight on his legs……. Then there it was…. His bugle flopping around as he walked. It looked massive.

“Well? What do you think Logan?” laughing as he opened the pool room door. “I think you are squeezed in there alright” “Yea just a little, but I wanted to swim in the pool”. “no worried man. I better get back to work you have fun”.
I when in the back again watching from the cameras. I still could not believe this man was in my hotel, in the pool, had asked me to join him for dinner, and was wearing my clothing! If anything else happens I might just have to die a happy man.

My friend finally came to the hotel about 15 minutes later. She handed me a bag of my cloths and I thanked her. She again asked what was going on that I needed cloths. I just told her I would tell her later. She didn’t like being left out of what was going on but she did leave. She knows I would let her know what was going on in my own time.

I when to the back and put the bag of cloths on the desk. I looked to see what she has bring me. It was my nice plaid button up shirt with a undershirt. I already had my jeans but she did bring another one just in case. She also brought me long socks and my cowboy boots. I liked what she picked out it was what I would normally ware on a date anyway. She was my best friend and knew me well.

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